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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I Post Naked! In a world where internet porn is full of highly-paid XXX actresses with pumped up breast implants and tons of makeup, you have to wonder where will the whole facade end? I mean I love masturbating to porn actresses myself, but even can get boring with their full lips, perky tits, and tight asses. Sooner or later my brain’s reward centers get way too used to seeing XXX stars and starlets like Britney Amber, Asa Akira, Gina Valentina, and Lana Rhoades, and it starts to feel less good each time I fap to them. It even makes flirting with real girls a challenge because no average, everyday girl or woman can look like what these XXX stars do on set while filming.

As I said, it’s all a big facade when it comes to these highly-paid XXX actresses and professionally-made porn, and sometimes you need to humble down a little and fap to average, normal women. That’s where amateur porn comes in – but nowadays, amateur porn has become pretty high quality too. There are thousands of videos on sites like PornHub that are uploaded by amateurs, but they’ve been filmed with professional cameras and the people in them look pretty damn good, making the content fundamentally very un-amateur like. However, there’s one site that still retains the full authenticity of amateur content that used to be commonplace 10 years ago even to this day – IPostNaked.

IPostNaked is a community-run amateur porn website that contains a whopping amount of fully amateur content that’s uploaded onto its servers on a daily basis. The people who upload it are all normal everyday men who film and shoot their nude girlfriends, wives or the occasional hooker and proceed to upload the content onto this site. That ‘homemade’ vibe that people look for in authentic amateur content is all over the images and videos here on IPostNaked, and just about anyone can see it since most of it is free (more on that later though).

This site definitely won’t be to your liking if all you’re used to fapping to is videos made by studios the likes of Brazzers and Reality Kings – you’ve definitely seen them on PornHub; I’m talking about those MHBHJ, PropertySex and LifeSelector clips. You definitely won’t be able to appreciate the pure amateur content on IPostNaked if you’re way too used to fapping to those kinds of aforementioned videos. However, if you can appreciate 100% homemade amateur stuff then you should definitely check out this site.

Thank God for the Smartphone

First things first – there is a TON of nude selfies on this site. We’re currently living through the smartphone era, which means that there are hundreds of nudes and X-rated selfies being taken by thousands of women across the globe each hour – and the best part about it is that a lot of those pics get uploaded to the internet sooner or later. Some of them are put on the net for display almost instantly in an attempt to show off, and some of them are plastered onto the internet in an attempt of getting revenge at an ex-lover by leaking their private nudes onto the internet in order to let its fine, cultured denizens fap to it. IPostNaked’s nude selfies come in a lot of variety – some are normal naked bathroom selfies, and some are hot lingerie-clad pictures that were made with love and care. Either way, if you love fapping to amateur nude selfies of girls from all across the world, then you’ll definitely like this site.

Maybe Your Taste is a Little Matured?

Smartphone selfies are usually the product of younger teens or under 30s women, but the smartphone era isn’t just for the youth. This site not only has a whole amassed treasury of nude selfies and hot pics with young girls, but it also has – to put frankly – a literal fuckton of XXX images that depict older mature women and BBWs. I mean not everyone is into younger girls, and that clearly shows with this site’s focus on XXX content that depicts older women (as well as BBWs). There is a whole standalone section dedicated to amateur pics that show these fine, shapely dames in their fully nude glory. Some are mirror or smartphone selfies, and some are tasteful pictures made to impress. Either way, there are more than enough of them to satisfy any fan.

Cut the Crap and Head Straight for The Good Stuff

This is a community-based site that thrives thanks to the hardcore XXX amateur fans that make up that community. With that being said, no community-based site would be considered good if it weren’t for an in-site rating system that can be used to rank its content and separate the good from the bad. IPostNaked’s in-site rating system is a simple 1-10 star system that can be used to rate any content that finds its way on here, including images, videos, free and premium stuff.

All the best free images that have the highest ratings can be found on the “Neo’s Hot Pics” section – here you can find what are arguably the best amateur XXX images that can get your dick hard even if you’ve been on a serial masturbation spree for the last 10 days. No true fan of amateur XXX content can defy the appeal of the content in this section, so if you like homemade nudes that were either leaked or deliberately uploaded then you should definitely check this section out.

There Are Free Videos, But…

There is even a video section here on IPostNaked that can be accessed for free because let’s face it, the smartphone era is great for taking nude selfies and XXX pics but it’s also great for filming homemade amateur fuck-flicks too. There are plenty of girls out there who love being filmed while their man fucks them, and there are plenty of girls who film themselves in the nude or while masturbating for their man – when it comes to IPostNaked though, you’ll probably only be able to see the softcore stuff. That’s because there’s a catch here – you see, there are plenty of free amateur selfies of younger and older women on this site, and there are plenty of free softcore amateur videos too, but if you want to get to the more hardcore, fap-worthy stuff you’ll have to pay up…

All the Hardcore Stuff is Paywalled

The people running this network of sites mask their premium content in quite a sneaky way – instead of making you think “oh they wanna charge me for looking at their content” immediately, they reel you in with free content that’s uploaded on IPostNaked. Once you’re hooked, you soon discover that all the hardcore content that’s fap-worthy is stored on an alternate site called “WeLovePussy”, and this site is fully paywalled. The good news is that the only payment that you need to make is a one-time transaction of 30$ – the bad news is that if you’re broke then you’ll have to look for hardcore amateur porn elsewhere (my list is a good place to start).

No Comprehensive Way to Sort the Content

One thing I noticed about this site specifically is that the only way to separate its content is governed by its sections – there’s the ‘Amateur Pics’ section which mostly contains amateur teen nudes, ‘Mature and BBW’ section that’s self-explanatory, ‘Neo’s Hot Pics’ section that contains all the best-rated pics and there’s the ‘Male Pics’ section if you’re into guys (with an additional ‘Softcore Videos’ section that’s the only one of its kind). There’s no way to find, for example, an image or image-set that depicts a woman that reminds you of your ex. For example, there are no physical attribute-based content filters here, so if I want to find a skinny redhead with big boobs or a big booty brunette with tattoos I’d be better off searching on PornHub.

Can Be Accessed From Any Smartphone

Yep, this site works great from any phone – you can view all the free content here from an old Chinese Android phone or the newest iPhone. This, of course, means that fans of all financial status can enjoy IPostNaked’s content while on the go, like for example they can open it at any given remote bathroom and fap way without caring about whoever’s waiting at the door to really use the bathroom.

ThePornDude likes IPostNaked's

  • Contains fully authentic amateur content
  • Contains content that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Is free (partially) + the sign-up fee is a one-time payment only
  • The community is pretty active and the site has daily updates
  • Fully optimized for mobile

ThePornDude hates IPostNaked's

  • The font and color scheme is kind of outdated
  • The site seems to think it’s 2017
  • No comprehensive content sorting system
  • Interface could do with a redux
  • Not all content is free to view