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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I don’t know about you, but I like my ladies like I like my food: spicy as fuck. That’s why I am constantly looking for sexy Latinas to fuck. They are easily the hottest ethnicity in the world. Smooth caramelly skin … long, dark hair … thick thighs, wide hips, bubble butts … beautiful eyes … and, most importantly, Latinas know how to fuck unlike anyone else.

I’ve fucked plenty of women from many different countries in my day. And, god damn, I know it sounds like a stereotype or something, but Latina chicas are the best at sex. Easily. Hands down. No fucking contest. Well, more accurately, if there was a fucking contest, a Latina would win it every time. I don’t even know what the fuck it is that makes them such better dick riders than all the other girls in the world, but all the evidence that I’ve seen suggests that they, without a doubt, 100% empirically just are.

There’s some sort of magic in the way that they move their hips. Like a natural salsa rhythm or some shit. It’s like they are just born with the ability to dance. And if you can dance, chances are you can fuck, since dancing is essentially just fucking to a beat while standing up. I normally pride myself on my endurance in the sack, man, but every time I fuck a Latina, I have to give it everything I’ve got not to cum too soon. They don’t always make it easy either!

The other thing about Latinas that I’ve noticed, having dated a few and been fuck buddies and one-night stands with many more, is that it seems like they are just fucking horny all of the time. At least all of the Latinas I’ve been with … all they wanted to do was fuck! To the point where sometimes, no matter how badly I wanted to, I just couldn’t.

This one girl and I, we would finish for like the third or fourth time of the night, and within five minutes, she was on top of me, moaning, pussy still drenched, saying, “ay, papi, fuck me again, please fuck me one more time.” I mean, I eventually did. Obviously. But Jesus fucking Christ, man! Her sex drive was just as out of this world as her sex was. She wore me the fuck out! But, fuck, I would do it all over again, that’s for damn sure.

If you’ve never bagged yourself a sexy Latina, stop reading this review right fucking now and go out and shoot your shot. You won’t regret it, man. Best sex of my life. Easily. You have to try for yourself. If you aren’t socially gifted or particularly good with the ladies, then find a Latina escort. Do whatever it takes, dude. It will change your life forever.

In the meantime, though, whether or not you’ve been lucky enough to fuck a sexy Latina, there are plenty of great Latina porn sites out there to help hold you over until your next one. As is the case with any kind of porn site, of course, there are some Latina porn sites that are just objectively better than others. Just like Latina chicas are objectively better at making love than everyone else. That’s just the way of the world. So, then, the question becomes … out of the hundreds upon hundreds of Latina porn sites on the internet, which one is the best one for my purposes?

Well, honestly, that depends on a few factors, hombre. For one, you have to decide how much you care about the quantity of videos and frequency of uploads. That’s a big one. Quality of porn is obviously huge, if not the most important factor of all. If site design matters to you (which it should … a site, especially one you pay for, should provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience), then you’ll have to weigh some site design concerns and functionalities/features. Also, since we’re dealing with premium pay porn sites today, you’ll definitely want to take price into account.

Latina Porn from a Name You Can Trust

If you’ve watched porn more than just a few times over the last decade or so, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of a porn studio by the name of Reality Kings. Based out of Miami Beach, Florida (the Latina capitol of the US, by the way), Reality Kings is the studio responsible for such classic sites as In the VIP, We Live Together, Flower Tucci, Big Naturals, Captain Stabbin’, First Time Auditions, Mike’s Apartment, and Big Naturals. Man, I’m honestly getting a little nostalgic just listing off all of the sites that Reality Kings is responsible for. They have all been around for years and years. In fact, one of the very first online pornos that I whacked it to, way back in the day, was from We Live Together. Mike’s Apartment was a pretty common one back in that day too. Ah, good times.

At any rate, what I’m trying to say is that Reality Kings has cultivated quite a reputation over the years. And they have done so by being pioneers of the internet porn space and, of course, by consistently putting out quality content. The list of the awards that Reality Kings has won would be longer than this entire review, so I won’t bother to cite them, but that should speak volumes in and of itself. Reality Kings, historically, has not fucked around (unless you count the sexy girls who have made their videos possible … they have certainly fucked around, thankfully). And one of their premiere Latina sites, 8th Street Latinas, is evidence of the caliber at which this studio likes to keep things.

8th Street Latinas, upon clicking around and enjoying a few videos, is no exception to the rule … this site is definitely exactly up to snuff with the quality that RK has become known for. Some of the sexiest Latinas in the industry fucking and sucking big cocks and looking damn good while doing it. No complaints from me in terms of quality, that’s for damn sure. The only thing I’m missing is a scene with my personal favorite Latina, Jynx Maze. She is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found. But, then again, she isn’t going to be found down on no 8th Street corner… Jynx is a goddess. So, maybe it makes sense after all.

So, quality is a check. What about quantity? Well, conveniently enough, all 8th Street Latinas lists the total number of scenes at the top of the scene list. How nice of them. It looks as if, at the time of this review, 8th Street Latinas has a grand total of 777 scenes to choose from. Okay, not bad. Not bad at all. It’s definitely on the upper end of the quantity question, at least when it comes to a premium pay porn site. Some, sure, will have thousands. But that is a very rare premium pay porn site that does. Many, in fact, are only in the double digits. But it really all just depends on how long the site has been around and how frequently they post new content.


Speaking of which, how often can we expect new videos from 8th Street? Well, hmm … this is where the site starts to take a downturn for me. It looks like the most recent upload was posted on January 3rd of 2019. That means that no new scenes have been posted in over six full months. That should definitely arouse some suspicion for the discerning porn connoisseur. I can’t say with any certainty, of course, I haven’t talked to the people behind 8th Street Latinas personally, but my best guess is, if a porn site has been inactive for over half a year, then there’s a good chance they have abandoned it. Probably due to decreased demand and subscriptions.

That’s a damn shame, too, because they put out some of the best Latina porn on the market. It’s not completely lost, though, 8th Street Latinas is a part of Reality Kings, which is a part of Mind Geek, the largest porn conglomerate in the world. That place is just jizzing money. So, it is definitely not outside of the realm of possibility that, if Reality Kings were to notice a significant increase in demand, they very well may revive the site. So, if you subscribe, be sure to tell all of your fellow Latina-loving friends to do the same. And you just might be able to see a few more 8th Street Latinas videos before the year is up. Who knows?

As far as features and site design go, this site is pretty basic. All that you could ask for from a porn site, none of the unnecessary fluff that a lot of porn sites try to throw at you. All in all, great porn; I hope they do revive it.

ThePornDude likes 8thStreetLatinas's

  • Beautiful, sexy mamacitas
  • Awesome pornos
  • Large enough catalogue to watch a different video a day for a couple years
  • Decent site design

ThePornDude hates 8thStreetLatinas's

  • No new videos in 6 months
  • Not many features
  • Should be free if now defunct