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Updated on 05 February 2024
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You’d think that with how much the term “NSFW” is used on Reddit, after a while all of those skin colored posts full of flesh bags and shaved clams all just kind of blur the fuck together. And you’d be right because a lot of them do. That red box that’s outlining those 4 tasty letters on Reddit, trying to tell you that the content might upset your delicate sensibilities does the exact opposite for a lot of us, doesn’t it? Those dirty posts stick out to me just like they’re supposed to but I’m looking for them instead of avoiding them, they’re all big horny targets for my mouse. Even more so for me when I find that post-prude-ly labeled “not safe for work” is sitting pretty in the r/Realgirls subreddit.

How You Know If This Will Get Your Rocks Off

It’s all gonna come down to taste, you’ve got your kinks, I’ve got mine. And save for a couple of them chances are that like mine, your kinks deal with a lot of that sweet lady flesh. Not every NSFW subreddit is gonna cater to your pornographic needs, and no shit, they’re called tastes for a reason. There’s a bunch of different ones to choose from. The Realgirls subreddit is a buffet for a very delicious and specific kind of amateur porn.

That hot braless neighbor strolling out to get her mail in the morning? That army of College/University girls taking the stage in spring break or summer vacation getting wild in all the ways that matter? The attractive quiet bartender at your usual spot you steal glances at whenever you drink because secretly you can tell underneath her sports bra her tits are fucking huge? Real women out there getting hot and bothered in the world and grabbing a camera to record the experience for our viewing pleasure. That’s the ticket getting punched in the Realgirls Reddit, its one hell of a way to get your rocks off and why the hell would I be ashamed to admit it.

No Movie Magic Here

Doesn’t matter what you see, gif, pic, hot sweaty cell phone footage, it’s all fucking hot and that’s largely because it’s all fucking real. And let’s not kid ourselves here, you and I and everyone we know have been to that one particular porn site, to multiple porn sites really where you’ll see a video or a collection of some of the most ridiculous boner inducing shit and it’ll say “amateur” this or “first time” that. Like they’re expecting us to believe all these girls are 18 forever. Yeah, you’re still gonna be tugging it one way or the other because damn man, she’s still doing the job. But you know they’re getting paid for it, someone somewhere gave that bitch money and now she’s a professional and somehow that just doesn’t taste the same.

It’s about the amateur allure in Realgirls and boy do they allure. But more than that, you don’t have to feel fucking lied to when you’re in this subreddit. They’ve got rules here to make sure these girls’ posting aren’t just in it to further their career. I mean god love the professional porn stars the same way I do but some days I want to have a look under the hood of next door neighbor Nancy. That’s the kind of tits and ass this Reddit was made for so I appreciate the rules being enforced.

Getting Real Or Getting The Fuck Out

In the Realgirls subreddit, like r/gonewild and a few others I’m not gonna worry about here, if the girls want to keep getting naked and showing off all the tits and pussy they’d like for internet jerk offs like you and me they gotta prove that no one’s paying them to do it. They have to physically write down their username and the date on a piece of paper then crumple the thing up and take some more pictures of themselves in their birthday suit holding the thing. I don’t know how this manages to work but they manage somehow and it does, no complaints here. The moderators of the subreddit are keeping the bitches in line and somehow those rules they came up with screen the skanks the right way so they are not posting where they don’t belong.

I bet you’re wondering what you can really expect on a regular basis from this subreddit, like you’re worried about what kind of porn it might be and if it’s really worth your time to be jackin it here instead of somewhere else. Well, your heart’s in the right place but this is prime meat beating territory if ever there was a good place to get the job done. A lot of the shit is just solo girl stuff, you’re going to be seeing a lot of that. The skin of these skanks doesn’t glisten any harder than some cam-girl during an oil show but you can still count on them getting your rocks off either way because they don’t disappoint. The mods of the subreddit are really doing the lords work when they filter out all the uggos and dick disappointments before they ever see the light of your screen.

As for what I don’t like about the subreddit, it’s pretty much what I don’t like about most subreddits, they do a good job but even an army of moderators can’t filter out ALL the uglies. There’s nothing worse than scrolling down the list and after running a hard race with your dick in your hand you see the finish line to getting your rocks all the way off when up comes a 2 in the middle of all those 8s, 9s and 10s. Sure you have to respect the ugly bitch’s bravery but the r/gonewild subreddit has a much less strict screening policy and we all know it so it’s not too much to ask that certain girls get a fucking clue. I also don’t like this new body positive era we’re in, part of the moderation means they would take down my honest and completely accurate opinions on those 1s and 2s that try to sneak in past the guards. Instead, all you see is nothing but a bunch of body positive jack asses trying their best to make sure the girls that post don’t feel bad about their bodies instead of making the subreddit a better place and doing the opposite.

Fleshlight At The End Of The Tunnel

The bad apples don’t ruin the bunch though, if you want to put it to numbers for every 10 posts there are about 2-3 ugly bitches trying to ruin the mood with their post fat person surgery bodies and 7-8 good posts that are actually worth a damn. I’m not heavy into numbers and stats but the ratio is good enough that it’s easier to jerk-off in this subreddit than it would be without it. If you want a hint on how to deal with the few spoiled ones, there’s an option to stop seeing the content from those ass-ugly boner killing posts permanent like. You have to be brave and face the nightmare by clicking on the profile but as soon as you do there’s gonna be an option to silence that person forever. Meaning a little at a time you can clean up the feed and end up diamonds instead of limp dicked.

You know what another cool thing is that Reddit lets you do? You can Follow specific accounts on Reddit and make sure you never miss a post from any of them. So if there’s some super fine bitch posting on r/Realgirls and you see that most of her posts leave your dick screaming for more, that’s exactly what you can do. Give that profile a follow and never miss a post from the skank again. Realgirls is prime pussy real estate for finding the best of the best nudes when it comes to tits, ass an all the best poon to use in making your very own feed that much more of a masturbation aid.


So If I can leave you with anything, give this shit a try. There are not safe for work subreddits out there that are more laser focused in what kinks they’re showing ya, but the absolute variety of amateur quality smut on this one makes it a good all-purpose porn machine there to cater to every need your hard dick might have. And sure they’ve got ugly bitches yeah, but the number of 10s more than make up for the shit nuggets in the rough. They’ve got over 1.3 million members and at least a thousand people actively online at any given moment probably jerking just as hard as you are. So don’t be shy, for the most part, my dick doesn’t discriminate and I don’t think yours will either, these girls are real and so is that stiffy down below you got because of them.

ThePornDude likes RealGirls's

  • Constant stream daily of fresh amateur porn
  • Each girl you see is real, out and about in the world living a normal life and showing her kinky pink side only for us to see
  • Mods are the bouncers at the door keeping the uggos out for the most part so our viewing experience doesn’t suffer
  • The girls are eager to please, the more you praise them the more they post, only really is a good thing when we’re talking about the good looking ones.

ThePornDude hates RealGirls's

  • Uggos still manage to make their way into the subreddit sometimes
  • The comments for uggos are full of lies and fat enabling garbage, encouraging them to post more
  • The real top tier pussy posters aren’t professional so finding more of that platinum standard girl you found is hard if they don’t post more in the subreddit
  • There isn’t a lot of variety basically just nude mirror selfies or regular nude selfies