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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Regular Porn Dude readers know I’m not one to scoff at beautiful pornstars, the kind of professional sluts who make their living with medically enhanced good looks and superhuman sexual talents. On the other hand, I’m also a huge fan of seeing the actual girl next door getting banged on camera. Amateur porn has a certain realness that can’t be faked with all the money in the world. You won’t need any of the money in the world to watch Xtube, a free tube site specializing in homebrew fuck flicks.

Xtube is one of the big ones, so there’s a damn good chance you’ve already been shaking your dick at this mother lode of bedroom movies. There’s a first time for everything, though, which is what I often tell broads when I pull my camera out. This site’s great for fans of the genre, and exhibitionists will find a massive audience to watch them get pregnant on camera.

Dudes and Chicks Looking at Amateur Dudes and Chicks

Most porn sites assume you’re a straight dude. Some of you social justice warriors are already getting your fucking panties in a bunch about how women and fags like porn, too, but I’m not saying they don’t. I’m just saying that as a consumer base, classy lads like myself are consuming the most, and by a huge margin. That’s why porn sites that do have gay and tranny stuff often hide it by default and make you manually switch the site into gay-buttsex mode.

Xtube is inclusive as fuck, though. The front page loaded up and before I even had 10 seconds to look at it, I got a box covering the screen and asking my preferences. It assumes I’m a dude, but it also assumes I like men and women. Choose what you will, but I’m all about that poon.

(Oh, I found something for SJWs to complain about anyway. This site assumes there are only two genders, Male and Female. It’s an absolute travesty against the dozens of new gender identities invented in the last few years. Hell, apparently you can’t even be a regular old tranny searching for tranny porn on Xtube.)

The Pornhub of Amateur Porn

Man, this layout looks really familiar. Maybe it’s because it’s the typical free porn tube style. There’s a header with a search bar and some categories, and then a big wall of dirty thumbnails leading to dirty videos. Since Xtube is an amateur site, the blowjobs, anal movies and threesomes all have that rough, real look that you know and love.

There’s something even more familiar about it, though. I think it has something to do with the ad placement. Even though my spam blocker has kept the ad content from loading, there’s a big empty box taking up half the top of the page. I’ve seen that before, and there’s just this feeling I can’t shake.

Xtube looks and feels a lot like Pornhub, only full of DIY smut. The ‘Hub is one of the biggest, most recognizable and arguably best tube sites out there on the Internet. I assumed for a moment they were just one the thousands of imitators of the sex tube giant, but Xtube is even better. It’s spelled out at the very top of the screen, where you can find links to Xtube’s brothers and sisters among the Pornhub Network.

Say what you want about the big boys, there’s no denying they know how to serve up smut. You know, I figured there was some reason this site has been getting a consistent 50 million views a month. That’s strong as hell for a homemade porno site, which I guess is what you’d expect from the literal Pornhub of amateur sex films.

Real Girls Squirting Real Squirt

One of the great mysteries of our time is the enigma of female ejaculation. What the hell are those broads shooting out of their cooters? The deniers claim it’s just regular ol’ pee, while proponents claim it’s some entirely different fluid. Old folks don’t even believe it ever happens. I used to get in arguments with my grandma about it until she met a friend of mine. The video is actually on Xtube somewhere.

Now, I’m not one to shy away from any kind of incest porn, but I don’t know what Joe or Grandma go by on Xtube. It’s all good, though, because right at the top of the screen there’s a video called Jen Is Squirting Alot When John Is Dildo-fucking Her.

A little tag on the thumbnail tells me it’s only a 7-minute clip. That’s a pretty short sex scene, but short scenes are the norm here. The fake “amateur” movies the studios do are long because they have regular porn movie budgets and industrial quantities of Viagra. A lot of the clips on Xtube were shot without any kind of planning or preparation at all. To me, some of the best amateur stuff are those impromptu fuck sessions where some exhibitionist just happens to have their camera on them.

So what if it’s short, right? I bet you say that to bitches all the time. I clicked the thumbnail of the dude working the girl’s cunt, hoping to see the real version.

Xtube smacked me down with a message saying “Amateur Videos can be watched only by members.” I know for a fact that’s not fucking true, because I just watched a pink-haired beauty’s face get slammed onto a waiting boner and I never signed up. This particular video just costs money, and you have to be a member to buy it for two bucks.

Lesson learned: don’t click thumbnails with the Premium icon unless you want to login and spend some money. I spent the last of my paycheck one of those vacuum pumps to make my monster even bigger, so I’m staying in the free lane today. Fortunately, Xtube’s Squirt section is pretty fucking big. The vast majority of it is free.

Pay Money to Fully Unlock This Free Sex Tube

I was already kind of set on seeing a toy-induced shower of female ejaculate, so once I got to the Squirting aisle I went straight to a clip of a blonde with huge natural jugs and dildos in her pussy and ass.

And fuck! What do you know? Foiled again. This time, it wasn’t Xtube’s fault. It’s a really hot clip of a housewife banging herself, but she doesn’t actually squirt in the video. Her website address scrolls across the video, an invitation to come get a private show. She tagged it Squirt to lure in suckers.

The good thing is that the video plays just fine. I saw the flash of a pop-under before my spam plugin knocked it down, and then the clip started without any buffering at all. What did you expect from Pornhub, a busted server?

I’m obviously not going to have any complaints about the baked-in player, but I’m annoyed by what I find when I try to bump the video quality up past 480p. The HD resolutions require a VIP Gold membership, which costs at least $10 USD if you’re willing to buy a year. Regular price is $35 a month, which is a few bucks more than a standard porn site, and $35 more than you expect to pay for a free tube.

The most useful features for non-contributing Xtube subscribers are the HD videos, the video previews, and the ad-free viewing. The rest of the features will mostly appeal to people uploading their own amateur porn. VIP Gold members have unlimited messaging and can see who views their profiles, which really seems like it should be free for people feeding the site. The features that seem worth money are faster encoding and the ability to highlight their profile/videos.

Xtube is not without its faults. New users are going to be annoyed to run into paywalled content lumped in with the free stuff. The lack of HD clips for cheapskates sucks, too. Still, the site pulls in enough traffic that it’s an incredible source for free, genuine amateur porn. It’s got the Pornhub name behind it, which means they spent a lot of money building a site that runs easy as greasy feces. Xtube is among the top tier of amateur porn tubes.

ThePornDude likes Xtube's

  • Free and real amateur porn
  • Immense and growing collection
  • Literally the pornhub of homemade smut

ThePornDude hates Xtube's

  • Spam
  • Relatively short clips
  • Premium content disguised as free stuff
  • HD and other features required paid membership
  • (Free) sign-up required to download