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Updated on 15 January 2022
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So when you enter a porntube, you can usually count on being treated to a bunch of video thumbnails that all conspire together to grab your attention and get you to open them. This is usually the case even if the porntube hasn’t been maintained and has been left to collect dust for years. I know all too well that most of you who are reading this start feeling like kids in candy stores when you get on porntubes – I mean, it’s hard not to get excited when you’re treated to an endless, free gallery of porn videos. It can even leave you with “Fapper’s Indecision”.

But there are some websites out there that look like they were programmed by some “Ruby on Rails” enthusiast who just got done reading a 1997 manual on “hot to front-end program” and is not at all informed on how websites look and feel now in 2020. There are plenty of sites out there that are badly designed, but 89 here is just, well, it’s different, to say the least. This site’s whole front-end style is just so damn different it doesn’t even look like a porn website at all, let alone a porntube.

As soon as you get on here, you’re treated to a white-background, minimalist-design front-end look, and all the lettering comes in a hideous retro Times New Roman font that just looks so damn stern and serious – way too serious for a porn website at least. This is probably what your school or university’s website looks like. But even if this website’s presentation is different, it does hold its own when it comes to content.

You see, 89 here IS, in fact, a porn website in its own right, and you shouldn’t let first impressions fool you no matter how bad or just plain weird they may be. If you’re interested in finding out all the deepest, darkest secrets concerning this website, then, by all means, keep reading this review and allow me to delve and dissect this website thoroughly for you so that you can decide whether or not it’s your cup of tea or not.

You’ll Probably Want to Focus on the Straight Category Section

Try to ignore the lack of content when you get on this website and focus on whatever options it does actually give you. This site’s content and navigation options aren’t there for nothing, and a quick inspection of its resident category section will undoubtedly prove that. So do yourself a favor and focus on the “Straight” category section as soon as you get on here (unless you’re gay, but more on that later), because you’ll need to depend on it in order to get to your goods.

The categories that 89 here has are 20 in total, and yes like all porntubes they cover pretty much every sex play that vanilla sex contains. But they also delve into the darker, more hardcore and alternative stuff too – with categories such as “Analingus,” “Bukkake,” “Strap-On,” “Shemale,” “Bisexual” & “BDSM,” it’s hard not to see that whoever runs this site cares about porn fans that have a developed a taste for something a little more hardcore. With that being said, I’m sure that any caliber of porn fan will find something mild or spicy enough here on 89 that’s right up their alley.

Made a Choice? Good

Once you finally make a choice of what category you’d like to fap to out of all the 20 categories (which isn’t really that large of a pool to choose from), then you’ll finally be transported to where the “magic happens” on the site. This website doesn’t have a traditional video layout that you can choose from, and as a matter of fact, it doesn’t really have a traditional video player either.

Everything you’ll ever watch on this site will be chosen for you at random. I repeat, everything you see here will not be chosen by you whatsoever – and that, of course, means a couple of things. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about not being able to make a choice of video to fap to, so you can kiss any risk of “Fapper’s Indecision” goodbye. Secondly, all the videos will be completely random, so while you will be in essence at the mercy of some kind of algorithm that 89 is shoving down your throat, you’ll still feel like you’re watching a completely random video.

Thirdly, the video player depends on what video you’re viewing. Since all the videos here are pulled from other sites, they come along with their resident video players too. Sometimes it’s a decent one like from XVideos or PornHub, but sometimes the video player is completely barebones and has no visible options at all – the only thing you can do on it is play and pause. You can also switch the video and play another one by clicking the “next” button at any time you want, but it will still be a completely random video that you may or may not like. So if you do decide to fap to this site’s content, know that you’ll literally be playing masturbation Russian Roulette.

There’s Also a Gay Category if You Swing That Way

If, for whatever reason, you’ve decided to take advantage of my porn directory website service as a homosexual person (which is utterly unexpected), then you’ll be glad to know that this website, in particular, has a whole “Gay” category section too. The “Gay” categories are a little different from the “Straight” ones, but if you should have no trouble deciphering them and choosing the one particular category (or categories) that tickle your homosexual fancy. There gay categories on this site include things like “DILF,” “Bear,” “Twink,” “Muscles,” “Bareback,” “Military,” and so on.

There’s Also a Search Bar If That Changes Anything For You

89 here does have its own resident search bar, which to me is just absurd – I mean, there are no visible video titles on this site as-is, and there are also no tags whatsoever. Just how a search bar could be useful here is beyond me, but I’m pretty sure that the unseeable video titles on this site are just the same video titles that they already are on their original source site. Since this site’s videos are all pulled from different websites, one can only assume that they retain their original titles from those sites, the only problem is that they’re unseeable so you’d have to be a pretty savvy search query-creator to find exactly the things you’re looking for using this site’s resident search bar.

And Yes, This Site is Optimized for Mobile

Even though this website does remind me of the wonderful yet badly-designed days of the early internet era when Napster and Kazaa reigned supreme, that doesn’t mean that it’s not up to the modern standards utility-wise. 89 Here is fully optimized for smartphone access including any and all small digital devices which can be hooked up to a WiFi network. With that being said, one can easily access this site’s many random porn videos from the safety and comfort of their own bathrooms. It really doesn’t take much imagination to determine what people who visit porn from their smartphones do when they go to the bathroom with their phone in hand and take a good 10-15 minutes to “finish up.”

ThePornDude likes 89.com's

  • Contains a very random selection of videos
  • Site has a fair amount of categories both mild and wild
  • It’s very easy to navigate this website
  • Optimized for smartphone access

ThePornDude hates 89.com's

  • The frontend design of this site looks very dated
  • All the videos are random - it’s impossible to choose any one
  • There are no tags whatsoever
  • The video titles are not visible