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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Dark Wanderer! A world dedicated to cuckold pornography, sounds quite nice, doesn’t it? Well, darkwanderer.net is just the site for you, if that is what you were hoping for. This is a site that has created a whole new format of cuckold loving; thus, you are bound to enjoy their naughty content. However, whether you actually like the site or not all depends on what the fuck you were hoping to see in the first place.

Cuckold porn can be rather tasty, and darkwanderer.net is home to some of the sluttiest cuckolds and naughty wives who are just looking for some adventures. Well, if you are a fan of cuckold adventures, you are bound to love this site as well, but if you were hoping for something else, you could check out my site for some other types of porn websites.

Darkwanderer.net is actually a part of a tiny network if I can even call it that when there are three sites in total. You can visit their other websites for free as well; one is called slutwives.com and other cuckolds.com. As you can see, they cover all the cuckold fetishes, which I already sort of expected from them.

Horny wives love the cuckold fetish.

First of all, do you even know what the cuckold fetish is? Well, this fetish is rather simple; it shows the beauty of fucking another man’s wife while the husband watches everything. Of course, while I do know what the fuck this fetish entails, I am not really sure I understand the need for it. I mean, would this really be a TPD review if I do not question the overall lovemaking?

The cuckold fetish has been known for a long while now, it is one of the oldies. However, I just do not understand the need for it. I am assuming that you have those who love to watch their wives get rammed, and you also have the ones who prefer to be watched… in whichever case, I think we can all say that this fetish is the most nonsensical out of the bunch.

With that said, I am not here to shame. You can love and fap to whatever the fuck you want, as long as you stay on the legal grid, that is. With so many fetishes today, nothing really surprises me anymore, but I must say that the cuckold fetish is something I could never really get into. But if you love it, you should know that darkwanderer.net is one of the better cuckold websites out there.

An unconventional site.

As you open the site, it is pretty obvious that this place is not like the others. You do not have the usual structure to help you guide you through, nor the videos or anything like that. On top, you have the menu, and below that, you have posts from other members of the site. So, in a sense, darkwanderer.net is a place dedicated to the members who would like to share their fetish for everything related to cuckold. Take your time and browse through, as there is a lot to be seen. One of the first things I noticed are thee ads, and that is because I am a big fan of Chaturbate, and one of the ads was basically that. However, there are ads all over the site, but they are not too much in your face, or so to speak. You’ll get the gist when you check the site.

The navigation is rather simple, and overall you can tell that this is a site driven by the community. So if you were just expecting loads of porn videos on a simplistic site that does not require much, you might not be happy with what darkwanderer.net has to offer. But, if you are a huge cuckold fan, then I think that darkwanderer.net is exactly what you have been looking for.

This place will mostly offer stories or experiences shown by others. So, if you are like me, and you are unable to wank it off to some letters of encouragement, then I suggest you visit an actual porn website. l But if you like to read dirty stories about people who love to bang hardcore and who love to be watched by their spouses, this is the right choice.

Iffy design.

This place came to like in 1996, and I still do not understand why it looks like it is from the same year today? They could have stepped up their game when it comes to all of this since it really is not that hard. Creating a different design, adding some spark, and just following the trends from other websites is not rocket science.

They consider themselves to be the largest collection of free slut wife material, including cuckold stories and interracial lovemaking. I think that that should have been implied at the beginning. Here, you have loads of dirty stories presented right off the bat, which is something I can appreciate. I enjoy it when websites tell you exactly what the fuck they have to offer before you waste your time browsing.

The top menu will serve good when browsing for new content if you ask me. That is all you will really need, and the rest is on the homepage. Everything is pretty self-explanatory, so you will find your way around sooner or later. There ain’t nothing special to say about this crap, because what makes darkwanderer.net worth it is the content.

A friendly community of cuckolds.

There are loads of members on this site, and you can become one as well. Of course, you can access all their shit even without the membership, but if you would like to interact with the community, post your own stories, and comment, you should consider becoming a member.

Let’s not forget that darkwanderer.net has a section dedicated to the forum. That is where you can really see how their community is, and from what I was able to see, they are pretty friendly and more than happy to get dirty with others. The cuckold community is obviously very open, and they love sex.

There is a special section dedicated to galleries, stories, members, and so on. I think that the site is nicely organized, but at the same time, with so many ads and a shitty design, I can’t help but feel that it is trapped in the early 2000s when sites looked like shit… I think all the OGs will know exactly what the guck I am talking about.

Lots of hot stories!

If, by this point, you are still browsing through this site and you are not into cuckolds, then you must be an idiot. I mean, why the fuck would you stay on this site if cuckolds did not excite you. However, like I said before, you do not really have pornographic videos here, you have a lot of stories and experiences.

You can read everything this place has to offer for free. The stories are pretty lengthy, but that also depends on the story you choose to read. With so many stories written by different people, you will be able to find all kinds of shit: some of which you might like and some of which you might not. Hence why I told you that this all depends on your personal preference.

One of the first stories I read featured one gorgeously described woman who always wanted to have an adventure outside of her marriage. However, her man was a bit closeted. The reason she wanted an adventure is to show her man what other things they can do in the bedroom, and after a lot of convincing, they ended up being the trophy cuckold couple.

There was another story that got my attention because it featured a slutty teacher fucking her student, while her husband saw every little thing. Instead of getting mad he asked her to make this a monthly thing for them, as they would always choose a different person, and thus she would have intercourse while he watches.

I think that the act of fucking is very natural and delicious. Of course, woman are going to crave it since they were created just for that; let’s not kid ourselves. With that said, I still do not understand the beauty of this fetish. In case you do, I am sure that you will love what this place has to offer.


If you were looking for a place that will share your love for cuckolds, I think you have found it. Here you have a lot of people who love to be included in the cuckold fetish, they love to share stories, images, and overall talk about the fetish with other members. Take your time, explore darkwanderer.net, and enjoy.

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  • Free cuckold site
  • Lots of cuckold stories
  • A friendly community

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  • A very bland design and lots of ads
  • Some stories are not so great