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Updated on 05 February 2024
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You’ve probably heard all of the euphemisms and excuses for why some dudes are into fat chicks. “Hey, there’s more cushion for the pushin’, brother;” “Nah, man, she isn’t fat, there’s just more of her to love;” “You know what I always say … thick thighs save lives;” and “Shit, I don’t know about you, but I need a little something to grab onto when I’m fucking.”

These are just a few of the ways in which chubby chasers try to explain away what basically amounts to either a genuine love of hefty chicks or rationalization of the fact that only fat chicks will bang them. Either way, there’s no judgment here, just be honest! If you’re into fat chicks, you’re into fat chicks – that’s fine. It just means there are more hot chicks for me! Have at it, hombre.

My favorite euphemism of all, though, has to be how we have changed what we call fat chicks. Because of all the PC pussies out there, fat chicks just can’t be called fat anymore. Now we have to say they are “thick,” “curvy,” or, the most pervasive term for fat girls in the porn industry, “BBW.” She’s not fat, she’s just a Big Beautiful Woman! Okay. Whatever you say. She just looks tubby to me, but that’s fine. You do you.

There is certainly no denying, though, no matter what you choose to call them, there are a surprising number of dudes who get hard for chubby chicks. I don’t get it personally, but it’s true. BBW porn is probably one of the fastest growing categories in the industry. And with that growth in popularity, naturally, more and more porn sites have popped up to cater to the niche. We’re still quite a ways away from seeing a top-tier production company like Brazzers releasing a scene featuring an overtly obese leading lady, but I wouldn’t be shocked if this happened within the next 10 or 15 years, the way things are going.

For now, though, fatty lovers definitely have no shortage of porn sites just for them. There are hundreds of resources for all the pics and videos of BBW bitches you could ever hope for out there on the web. As is the case with any website, though, some are far superior than others. For those of you who can’t get enough of still images of extra thick ladies with plenty of extra flab to hold onto, I introduce to you a site known as Stuffer DB.

Disorienting but Highly Organized Site Design

From the moment you arrive at Stuffer DB’s home page, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like most other porn sites that you might be more familiar with. Instead of a few thumbnails scattered around the home page in the way that you might be used to, Stuffer opts for a more cram-it-all-in kind of style. Maybe that’s where the name Stuffer comes from: the fact that the website looks like it tried to stuff as much content onto one page as was possible. But it’s probably due to the fact that all of the women featured on the site clearly could not stop stuffing their faces.

But a jampacked site design, amazingly, does not necessarily equate to a load of cluttered chaos. Impressively enough, with all of the shit Stuffer has tossed into their home page, everything is impeccably organized. At the top of the page, you’ll find a few random images to jump into, and below that are the Top-Rated images (appearing, somewhat ironically, in tiny thumbnails). Below that, you’ll find that Stuffer DB does not contain only images: the Curated BBW Cams section links to some of the best chubby cam girls that the net has to offer (well, at least that Chaturbate has to offer, as I’m pretty sure that’s the only site they link through for cams).

Keep scrolling down, though, and it seems like the different sections (all with plenty of thumbnails in them to spare) may never end. Browse through each of the subcategories, one by one, without ever leaving the home page. See more cams. Even check out recent comments all in one convenient location. Everything about this site is streamlined to make it as easy as humanly possible to find the hottest (if you can call it that) amateur and professional chubster porn.

To the left of all the meticulously organized thumbnails of the home page, there is a handy search menu bar, allowing even further navigation of everything that Stuffer has to offer. Browse by sDB Members, Amateurs, Models, Studios, Youtube, Before & After (not fat and then fat … for those of you who get off on watching a girl gain weight?), Art & Comics, and Miscellaneous. In addition to all of that, you’ve got sections such as Most Visited, Best Rated, Most Commented, Recent Photos, Recent Albums, Random Photos, Calendar, Keywords, Search, Notifications, and (of course), Upload.

Fanatical and Lively Community of Fatty Connoisseurs

The sense of community on Stuffer DB is strong. Apparently chubby chasers are also chatty fappers, because there is a lot of conversation going on in the comments sections of photos. People discussing what they’d like to do to the girls, some toilet humor, general banter. If you’re looking for a BBW porn site that also doubles as a forum, Stuffer DB is the place for you. And if that isn’t enough chubby chick chat, Stuffer DB even has their very own Discord, with around 2,500 members (333 online when I visited at around 6:00 PM on a Tuesday night). So, you’ll never run out of people to chat about BBWs, stuffers, and gainers with.

In addition to plenty of webcams, community features, before and after pics, and just plain old fatso nudies, Stuffer also features a fuck ton of BBW Youtube videos (which I had no idea was a thing). These videos tend to favor the showing off of fat rolls as opposed to anything explicit, so if that’s something you’re into, feel free to enjoy Stuffer’s live Youtube museum of live action obesity. Nothing shocks me anymore…

Plus, you can’t forget all the cartoon and animated fat sluts that there are to wank it to on Stuffer. There’s a whole section dedicated to what I can only describe as ‘fat chick fan art,’ or, to use an acronym, ‘fcFART.’ Not only will you find “artists” giving their best shot at producing renderings of “big beautiful women,” but you’ll find some truly bizarre shit to peruse as well. Impossibly bloated bitches and some weird kinky shit that I don’t even think they have names for yet. This should come as no surprise, though, people who like to draw their porn usually don’t have everything together upstairs if you know what I mean. Even if you don’t get your fat fap on to these images, they will sure provide plenty of entertainment (and probably a good laugh or two).

All in all, you will have no trouble whatsoever finding pretty much anything you’re into when it comes to fat chick porn on Stuffer DB. Well, actually, there is one major thing missing that I would probably want if I were to use this site. And that thing is more hardcore porno! There just isn’t enough good old fashioned hardcore fucking pics (or videos for that matter). You’ve got enough weight-gain, before / after, and comic shit to tide you over, but where is the straight fucking? It’s hardly here at all, which is disappointing, no matter what kind of porn site you run. Word to the wise: Stuffer community, upload some more pics of fat chicks getting stuffed!

No Ads (!) But Also Hardly Any Hardcore Content

One thing that Stuffer has going for it that most other free porn sites severely lack: zero ads! This is such a rare perk that I’m tempted to come back and visit once in a while just to support this, even though the fat chicks kind of make me want to throw up a little bit. Kudos to you on that, Stuffer!

At the end of the day, minus the lack of traditional hardcore porn pics, there is definitely more than enough content here to keep you entertained. I don’t know if it’ll help you in the nut busting department, but it will definitely keep you interested and engaged with an active and lively community and plenty of fascinating fat pics and vids to zone out to. It’s not my thing, but if you’re into fat chicks, weight gain, stuffing, or erotic art, you will probably have a pretty good time.

Meanwhile, after looking at all these morbidly obese women, I’m gonna go have sex with my incredibly fit, petite girlfriend. I need a fucking pallet cleanser! And then I’ll probably eat a sandwich. All this obesity talk has gotten me pretty fucking hungry.

ThePornDude likes StufferDB's

  • Huge archive of porn pics/vids/cams
  • Good mix of amateur and pro models
  • No ads
  • Well-organized site design

ThePornDude hates StufferDB's

  • Lack of hardcore content
  • Only fat chicks
  • Layout a little disorienting