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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Most of you guys already know pretty much everything that there is to know about, but did you know how sexy this website can get if you let it? Here, let me explain to you as plainly as I possibly can. has subreddits for all sorts of porn material that you never knew about. And so, just like any other subcategory or subreddit that you’re used to that deviates from the /r/NSFW subreddit, you have one that is dedicated to amateur content and it’s called /r/Amateur. It’s a pretty self-explanatory name for a pretty self-explanatory subreddit that’s just filled to the brim with amateur porn content, a lot of which is posted by the people who are in the photos themselves.

You’ll need some getting used to if you’re new

When you first launch Reddit, it’s going to be a bit confusing if you’ve never used it before. Basically, you’ve got two options available as far as viewing the content is concerned. The first option is basically just having a list of all the content and then you have to expand the stuff that seems interesting from the title and the small thumbnail that you get on the left-hand side. The second option is to get all the content pre-expanded so that you can immediately enjoy the content without worrying too much about picking and choosing the best things to see. I honestly leave that up to you, since everyone has a different style, but I like to have all my content in my face when I’m deciding where I’ll park for a wank on /r/Amateur.

Choose the type of content that best suits your needs

So, once you’re done with picking and choosing the way in which the content will be presented to you on /r/Amateur, it’s time to get down to the actual content and there are many different ways that you can view it on here. If you don’t want to waste too much time and you want to get down to the meat of the content as fast as possible, then you should definitely go to the Hot page or even the Top page because that’s where you’ll see all the top voted posts for the day. These posts are probably some of the hottest ones on /r/Amateur, so use them wisely. Also, try not to go to the top posts of all time and just start wanking to all of them since you’re going to lose out on a lot of material. Your jerk-off sessions should be calculated if anything.

So much new content being posted all the damn time

I mean if you want to you can just use up all the content at once, it’s not like you’re going to lose out on all the new content that gets posted on here and believe me when I say that there’s a LOT of content being posted here all the time. Every single day new content gets posted pretty much every minute of every hour. In fact, some ladies have even found out the best times to post so that they can get the most upvotes. The upvotes themselves don’t do anything, they just give you more karma that you can’t really use for anything. They’re just fake internet points, but you sure as hell should be glad that they exist cause they incentivize babes to post to /r/Amateur all the time.

Hundreds of thousands of active members taking part

And as you already know, /r/Amateur isn’t the only porn subreddit out there, this one just happens to be one of the best ones where you can find all the Amateur porn of your dreams. Here’s the thing, there are 654k members on this subreddit. That’s 654 thousand by the way if you’re unaware of what the “k” stands for. And imagine all of those babes just going at it with posts as they keep on posting hot picture of themselves after hot picture of themselves. I mean you couldn’t be able to contain something like that and this is exactly what /r/Amateur is like if you take a look at it in all its glory.

A lot of the amateur content is posted by the chicks themselves

Without trying to suck this subreddit’s cock too much, this is one of those subs on that really makes you appreciate the chicks that post this content. I mean, sometimes it’s the chicks, sometimes it’s the guys. You can tell if the person in the picture is the one posting it by looking at the tag next to the title. It’s going to be marked as Not the OP if the person posting is not also the person in the picture. At the end of the day, you can definitely enjoy it either way and it depends on you to decide whether that fact will make you enjoy a post more or enjoy a post less. I personally like to know that all the posts that I’m jerking off to were presented by the chick herself, but I can still have a nice wank even if it wasn’t

Turn on dark mode for all your night-time viewing pleasure

Alright, so all of that aside, there are a few other nifty little tricks that you can do to enhance your experience of /r/Amateur. First of all, comes with the option of turning on dark mode, which is incredibly useful if you want to watch all of these Amateur babes during the night time and you aren’t a fan of burning your eyeballs out. Then there’s also the fact that you can sort the posts in various ways which will get to in a minute, but basically you have a few modes which are all useful for seeing different kinds of posts, usually of different quality as well while we’re at it.

The default section on any subreddit, /r/Amateur included, is the Hot section where all of the top voted and most commented on posts end up. Then you have the Trending tab for some of the lesser known posts that have recently hit the deck. And then you have the option of sorting by New. That last one is where very few people venture because you have a high chance of finding all sorts of shitty content on here. There are probably posts which aren’t even porn when you go to that section, but this is also the place where you’ll find all the newest content. So, if staying fresh with the amateur content on /r/Amateur is something that you have to keep up with, then the New section is for you.

Check out the cream of the crop and the best of the best

And of course, there’s the Top section which collects all of the top rated and most upvoted content pieces on the subreddit. You can sort it according to the time-frame, from 24h all the way up to all-time top upvoted posts. The all-time best posts are probably some of the hottest pictures that you’ll see, and it rings well for the system which is put into place on /r/Amateur. It basically means that the community decides what goes and what doesn’t, and it just so happens that the community knows what amazing content is. When you start checking out content in this section you’ll know why it’s on there in the first place, no questions asked. I don’t think that I need to remind you that all of this content is free either, so there’s one more amazing point of contention to add to the list of amazing aspects of

Yeah, all the posts and content are free, and not only that but there’s a wide variety of content to be had. From pictures to gifs, to even videos, though the videos are usually very short. You can see some longer videos, but the pictures are where and /r/Amateur really shine. You’re going to love seeing everything that /r/Amateur has to offer and at the end of the day, there’s no risk in trying it out since all of the content on it is completely free of charge. I know that this might seem impossible to you, but believe me when I say that this is a subreddit which you just have to check out.

ThePornDude likes Amateur's

  • Amazing user-submitted amateur content
  • An endless number of amateur pictures and videos
  • Everything on here is completely free of charge

ThePornDude hates Amateur's

  • The videos are usually very short and incomplete
  • The New section has lots of low-quality content
  • Takes some getting used to for new users