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Updated on 15 January 2022
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When looking for the best sources of free smut, porn tubes are your best bet. But we all know that sometimes they stack content in pretty mediocre quality and premium sites can charge you an arm and a leg for you to make your dream of jerking off to quality scenes come alive. Porn tubes with a good chunk of HD videos are hard to come by, but not when you are the dude that runs the biggest porn directory in the world. I don’t mean to brag but errr… I just did. I think y’all motherfuckers underestimate how tough it is to find and review good porn sites that will be value for money (since we all know you don’t like paying to masturbate).

Luckily for you, I bumped upon one such site; HD Pornstarz. I think the domain name says it all. These fucks promise dick squeezing and clit rubbing smut featuring the best fuckers in the world and in impeccable quality. It sure looks like a normal porn tube to me, but they use the name to make you understand that they mostly deal with professional content and not that amateur hanky-panky. If you wanna charm your snake to content with the sexiest porn stars, you owe it yourself to continue reading this review.

Nothing beats the price of free, right?

The best part about the whole deal is HD Pornstarz is free. That’s right. You get to beat your meat to high-quality porn without parting with a single coin. All you need is a good internet connection and probably a functioning dick, and you are good to go. This land of pure bliss and sexual passion has an abundance of the kind of shit you pay for at premium sites, but here you see hot porn stars taking thick cocks in their twats in hot scenes that will leave your scrotum shriveled up for fucking free. How does the prospect of saving up to 30 bucks a month in subscription fees sound for you?

A pretty ordinary design, but one that gets the job done

HD Pornstarz has certainly not broken any new innovative grounds with the design. That doesn’t necessarily make it crappy or any of that shit, just a bit ordinary and nothing unlike what I’ve seen with other porn tubes. That said, the design looks pretty good, and the dark hue should help you go about your spank the monkey business at night without feeling like a confused deer in front of full headlights. Sure, you can’t point anything that makes it special, but the design team has done a good job picking simplicity and functionality over aestheticism. That said, you can see the percentage of likes a certain video has garnered as you scroll down looking for the best video. Hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail, and the percentage turns into a bar that fills with blue depending on the number of likes. It is a pretty interesting feature that’s designed to help you avoid the shitty scenes which are sometimes inevitable. The rest of the design is pretty ordinary.

Contemporary layout makes navigation a fucking bliss

Compared to other porn tubes, HD Pornstarz comes with a standard layout, and you won’t break a sweat locating ball stirring porn. The sections offered here are the same you would find in a typical tube with the tabs giving you access to categories, tags, porn stars and so on. You may use any of the tabs or scroll down the main page for a collection of the latest scenes and ‘videos being watched’ which is actually an ideal place to start. There are intense, sweaty rodeo fuckers pumping dicks in their mouths and slamming their wet cooters around hard dongs everywhere you look, and your masturbatory experience will feel like one hell of a workout. However, I find it quite unfortunate that the videos are not accompanied by previews.

Exclusive HD videos in one place

Looking at the huge collection at HD Pornstarz, I can’t help but wonder what you would do if you had to pay for the amazing videos lined up. These guys are surely doing God’s work by providing you with such amazing HD porn content for free. HD Pornstarz collects the best porn videos from different sites and dumps them right into your face just so you can improve your fap sessions. Don’t these fucks deserve a round of applause? I mean, they’ve saved you the money and inconveniences of subscribing to different sites for you to get a hold of the diverse content lined up.

As their name suggests, the site has prepared for you an astonishing collection of amazing HD videos that will get you instantly hooked. You don’t even need to have a registered account to watch any of the shit. How much luckier can you possibly be? The lengthy scene descriptions are a nice bonus to have as well.

Ads are a fucking menace but ultimately inevitable

Let’s not sit here and pretend that you won’t find the ads and pop-ups an annoying presence. In fact, it is probably the only major issue I have with the site. They will certainly affect your momentum as you check out the amazing top quality scenes. The ads are a fucking bummer especially when they appear just as you have identified a suitable video and are ready to beat meat like a maniac but now have to deal with an ad.

Even worse, some of the ads take long before you can deal with them. Unlike other sites where you can skip an ad in roughly five seconds, some here take as long as 10 seconds and are an absolute boner killer. On the flip side, HDPornstarz.com is a free site that somehow needs to make money to keep their servers running. Ads are annoying, but in this case, they are a necessary evil. In any case, you can’t have too many complaints when there is a solid collection of premium content that you won’t have to pay for, can you?

What makes HDPornstarz.com a gem;

Mouthwatering videos in HD; forget about anything else, a site that allows you to jerk off to HD scenes sourced from premium sites should already be in your good books. That’s before you even factor in the fact that it’s all absolutely free.

Easy to use; the site may features a familiar layout, but its one that’s easy to use. Everything is kept simple, and you will definitely find the going easy.

Sexy pornstars; watch monster sluts with the dirtiest minds constantly fighting the urge to fuck anything hard and erect around them. Keep an eye out for the leading names and pound your afternoon away.

Daily updates; not only does the site provide you with high-quality smut, but new scenes are also added regularly to keep your fap sessions as fresh as possible.

Mobile friendly; play the skin flute wherever you are since HDPornstarz.com has a mobile version that offers you an almost similar experience to the desktop version. How fucking convenient.

Possible concerns

Ads and pop-ups; for all its abundance of high-quality smut, visitors will have to contend with annoying ads and pop-ups that are seemingly doing their best to ruin your experience. To be fair the site needs money to stay alive, but that’s a mere consolation.

No thumbnail previews; the thumbnails preview feature allows users to see a short preview of the video when the cursor is hovered over the thumbnail. However, that useful feature is a glaring miss at HDPornstarz.com.

What I think should be done;

Adding a thumbnail preview feature would be a nice touch to go along with the high-quality scenes. Freaks out here want to have an idea of what they are jerking off to before they whip their dicks out.

Bottom line

If there is something I can assure you, it’s that you are going to have a wonderful time at HDPornstarz.com. How could you not when you have such a mouthwatering supply of free smut available in top-notch quality and featuring the world’s leading fuckers? Even better, the content is available in multiple categories, and you will hardly believe your luck at the sight of your favorite porn star taking a massive pounding. Everything is nice and easy, and I urge you to pay the site a visit today and see it all for yourself.

ThePornDude likes HDpornstarz's

  • Mouthwatering videos in HD
  • Easy to navigate
  • Sexy porn stars
  • Daily updates

ThePornDude hates HDpornstarz's

  • Ads and pop-ups
  • No thumbnail previews