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Updated on 05 February 2024
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As you may know my disciples, I’ve probably seen more porn tube sites than a typical gynecologist sees vaginas in the course of his career. And like a gynecologist, most of the stuff I see ain’t exactly up to snuff. Sure, finding decent tubes isn’t that hard, but locating the good ones can be a bit tough.

However, as you’ve probably noted by looking over this site, I am no quitter. I’ve put in the time and effort dammit and found a few of the standout tube platforms which provide quality sex content in high definition and without any charge. One of these sites is Porn HD.

Besides presenting what seems like a lifetime of porn for free, this tube has an array of unique features which you literally aren’t going to find anywhere else. Think I’m bullshitting? Well, read the rest of my review, or check out the rest of the site, or, better yet, do both…in reverse order that is.

Seriously though, this website offers a lot even when compared to premium tube sites. So, if want to know exactly why I am so giddy over this site, here are just a few reasons…

It Sports Superior Design…

When it comes to a website’s layout, I prefer them the way I like my blowjobs: simple but sweet. Okay, that is a lie. I love my BJs to be sloppy, long and involved affairs, but I do like my fan mail to be that way – short and to the point without any extra fluff to get in the way of the point.

Anyway, this tube has a pleasant layout which is technically minimalist but doesn’t skimp on any of the things that a free porn platform should have. By that, I’m referring to the clear presentation of a proper menu, video clip squares with active thumbnails, trending search terms found at the bottom, and a minimal amount of ads.

Since an off white background is used with a black, blue and reddish colored font you’ll have no problem making heads or tails of what you are looking at. To sum up, just like the videos it hosts, Porn HD is a tube site which has been stripped down to its bare essentials and it’s fucking beautiful that way.

…There Are A Fuck Ton Of Fun Features…

Click on a video, and you’ll see exactly what you should on a tube site – a movie ready to play (without being distracted by ads on it) along with the option to download, share, or report it if need be, and a series of other video recommendations below that. Unlike a lot of other tube sites, every video you’re going to see is in high def which puts Porn HD near the top. But unlike every other tube site that I know of, this tube has a feature which puts it well above the top and launches it into the stratosphere.

A lot of tubes tag their videos, place them in a category, or do both. But Porn HD has its videos so thoroughly categorized that you can select a panoply of porn which has the same type of content with a single click of the mouse right below the video.

To put It another way, when you open a video on Porn HD you’ll see a series of descriptors which showcase what you are going to see in the video. For instance, I recently watched a video starring Vanna Bardot in which she seduced some dude by licking a hotdog and ended up sucking and then riding his cock until he rode her doggy style and blew a load all over her. The descriptors below the video detailed all of that and more including the fact that Bardot has reddish hair in the vid, her pussy is shaved and other neat details.

And to make things better, all of these detailed descriptors are links to other videos which have the same labeled content. How often do you see that on any porn site, let alone a tube site?

Moving on, to make a system like that work, every single video is well tagged and categorized. And like a good tube, the videos have good titles which describe what you are going to see in the Queen’s English and without unnecessary keyword stuffing.

…The Talent Cums In Every Color, Size, and Shape…

Speaking of stuffing, this website is packed with a variety of girls. And with the advanced search features, it’s so easy to find the kind of talent that you are looking for. After all, just look at the homepage, and you’ll see a series of clickable links like Teen, MILF, Lesbian, Big Tits, and all of you favorite category of woman.

On top of that, by clicking on the Channel link, you’ll see a series of links to dozens of clips from premium porn sites. And yes, they are all properly categorized and updated regularly. Such channels include Mofos, Reality Kings, Vixen, Naughty America, Casting Cough (HD), and one of my favorites Brazzers.

…You Can Upgrade To A Primo Prime Account…

Like other tubes, this site is completely free to use and get an account with, but if you want to enhance your experience, even more, upgrade to Prime. With a Porn HD Prime account, you get exclusive access to 4,000 more videos without having to put up with any ads anywhere on the screen and in HD.

Like the rest of the site, new videos for Prime members are being added all of the time, and unlike other tubes, becoming an exclusive member is actually pretty cheap. In fact, getting a monthly subscription is only $9.99. Or if you want to pay for an entire year, your plan breaks down to just $4.99 a month.

Not sure if you want to commit a lot of money to get the convenience of exclusive HD porn without ads? Then try a trial membership for two days. It’ll only cost you about three bucks, but I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

…And Even Enjoy Live Sex Shows

What is a tube site without a link to a complimentary cam show? Well, the webmasters at Porn HD have left no virtual stone unturned and included a link to a live cam site. In fact, the cam subsection is unique to this website, so even more kudos to said webmasters.

The girls are, of course, beautiful but also can fulfill every sexual fantasy you’ve ever had. How can I possibly say such a grandiose thing? Well, for one, the girls on this site come from every corner of the globe and thus represent every tint and body type when it comes to human diversity. So, you’re going to see girls who everything from dark chocolate to vanilla to strawberry colored and every flavor in between. Further, these girls have a variety of endowments from small but supple tits to big ass breasts and those seemingly rare but perfect taught and well-rounded breasts.

Of course, since you’re seeing them on a webcam your focus bound to be on their tits. The rest of their bodies are fantastic as well. I’d recommend checking it out for yourself, but there are girls who have wonderfully wide hips, lovely legs, luscious lips, and other features you’re going to love.

Those are just a few of the reasons you should check out Porn HD. In a market saturated with mediocrity, it’s nice to finally find a website that stands out.

And there are only a few things that I don’t like about the site, or rather, I think should be changed. Like virtually all of the tubes, you will have to put up with ads even if you have good advert blocker software. Even then though, I do have to tip my hat Porn HD’s webmasters for placing the commercial content in sensible, non-distracting locations and not plastering them all over the video itself or allowing pop-ups to appear on their site.

The other big complaint I have is the lack of community promoting features. There is no interactive comment’s section, and thus no amusing, poorly written horndog comments or convos about how hot the performers are. Further, there isn’t a forum, sex story page, or anything like that. While you can ‘like’ a video, there’s no way of downvoting a video or leaving any sort of feedback.

Lastly, there is a weird link to a digital casino next to the Live Sex-link. If you click on it, you are taken to a sign-up page which offers what is supposed to be a steal on joining Bit Starz. I’m not sure why it’s there other than to make Porn HD money, but I’d just avoid it.

As I brought up earlier, this site is free to use and join, and the premium account doesn’t cost too much either.

All things considered, I give Porn HD a hearty four out of five hands and my personal blessing. Enjoy it yourself now and wank plenty of times in peace.

ThePornDude likes PornHD's

  • Tons of quality videos, many of which are in HD – impressive for a tube site
  • The site’s design is far better than more of the porn tube clones out there
  • Free content (!) – need I say anything else?

ThePornDude hates PornHD's

  • You’ll have to deal with adverts here and there
  • There aren’t any community features like a comment’s section
  • There is a weird online casino link which isn’t erotic or fun to play