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Updated on 15 January 2022
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HBrowse- such an amazing porn site for a boring name. Then again, the no-nonsense approach to hentai doujins fits the boring name perfectly.

HBrowse is a hentai manga and doujin site that is so free of bullshit that I don’t even want to call it a porn site. While typical porn sites have you dodging banner ads, closing pop-ups, and dealing with random censorships/restricted content, HBrowse bares it all like the school slut who gives every guy a freebie.

This place has one of the biggest hentai manga collections I’ve seen. All the major fetishes like school, huge tits, sci-fi, monsters, and more are featured here. You’ll also get all the taboo shit like loli and incest, in an era where many hentai sites are starting to censor it due to ad shit.

HBrowse features a pretty awesome tag system that is supported by its loyal use base. Each manga comes with dozens of tags across major categories which include Genre, Type, Setting, Fetish, and a lot more.

There’s also an advanced browsing feature where you have hundreds of tags to filter through an include/exclude feature.

Ironically, the worst thing about HBrowse is the search function. First of all, for some crazy idea they decided to make the search bar hard to find. It works fine since the site has such a rich tag system, but make sure you look under Browse to find it. To me, this is an example where HBrowse is trying too hard to look modern and minimalist. Don’t make it hard to find a basic function that 99.999% of fappers use and depend on. It’s just bad business.

Anyway, there’s not much else to criticize about HBrowse. This is a truly awesome fucking site that only seems to get income through the Adfly download portals which aren’t even that bad to go through.

Rule 34 is another highlight of HBrowse. I don’t know why, but the site doesn’t have a way to browse through parody, but if you use the search function you’ll find all your favorite series well-represented. Naruto, One Piece, Final Fantasy, and pretty much all other anime/videogame series are featured here.

Meanwhile, you won’t find any Western parodies or comics. Sorry, no fapping to Family Guy or the Simpsons here. This isn’t a knock on HBrowse, since I can always respect a porn site that stays in its own lane.

There’s also a growing community here with a nice little forum. You can find user uploaded content for not just manga, but games, pics, and video as well. It’s a little secret that this is one of the best places to find adult game downloads.

So simple yet so good

HBrowse is like a bitch who doesn’t need to act sexy cause she knows she has a tight little pussy. She knows that she has that good sugar wall, and she’ll let that vag speak for itself like a real bitch.

When you first enter HBrowse, you’ll see a quick site description followed by a gallery of the latest updates. There is also a big list of categories that you can click on to sort the hentai mangas.

Each update in the gallery shows the title and categories along with a sample page. Sadly, these pages can be too small to get a good idea of what the art and plot is, so you might want to zoom in or just start clicking around.

At the bottom of the gallery, there’s also a small text link to view the Full Update List. This just expands the gallery into a text only list where you’ll be given the title, categories, and update date. You also get direct links to the manga’s info, download, and online reader that’s really convenient.

At the bottom of the page is a small little request for users to help out the site. If you love HBrowse, you can help out by joining the staff (volunteers only) or reporting errors and making suggestions.

At the top of the page is the main menu items which include Menu, Browse, About, and Forum.

The Menu link opens up a cool little grid of links that you can use by either clicking on the box or by pressing the key as shown. For example, pressing “w” or “up arrow” on your keyboard will take you to the mangas that were most recently updated.

Once you get these keys memorized, you can browse HBrowse at lightning speed. Keyboard shortcuts are always way faster than mouse clicks once you get used to them. There are also links to categories, most popular, saved, random, and search. This is probably the easiest way to access the search bar.

Speaking of which, you might notice that the main page doesn’t actually have a search bar. You can find the search bar either through this Menu, or by clicking Browse.

The Browse link can be clicked on, or you can mouse over it for a variety of options. You can sort the porn by artist, popularity, genre, relationship, whether there are guys or girls, and a lot more. At the bottom, you’ll see links to the search bar as well as Advanced Browsing. Advanced Browsing is a crazy ass function where HBrowse throws you hundreds of categories you include or exclude. So let’s say you want to see fully colored hentai, but want to ignore the shota crazy shit. Then just click on the include button next to fully colored, and then the exclude button next to shota.

Ta-da, perfect search results every time.

The About link lets you see HBrowse’s missions statement, staff openings, and a lot more random stuff. If you’re just here to fap, you can ignore all this shit.

Finally, there is the forum. The forum isn’t too active yet, with most subforums having less than a thousand posts. You mostly just want to come here for the download links.

When a site tries too hard

HBrowse works hard to be a “next-gen” minimalist porn site, but sometimes they take the idea too far. I really don’t like that they don’t feature the search bar, instead deciding to bury it under the Browse tab with like 10 other links.

It’s dumb because who the fuck doesn’t use the search bar for ANY porn site? I know why they did this too. It’s called Head Up Your Own Ass syndrome.

HBrowse wants to try so hard to look minimalist, that they make this key feature fucking hard and annoying to find. It’s sad because the search bar actually works really well.

The point is, don’t let your ideas and concepts get in the way of actually making a good site. There is no excuse to not having a good search bar displayed on every page.

What I Like HBrowse is easily one of the best hentai manga and doujin sites on the web.

I always appreciate a porn site with no ads. Well, that’s not entirely true because the manga downloads go through an Adfly portal, but browsing and reading comics is entirely ad-free.

The site also gives easy instructions on how to make Adfly as painless as possible (basically, be patient, and don’t click on anything other than the download button after the countdown).

There is also plenty of Rule 34. As a porn site veteran, I can always tell how much Rule 34 content a site has based on how many results come up for certain series. HBrowse has one of the biggest collections I’ve seen.

You won’t have to worry about missing your favorite character getting raped and violated in all kinds of ways.

The layout and browsing is top-tier. HBrowse put a ton of effort into making it easy, and I can tell this site was built by some high IQ fuckers.

It’s too bad that these guys decided to focus on making a great porn site rather than some shit like curing cancer, because they are some smart motherfuckers.

What I Hate

There isn’t much to nag about here. The only thing I don’t like is that they make the search bar annoying to get to. If you aren’t familiar with HBrowse, you probably can’t find the search bar without some effort.

Just remember, you can access it through the Home navigation bar, or under the Browse menu.

Just a beautiful little porn site

I really love HBrowse, and consider it one of the best porn manga sites on the web.

No ads anywhere. Tons of Rule 34. Great browsing functions. Easy ZIP and PDF downloads.

Seriously, what more can you ask for? I just pray that they never sell out. This is an awesome site that is growing and getting better every single day. Sure, it kind of sucks that they don’t also support Western or webcomics, but I respect that they stick to their Japanese manga niche.

For now, you don’t need much more than HBrowse for all your hentai doujin needs. Just don’t forget to thank me for bringing it to you.

ThePornDude likes HBrowse's

  • No ads other than Adfly
  • Tons of smart browsing options

ThePornDude hates HBrowse's

  • Hentai manga only, no western comics
  • Uses Adfly for downloads