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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Play Vids! Ah yes, porntubes, the brick-layed bread and butter building blocks of the internet porn industry. When I was a kid, people used to get their hands on internet porn mostly from p2p sharing services like Kazaa, which is a very ancient and essentially primitive practice by now in its own right. Nowadays, we’ve got everything we want with porn – it’s a booming industry with many fresh new faces pouring into it every year who to give us what we crave for most: ass, titties, and pussy.

It wasn’t long ago that the classic porntube-style porn websites started becoming a hit on the internet. By 2015 everyone who went on the internet looking for porn was opening up sites like XNXX, XHamster, YouJizz, PornHub, and RedTube. But nowadays there are even more of those porntubes around, and a lot of them, despite being high in quality, don’t receive the attention they ought to be. PlayVids is one example – it’s a great porntube that offers countless content options that you can watch in HD for free all day, but you’ve probably never heard of it.

But why should you have heard of it? What differentiates PlayVids from the rest? Well, not much, but it works fast, and all of its videos are in HD. It also has plenty of categories and tags available as content sorting options, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to boil down to even the most specific XXX video on here no matter what it is. But the real prize is its unique algorithm, which delivers a fresh, new content experience that you definitely haven’t experienced before on other more popular porntubes like XVideos and PornHub.

PlayVids may just look like another brick in the porntube wall, but its video sorting algorithm, as well as its overall UX/UI aspect, is, dare I say, one of the best I’ve ever seen on a porntube. Let me break down all the fine and not-so-fine points and highlights of this site and help you determine whether or not you’d like to spend time on it.

Good News: The Videos Open On This Actual Website

A lot of the times, when I stumble upon one of these kinds of websites, I get lured in by a certain video thumbnail that features some girl on it who steals my heart. But then I get heart-broken when I proceed to open the video because it redirects me to another website where most of the time, the video’s either completely missing or doesn’t to play. That’s definitely not the case here, though – not only is this website super easy to use with a smooth design and a minimalist interface, but all of its videos actually open up on it. And even better – they can all be played in HD because the video players here have built-in quality options that let you tweak the quality from 144p all the way to that grand slammin’ 1080p. Did I also mention that this site has no ads at all?

See What’s Trending

As soon as you enter this white-background website, you’re greeted with a large selection of videos that you can pretty much watch until you die. There’s literally nothing stopping you from taking amphetamines and masturbating to like 100 videos in a day until your dick becomes a toothpick – except, of course, common sense regarding your health and not wanting your dick to become a toothpick. All the videos you see on this website upon entry are its “trending” videos, which means that for whatever reason, they’re the videos that have the most buzz. That “trending” factor could be a large spike of views that they’ve recently garnered, or they might have just been opened recently by one person. It doesn’t really matter since they will always be essentially random to an outside visitor.

Or Maybe You Have Something In Mind?

If you were thinking about actually choosing something on the site to watch and please yourself to and actually had some kind of porn theme kind or fetish in mind, then you’ll want to head over to the categories section. PlayVids here, like all good porntubes, has pretty much every possible kink, fetish, theme, or other miscellaneous thing you can put into a category added onto its category section. This site’s categories range from pure vanilla stuff like blowjobs and threesomes all the way to gaping, insertion, peeing, insemination, humiliation, and so on. It doesn’t have scat, but it has plenty of hardcore and alternative stuff to keep even the horniest of perverted porn addicts busy for hours and hours.

The SideBar Shows You All The Most Popular Stuff On the Site

The left-hand side of the website has a little sidebar that can be opened to reveal all the most popular things on the website. Now you might think that “things” on this website just boil down to videos, but you’re wrong. Not only does this sidebar show you the top 5 most popular categories on this site, but it also shows you the top 5 most popular channels as well as the top 5 most popular pornstars. It’s refreshing to see a porntube with so many means of content organization and separation like PlayVids has here. I’ve honestly had enough of badly-designed porntubes made so that their ads catch my attention more than their content does.

Check Out The Channels

The channels here are as you would expect of a good porntube: They’re basically playlists of videos made by one XXX studio. So for example, if you’ve got a thing for daddies and big stepbrothers ramming small petite teenies, then you can have a total ball on the “SisLovesMe” channel. Or if you’re into girls in office clothes and stockings getting the absolute living shit fucked out of them by a 12-inch meat rod POV style, then the “PropertySex” channel is right up your alley. Think of this site’s “Channels” section as a combination between a “Playlists” and “Categories” section.

There’s Also a Resident Pornstar Section

Ah yes, who can forget the resident pornstar section. Now, if you’ve read some of my reviews before then, you’ll know that I have a thing for pornstar sections that actually include profiles of the pornstars they’ve cataloged that contain in-depth information in them. Like for example, if I’m a lonely guy who can’t get a date and have the tendency to develop a pretend e-crush with a pornstar, then I would definitely appreciate opening up the profile of a certain Sunny Leone or Gina Valentina and using the information provided to role-play myself into a pretend sex session. It might sound weird, but I know that a lot of people (especially the Porn Geek) do it regularly. Honestly, if you can raid dungeons in World of Warcraft all day, then you definitely have the imagination and aptitude necessary to have pretend internet porn girlfriends too.

PlayVids is made to be accessed by phones just as well as it’s made to be accessed by computers. I mean, it is 2020, and even though the world is totally heading for an environmental and economical collapse, at least you can go on a porn website like PlayVids here from your phone and open up a video on it in less than a minute. I’m willing to bet that a lot of people living today sneak away at bathrooms from annoying parties, events, and even their workplaces just so they can crank one out quickly and relieve some stress.

ThePornDude likes PlayVids's

  • A very solid porntube all around
  • Optimized for smartphones
  • Contains great content organization options

ThePornDude hates PlayVids's

  • Pornstar profiles aren’t filled with bios
  • The visual aspect of this site is kind of bland
  • Site doesn’t focus too much on amateur content