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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The Internet has opened all kinds of new avenues for exhibitionist sluts to show off their goods for perverts around the world. Live webcam shows are a beautiful update on the old peep shows of yore, but it’s hard for broke fuckers to get in on the action. Most cam sites offer some “free” shows, but sites like serve up pre-recorded cam sluts who won’t make you pay for a private room before showing tits.

Some would argue that there’s no point in seeing a CamWhore unless she’s live on her webcam. Well, go somewhere else if you feel that way. got more than 12 million visits last month, so clearly the genre has its fans.

Amateur Sluts Are My Favorite Sluts

Your typical camwhore site has a bunch of thumbnails lined up, each leading to different shows currently going on. Click a link to take a look.

CamWhores has a similar setup, only the thumbnails don’t lead to live shows. The whole thing actually looks and works like a free tube because that’s essentially what it is, only this free tube focuses on a pretty specific style of amateur porn.

I accidentally clicked on the background and got a full-screen popup for Chaturbate. I’ve got my pop-up blocker activated, but it slipped through. That’s a bad sign, especially since there’s a notice on the top of the screen saying I need to disable AdBlock to avoid errors playing the videos.

At the top are a selection of Popular Amateur Videos. Four out of six of them features masturbating chicks in the thumbnails, both with toys and without. One slut is even sitting up on a bathroom counter with her fingers in her snatch. One only shows a close-up of a camgirl’s face, but hovering over the image offers more previews. This one’s a bit kinkier; the young whore gets tied up in Christmas lights before she’s violated. That last one has ManyVids in the title, so I think it may be paysite material.

One of the videos is called CamwhoresTV Admin, and the thumbnail features some grinning doofus wearing nothing but a tricorne hat and a vest. He’s swinging his dick around in the thumbnail, and I get the feeling somebody uploaded it because they were mad at the mods.

I came for the porn, but I decided to take a little detour to see what kind of petty bullshit the users and admins at CamWhores are into. I clicked through to the video page, but the video player showed an empty black void.

As if to console me about the useless, unplayable video, another ad slips through my blocker. This one features a gorgeous babe who does a striptease on top of the rest of the page. If I scroll, she lingers at the bottom, pulling her panties down and lifting up her skirt. Honestly, it’s pretty fucking hot for an ad, but it’s still spam.

New and Popular CamWhore Movies

I have a feeling I’m going to need to lower my defenses if I’m going to see actual porno videos on CamWhores. If that’s the case, I’m not going to do it just for a dick joke. I went back to the front page. Like other free tubes, the rest of the page below Popular videos are Videos Being Watched and New Videos.

The New Videos are sorted into Latest order by default, so you can get a sense of how quickly the site is growing. The 60 vids on the front page were added in the last 8 hours, which ain’t fucking bad. No, they ain’t live, but at least there’s a constant stream of new material.

One thing I like about pre-recorded cam shows is that the boring ones are already filtered out. You’re not going to sit around for an hour hoping some slut whips her titties out. Nobody saves that shit to share later. The thumbnails on CamWhores generally show a hotter level of action than you get from free shows, including plenty of couples, straight and lesbian.

The thumbnail from a movie uploaded a few hours ago shows a tatted-up redhead making out on a bed with a blonde. They’re both naked and have perfect bodies. Hovering over the image shows them munching carpet. The thumbnail says it’s 24-minutes long, so I’m already sold.

CamWhores vs SpamWhores

I got another pop-up for Chaturbate when I clicked through to the lesbian clip, and the same chick was dancing over a broken video player when I got there. Fuck. I turned off AdBlock and refreshed the page.

This time, the video player was surrounded by moving ads for actual live camwhores. They all say LIVE in the corner, offering something different from what CamWhores has. I’ve got different stripping video ladies this time. Instead of one chick it’s a series of girls who flash around to different parts of the page. To click the X and make them go away, I have to chase them around the screen.

And the fucking video player is still an empty black box. I refreshed it and got a new set of ads, but still no playable video. I copied and pasted the URL into a shittier web browser, the one your parents use, and got even more spam but still no video.

Maybe I just came on the wrong day and found a bug. Maybe they’re just trying to trick me into seeing all these camwhore ads. Some of these girls are so beautiful I had to take a look. The links lead to tame “free” shows, though, which just drove me back to in search of the good stuff.

Do Any Of These Videos Even Work?

Another one of the new thumbnails shows some kind of sexy roommate threesome that I’d love to see, but it goes to another spam-laden broken video page. The same happened with the brunette in the lingerie, the thick teen diddling herself, a sexy little Latina, and every other camwhore I clicked on.

Every time I went to a new page, I’d see the same big notice at the top of the screen. Disable AdBlock to avoid “html5: Video file not found”. I disabled AdBlock, and I don’t see shit. Well, except spam. I see plenty of ads for actual camwhores on sites other than CamWhores.

After fucking with my settings and not making any progress, I checked the site out on my phone and a tablet, using multiple browsers. It was the same story every time. There were plenty of camwhores to see elsewhere, and no videos to watch on the site.

CamWhores has been around since 2015, and I already told you they get a shit-ton of traffic. I have to assume the videos usually work, or at least they used to. Comments seem to imply things were working earlier today.

Looking at the traffic numbers, I can see they had a pretty big drop about 6 months ago. This could be for a number of potential reasons, but none of them are good. Blame Google, CamWhores, changing tastes or whatever you want, but lower traffic means people just aren’t happy as happy as they were.

I don’t think the video issue I’m having is the same one they’re addressing with the notice above the header. It’s probably just the latest in a series of issues that relates to their aggressive spam experience. When the site does work, you’re still going to have to see a lot of ads with it.

CamWhores wouldn’t be an easy site to recommend even if the videos were loading correctly. I hate when sites spam the shit out of me and then tell me to turn off AdBlock so they can hit me harder. The other sites just expect me to use one and so they adapt. It’s a cat-and-mouse game, sure, but there are rules.

My biggest complaint is going to be that the videos didn’t play when I looked at CamWhores. Their big, free collection might be worth a look if you’re crazy about webcam amateurs, but you can find similar material on sites that work better. This one doesn’t really have anything special to make the spam and poor experience worth the trouble.

ThePornDude likes CamWhores's

  • Free amateur clips
  • Constant stream of updates

ThePornDude hates CamWhores's

  • Lots of spam
  • CamWhores ain’t live
  • The videos didn’t work when I visited
  • Piracy?