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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Cosmic Shock League

Cosmic Shock League

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Where are all my gamers at? I am about to review a porn game with the hottest scenarios and great gameplay, which is not something that is often seen today… most sites are now dedicated to the shitty flash games, simply because those are the easiest to make. Well, there is a reason why has become one of the most known porn game sites for a rather short period.

However, I am now here to talk about the Cosmic Shock League game, but just so you know, there are many other games Nutaku has to offer. If you are interested in the site overall, I have reviewed it separately. So enjoy exploring and searching for the game that suits your taste the most, and if you are into the puzzle-type porn games, you’ve come to the right section.

Nutaku is filled with many different porn games.

Just to give you a small intro, Nutaku is a site that you will love to visit if you are into porn games, to begin with. Of course, this includes a huge selection of games, both 2D and 3D, not to mention that their art is fucking great. They have many different illustrators and their porn games actually make fucking sense… they are not just the click and fuck types, but there is a selection of those as well.

When it comes to hentai, personally, I like to jerk off to 2D sluts more than other babes, but the games take it to another level. You get to make your own story, play it out and enjoy fucking the gorgeous babes as much as you want. I mean, that is what the games are all about, and the Nutaku games take you on a whole new experience.

Cosmic Shock League is a game you will surely love to play.

I think that is as much as you should know about Nutaku, and now we should talk about the game you actually came here to learn about, right? Well, Cosmic Shock League is a rather interesting game, where you get to solve strategic puzzles and enjoy lots of great illustration sand art. There are playful kittens, as well as fierce warriors, an element of sci-fi, and so on.

On top of that, you are given a captivating story that you can follow, and that story is definitely going to make you addicted. Personally, I prefer to play a bit simpler games, but this one was just my cup of tea even if it does require you to actually work for it. You should learn how to mesmerize the players and explore the sexual dialogs, enjoy their captivating looks and satisfy their desires.

What I am sure everyone will be able to appreciate about Nutaku is the fact that every single game will have the trailer and description, to give their players an idea of what they can expect to watch. This just proves that Nutaku actually fucking cares about the users and whether you will love the game in front of you or not… which is not something I can say about many other sites.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in a wonderful world of this hentai porn, you are more than welcome to check it out. In Cosmic Shock League, you will meet the charming and beautiful babes, and enjoy a hot sci-fi adventure, with a lot of classic references and relentless battles. All the important information about the game and requirements will be listed on their site, so make sure to check it out.

Do you prefer games that have fully animated and real-time action? Well, so do I, which is why the fuck I am even here talking about Cosmic Shock League. This is a game with vibrantly animated battles that will allow you to command your squad of Cosmic Shock girls against other teams that are controlled by AI. It is up to you to use an array of defense, attack, heal, and support abilities to win.

In addition, you are welcomed by the innovative gameplay which means that Cosmic Shock League is quite easy to play but it is rather hard to master. You get to experience the fun between classing match-3 mechanics with the collectible card games. However, who does not like a challenge? This game will surely take you time to master, but once you do it is definitely rewarding.

It is you against the world, and of course, by that I mean it is you and your squad of incredibly gorgeous and cum-thirsty babes. You will get to play real-time arena battles, join the fights, and reach the top of the leagues while being able to win some exclusive rewards in each season. Start by assembling your girls, and adopting a strategy that will lead you to victory. You are able to collect and evolve your Cosmic babes and help them become the most powerful.

Explore the space, and enjoy playing, fighting and learning more about the game. I enjoyed Cosmic Shock League a lot, and that means that there is a huge possibility that you will love the game as well. If you are somebody who is searching for a strategic puzzle game with a hint of sexual desires, you have just found it.

Download the game and start your adventure.

Some games on Nutaku are meant for the browser, others can only be downloaded or played on the phone. Now, this game, in particular, needs to be downloaded and it is great for both the PC and Android. Once you click on the ‘Play’ button, you will be redirected to a place where you can download the game. Now, you will have to first get the installer of the games, and then the download can progress.

For the most part, this game is free, but there will be some prices here and there, which you can ignore or pay for. They work just like in most other games, you can purchase their currency and progress in the game much faster, or you can take your time and do everything for free. This all depends on the style of gaming you prefer.

If you choose to download the Nutaku installer, you do not have to worry about any of the downloaded games, as this installer will automatically update your games, give you a library where you can easily manage the games, and enjoy a faster browsing experience. I mean, if you plan to download more games from Nutaku, having this installer is what you should fucking do.

Fuck hotties and enjoy Cosmic Shock League game!

As I have mentioned, your squad will consist of hot hentai chicks, but one thing I might have forgotten to add is the fact that you get to fuck a Cosmic Chick once you level her up. That is the porn sequence that comes into this interesting and adventurous pornographic game. However, you should also be prepared for a lot of reading, because there are lots of dialogs.

I did skimp over many of the dialogs because I prefer the action instead. However, if you are interested in following the story, which is great btw, you can just read what they have to add. The fucking scenes are not really animated, but you will get images and a lot of dialogs, but that is to be expected from the games such as Cosmic Shock League…

Now for some, they might not be that happy about the fact that there are no actual animated scenes but then again, you have many other games like that. I did not mind too much since the art in this game is actually fucking great… and I have seen so many old-school flash games, that I am happy Nutaku decided to create my heaven.

Those who were interested in only the pornographic part of this game, that is as much as you can basically expect. That might be one downside to Nutaku’s games, is that most of them will utilize this kind of feature. However, you do have incredibly good gameplay, an actual story and interesting puzzles or whatnot.

Overall, I think that those who like strategic puzzle games and would not mind a bit of sexual content here and there will love everything Cosmic Shock League has to offer. Of course, if that does not suit your taste, you can always browse other games that Nutaku has, and you are bound to find a game that will suit your taste.

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