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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Holy hell if you’re a guy who’s any kind of attracted to Latina girls then at some point or another you’ve been out there in the world and come across another dude who was luckier than he had any right to be. Because on his arm were the biggest best looking pair of light brown tits attached to the most finest ass bitch you’ve ever seen and that asshole holding her hand was strutting his stuff like somehow this was just a natural course of events. Fuck that guy, and actually fuck his girlfriend because god damn. I know you’ve been there same as I have, even when you have a bitch of your own you can’t help but window shop at all the other juicy Latina morsels walking on by with guys of their own. We don’t know what it is that makes us do it but who fucking cares I’m not about to fight my instincts, leave that to the Bible thumpers and Buddhist monks living on mountains.

That Spanish Girl Next Door Vibe is the site for people like us who can’t help but stare in wonder at how that asshole got so Latina lucky. This site is just chocked full of content posted from these fellas who either ended things badly or just wanted to share how good things were still going. One way or another we get to see a nice piece of the action and I’m not complaining here because why the fuck would I.

It’s a lot of webcam and cellphone footage and it’s got that nice intimate feeling a lot of the time like it wasn’t supposed to be out there in the eyes of God and everyone else with an internet connection. I don’t know why it is but Meandmylatina managed to capture that specific feeling and bottle it up on their website and it just stiffens me down south in a way that doesn’t happen on other sites.

Says One Thing, You’re Fapping To Another

Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not all that kind of footage. A lot of it is pretty damn obviously a random ass camgirl trying to make some quality amateur porn and succeeding I guess because here it is. They posted it somewhere online and somehow it ended up on Meandmylatina. They scour the internet for videos like this and bring them here just for the people who pay enough for a membership.

Whoa, double-take you said? I talked about it being a paid membership and just left that the fuck alone? I was getting to that calm down. Yeah, it’s a god damn payment plan membership, not one of the more expensive ones but still, you gotta shell out about a dollar a day to be a member and honestly? I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Like I said all this shit is out there online somewhere already and I won’t lie to you, more than a few of these videos are actually just cam-girls who some guy decided to screen capture one of their shows to save and re-upload to the internet. I won’t tell you if that’s right but hey, sex-workers need to make money too. Because if they didn’t they would have to do something else and I wouldn’t have enough variety in my porn to survive anymore. And I need me my porn variety so this kind of stuff that threatens that, burns my ass in two places.

It doesn’t take too long to forget that though when having a gander at the site itself. Like I said it captures that horny good feeling of when you’re seeing an intimate moment you weren’t invited to be a part of. Pardon my Spanish but it’s kind of voyeuristic even though most of these jerk off Latinas are 100 percent aware they’re on camera. At least they’re not acting it up like big budget porn that tries and always fails to have some sort of plot. You can at least pretend with the stuff on Meandmylatina that you’re watching something some girl just did for fun that no one was supposed to see. Yeah, it’s a little creepy but fuck, we are a product of our environment and this is the kind of cake I wanna have and eat.

Good Choices But Not Too Many

Another strike against the site depending on who you are is the lack of specific filtering options. I can respect that shit because hey, sometimes it’s just better to show us what you got instead of having to run through a bunch of text and pick and choose what you want to see to see it. Show me pussy goddammit not the word “pussy” just a fucking wall of pussies and I’ll decide on the one I like and click on it. But at the same time, you can have the best of both worlds and give us those specifying options to use if we want to while also have a big wall of pussies. There’s no problem with liking two things and having two things, unless you’re Meandmylatina I guess, so points lost for that.

Swinging back around to something positive, for the basic filtering options they do have, they are dead ass accurate. All of the search options are pretty much “Most Recent”, “Top Rated” “Most Viewed” and “Longest” but every section has quality videos and prime pant creaming content. Who would even visit that last one anyway, you go for the gold with these things and that’s not gonna take long.

And not that it’s really that important for obvious reasons but every section you click on has a choice between hanging out where it’s sexy and hot and the only place close to being worth a whole damn dollar a day in the videos section, or the complete opposite in the photos area. Not sure why porn sites still have photos sections but I guess in some parts of the world they just don’t have the internet speed that supports video so Meandmylatina tries its best to accommodate those poor fucks.

A Little Of This A Little Of That

It works a little like Facebook and YouTube though, when you’ve got your own account. You have the option to favorite any video you comes across that tickles your fancy in the right way. After a while, you’ll have your own little collection of all your favorite videos so you won’t ever have to search through the site again for new ones. HA.

But no seriously it’s even got one of those “make the sidebar appear” buttons at the top left if you’re zoomed in too far so you have quick access to other parts of the website no matter what video you’re in the middle of jerking it to. From the top down on the sidebar it’s got clickable options like “Home”, “Newest”, “Random”, amongst others so you can really feel the YouTube vibe even though everything here would obviously be demonetized on that website full of prudes.

There actually isn’t even a real home page unless you count the one you see when it’s advertising to you before you sign up and make an account. They’ve got a homepage button of course but I guess no one could be bothered to add one in during the whole website design phase. Those fucks probably just thought we’d all be too busy jerking it to notice but they were wrong, I noticed and I’m docking them a point for it goddammit. It’s the principle of the thing.

Instead of a home page, all they do is just check to see the last category you clicked on and take you right back to page one of that. Not a terrible solution I guess because it’s not like as soon as I’m done choking the chicken I’m immediately disgusted with myself and don’t want to even think about what type of porn I was using just seconds before let alone look at it again. There’s no way in hell that would happen.

It’s Not All Bad

The last good feature I mention is on a lot of other porn sites, so at least the fuckers are learning some lessons here, is the little preview of each video that plays when you hover your mouse over the still image of it. I mention this detail a lot whenever it comes up because it’s important. Too many god damn times have I clicked on a video that my dick promised me would be so good only to actually have it start playing and realizing that the image I saw was like the 1 second of the video that was actually hot. A lot of free porn sites have a crap ton of ads that pop up just to get a video playing at all so when you waste your time on one that wasn’t even worth it, it’s a fucking piss off.


All in all, I don’t mind Meandmylatina, come for the porn and stay for the sexy specific genre of porn you realize is the best fucking thing this website has going for it. It’s missing a lot of options that bigger better porn websites have, especially for a site that expects you to pay a dollar a day, ESPECIALLY for a site that gets the majority of its content from other free sources that are already out there… I don’t know where I was going with this, the shit they have is hot, watch it and jack off if you can afford the dollar.

ThePornDude likes MeAndMyLatina's

  • The girls, they are sexy, the videos have that amateur vibe that greases the gears
  • The few sections they have are good ones, mostly gf related
  • There’s a search bar if you have something specific you want to find

ThePornDude hates MeAndMyLatina's

  • These Videos can be found through other sources online
  • You have to pay for the content you can find for free somewhere else
  • Not enough search filtering options
  • A photos section, what the hell.