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Updated on 15 January 2022
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r/nsfw_gifs/! Let me begin by first cautioning all you sick fucks not to visit this site at work as the content has no preamble and dives right into straight-up porn from the first page. Of course, this doesn’t apply to you if you are into getting down and dirty with your boss, as one of the gifs I came across the site depicts so erotically. You might expect gifs to be tame in terms of sexual explicitness but believe me; the ones you will find on this site are anything but tame.

A New Approach to Serving Erotic Content

Have you ever wondered if there was an avenue for girls, and sometimes women of the older generation to freely express their sexuality all neatly organized for your fapping needs? I mean where you will get straight chicks getting a good ramming in their cunts, adventurous chicks getting their ass fucked real good, or young female employees living out their lesbian sexual fantasies with their lady bosses? I mean, basically girls acting on their greatest erotic fantasies and presenting them neatly for your viewing and masturbating pleasure. If you have, then www.reddit.com/r/nsfw_gifs/ might just be the right place for you.

This site has a very large variety of gifs with a broad sample of content. There are hot young girls exploring their sexual preferences, hot sexy ladies exposing their best angles of boobs and asses for your enjoyment, professional porn actors, and models whose videos have been distilled to precise gifs for the quick jerk off fix you sick pervs need. There is also quite a bit of older women gifs for you milf loving freaks. As for niche, the content is quite sparse on kinky material so any of you with a taste for sick shit will have to search elsewhere. The beauty of gifs is their brevity and getting to the intended point without wasting your precious time. This is especially useful if you only have a few minutes to get your rocks off and get back to your income-generating activities or whatever the fuck it is that you do for your country. The gifs run for an average of slightly below one minute and are edited to show the best parts of the porn video they are form (when the gif is from a porn movie) or the most erotic scenes of coitus. You will probably have bust your nuts by the second page of the site and be on your way.

I was personally disappointed by the absence of ebony and multiracial honeys on the site. I’ve always found their voluminous busts and butts a must-have for a complete porn experience. I didn’t come across a single gif of multiracial bitches in the site and began to wonder if it was an intentional exclusion on the site administrator’s part, but this is not the forum of such a discussion and I’d better save that for another day.

Most of you, if not all of you, out there are on social media and are quite familiar with the typical layout of these subreddits. Nsfw gifs, being a subreddit, has a similar layout to these sites. The posts are organized in an orderly fashion and are quite easy to navigate. They are categorized into different groupings such as hot, new, controversial, top and rising. There is also an option to sort the posts out chronologically.

A Ton Fuck of Uninterrupted Amateur Dirty Content

A big plus for the site is the absence of ads! You know the ones that try to get you to buy that wonder drug that magically makes your dick huge overnight yet we all know you are comfortable with the size of your manhood. Or the ones that promise you hot horny bitches just waiting for you to screw them yet its just another way to get you to part with your hard-earned cash for practically nothing in exchange. Can these advertising executives get any more monotonous? Honestly speaking, the add free layout makes for a satisfying viewing experience, allowing you to focus on the very sexy bitches on the site so that you to reach your climax without any distractions to the matter at hand.

The site has over seven hundred thousand members who appreciate good porn voting for the content rating. This, I think, contributes to the good quality and variety of content I’ve come across on the site. One has the option of viewing the gifs in standard definition or high definition. You can also share the gifs with your fucking friends or whomever you like on facebook, twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

To be able to comment or send feedback to the site one has to register to be a member of the subreddit which I found to be a downer for the site. All in all the precise nature of the content and the variety of porn sources, albeit lacking in multiracial women, provides for an entertaining and fap-worthy site.


I must say there’re several things that I really like about the site. For starters, the posts are brief and to the point, providing good content for the time-conscious client. There is also a wide variety of posts guaranteed to meet most of the average porn consumer needs. There are no annoying ads to distract you from enjoying you viewing experience, which is great because those pop-up ads tend to be a real turn off. The variety of hot young girls exploring their sexual fantasies, hot sexy bitches showcasing their best angles of booty and titties, professional porn models, and models whose videos have been sorted out to precise gifs for the quick jerk off fix is another awesome aspect of the site.


While there’s a lot of features I like about this subreddit, I found a couple of issues that were sort of a letdown. The lack of multiracial porn is a big downer for the site, especially if you are the kind of person who gets your porn fix by watching some multiracial erotic action. Secondly, there is no kinky content, which would have been nice even if it was available and had a warning before granting you access. Lastly, the length of most of the videos is quite brief and you won’t find any long movies here. The gifs run for an average of slightly below one minute, which means you have to watch several of them to get satisfied.

Suggestions from The PornDude

There are several things that the creators of this site can do to make it more appealing for the seasoned porn connoisseur. To start with, they should include or allow some multiracial content to cater for a broader variety of racial/ethnic groups. In fact, some more sentimental people might misconstrue the site to be downright racist. Secondly, they should allow some more hardcore content on the site. Personally, the hardcore action bis what excites my passions for erotic content. Thirdly, the site could do a lot better with some longer videos. I mean, the approximately one-minute long clips are good for the average porn consumer, but the more seasoned consumers will only get satisfied with longer clips.

A Final Take from The PornDude!

As much as there is a shitload of free porn content out there nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to get good quality porn that does not ask for payment. If you do find good quality porn for free, the site will probably spam you with so many adds that you might end up lost in a rabbit hole for from what you actually wanted to browse through. This will not happen as NSFW gifs is totally add free. How they manage to pull that off is a secret I want in on too.

ThePornDude likes NSFW_GIFS's

  • The absence of ads
  • The orderly presentation of the site
  • The variety of content

ThePornDude hates NSFW_GIFS's

  • The lack of multiracial and ebony chicks
  • The requirement of registration for commenting rights on gifs