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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Jav Tube! When it comes to porn, you guys know that I am really biased when it comes to Asian beauties, and javtube.com offers exclusively that type of content, which immediately makes me happy. As you might expect, you will be able to find plenty of Japanese adult videos here, and the best part about that, is that they are completely free, like they should be, since it is a tube-type site.

Of course, that also means that the site’s design is quite Japanese as well, and everyone who happens to be a fan of Asian porn videos probably already has the exact image in their mind of what I am trying to say. There are quite a lot of images on the homepage, and pretty much on any other page on the site, and while a lot of them do look like ads, they will actually redirect you to a video, or they will simply redirect you to a different site that is also revolving around Asian porn videos.

A lot of astonishing Japanese beauties

As soon as you enter, the homepage is filled with videos that feature various Japanese beauties who are either posing for the thumbnail or already taking some part in the action. An interesting thing is that the video titles are all based on the main star of the video, even if the video happens to have multiple pornstars, it is still going to feature a single name. While this might seem a bit shitty, the thumbnails are usually good enough to show you what the video is all about.

Something that I dislike about the thumbnails is that they are static, which means that you cannot hover your mouse over them in order to see what the rest of the video is about. This can be quite a pain in the ass if the thumbnails happen to be just a couple of seconds of the video before the video takes a completely different turn from the thumbnail, which is more frequent than you might think. That can really be a pain in the ass, because it can take a long time to find something that you can fap to.

What pisses me quite a lot about some of the thumbnails, is that the ones that are lower in the homepage are usually going to take you to a completely different site, and while some sites use this to take you to the video of that thumbnail, in this case, you will just get sent to a completely different homepage, which is really retarded if you want to watch some porn. It is quite useful if you are looking for a new site to look for hot Japanese beauties, however, my other reviews are here to help you with that.

Interestingly enough, while you might expect all of the JAV videos to have the genitals completely censored, I have found a good bunch of videos where there is no censorship at all. I personally don’t care if the videos are censored or not, but having them uncensored does provide a better experience, especially during solo sessions.

Browsing can be a bit tedious

While I do enjoy the dark theme that the site is using as it makes browsing for Japanese adult videos much easier in a dark room, I do get slightly annoyed by the moving GIFs here and there, which are basically unblockable ads. What makes the browsing very tedious is the fact that you never know which button is going to filter the videos, and which one is going to take you to a completely different site. That is really breaking my balls, especially due to the fact that the buttons are all in the same row.

While looking at some videos, I actually had trouble going back to the homepage, I was having a really hard time finding the button for it due to so many menu buttons, and the logo for whatever reason does not work as the button, which is definitely a first. Of course, I was feeling a bit stupid when I found out that the homepage button is directly under the logo, but it blends with every other menu button so much that I just have to give it shit.

Amazing video quality

Something that I have to point out during my browsing experience is that the video quality, no matter which video I checked out, is fantastic. All videos were in full HD quality, and while I have to admit that I did not check the oldest videos available on the site, since the site has an incredible number of videos, the newer ones, and the ones that I searched for were in pristine quality.

Speaking of quality, while it is great, I have to whine a bit that the player does not offer the option of lowering the quality, because if I would be browsing on my phone, not only that it would eat all of my data, but buffering would probably take a really long as time, unless I am connected to someone’s wi-fi connection.

The player also does not really offer that many options, you can change the volume, play and pause the video, and put it into the full screen. The only interesting option is that you can pull the player out of the window, so you can put it anywhere on your screen. While you have to keep your current tab on that page in order to maintain the player as a pop-up, you can browse the rest of the site in a new tab, and you can do pretty much anything else on your computer while having this player open.

The pop-up version of the player can be resized however you want, which is an amazing feature if you ask me. It does kind of suck that you cannot control the volume while the player is in the pop-up mode, but I guess you can’t have it all.

Videos also have a “download” button under them, however, no matter which video you are on, you are always going to be taken to a different site. This type of ad is probably one that pisses me off the most, as not only it baits you into thinking that you can download the video, but it also shoves another shitty ad site into your face, it is disgusting.

Searching videos is easier than you expect

Usually, when it comes to sites that feature Japanese adult videos, you will not get to use any English keywords to find what you are looking for. Of course, since this site is in English to begin with, searching for porn is as easy as it gets, since the search engine is quite responsive, and that is something that is always appreciated.

The only downside when it comes to searching videos is that there are no categories or tags that you can use to simply filter out a bigger number of videos, which is something to expect from any decent porn site these days. I am not saying that this porn site is bad, it is definitely far from it, as the content that it has is astonishing, but there are certain things that could definitely use some improvement here and there.

While there are no categories, there is a JAV Tube Directory, where you can filter things out by letters. I thought that this is going to filter out the pornstars, but instead, it does something that I just cannot even explain how it works, because honestly, I don’t think it works as it is intended to work, since clicking on some pornstars that are filtered like this takes you again to another filter option, which features all kinds of pornstars.

I have a feeling that whoever is uploading the videos to the site is a passionate horny guy who knows what people want to see when it comes to Japanese adult videos, however, when it comes to the site’s design and editing, it definitely has to be performed by a woman. There is no way a guy could fuck some of the most basic things up, especially when it comes to browsing for porn.

Overall, If you are a fan of sexy Japanese beauties and their hot moans while they are being pleasured, then javtube.com is a great place to check out, as you will certainly find a lot of videos for free that you could not find anywhere else, at least not for free and all in one place.

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  • Confusing menus