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Updated on 15 January 2022
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My Free Paysite! Some sites are designed to give you amazing content, while others are created to give you information instead. I’d say that myfreepaysite is a little bit of both, although the site itself does not really have content, which is a bit odd if you ask me. I already know that you will not like how this place looks, but you are bound to love the sites it has suggested.

Oof, that design is not doing it for me.

I must say this, but what the fuck is up with that design? They could have created something that at least looks decent. I understand that is just a site that offers a couple of links, but that should not stop them from looking decent. I am not really sure what the fuck this is supposed to be.

All you have is a small square of white and then the purple background and links in the middle. Is that really the best you lads could have done? Visit any other website, and it will basically look much better than myfreepaysite… This place looks worse than the beginning of MySpace, and that should really say a fucking lot.

I think that that might just be the biggest issue I have with this place. No matter how simple a site is, creating an aesthetically pleasing place is really not that fucking difficult, now is it? I’d tell you to take your time and explore, but honestly, there is nothing to be explored. Everything it has to offer; I shall nicely mention… and believe me, you are better off reading my review than checking out the site first.

You might have already heard about MyFreePaySite

Are there any OGs reading this? I am sure that you are somewhere out there, and that means that you probably know that MyFreePaySite did not always look as shitty, right? It was a rather popular site with many different options, but now it is just a school project for all the amateur programmers… at least that is how it looks like.

Don’t get me wrong, it still had the horrible purple background in the past, but everything else looked 90% better as well. Currently, many have probably passed through the site, thinking it was just an ad or whatever the fuck, but it is not. They offer some free cam places, dating websites, and similar shit. I am sure that the links they have will also be rather familiar., what’s that all about?

One of the first sites this place has to offer is called MyFreeCams, and that place basically speaks for itself. I am pretty sure that you already heard about this place here or there… I mean, it is pretty popular. It is a webcam site with loads of gorgeous women, dudes, and trannies, and they are all free cams you can check out.

I am assuming that you know how the camming system works, with the currency, paying for sex acts, calling babes into a private session, and so on. My favorite bit about this place is probably the fact that they have filter search options… I mean, we all have different tastes when it comes to our fapping material, so it is much easier to find your poison here.

Let’s also not forget that for some reason, MyFreePaySite has this site linked in the biggest way possible. It will clearly be the first thing that you see and probably click on. Then again, what is there not to appreciate about a good webcam website? If you are interested in this place more, you can check out my review on it instead.

More cam links…

Below that hugeass link, you will have more webcam links. The first one is called 18toPlay, and again it is a site that basically speaks for itself. There is a chance that you have not heard bout this place before, but it does have that familiar feel to it… which is never a good thing. Oh well, it ain’t that bad, it just ain’t that popular either.

The second, or well third, webcam site is called Flirt4Free, and I am pretty sure you’ve seen this place many times. They like to advertise themselves everywhere, but at least they get a lot of users daily. This place is known for offering some of the hottest sluts out there and great webcam options in general. So, I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Then you have the, a site that could not have a simpler name. Again, it ain’t as popular as some other websites, but it does have a lot of great webcams shows that I am sure you will enjoy watching. At this point, it all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard… right?

They also link to LiveJasmin, but that link does not work. However, I am pretty sure that you already know about the site, especially if you are a webcam lunatic. The next section on MyFreePaySite will link to the model page of MyFreeCams, which is a good selection of women who are ready to spread their love on the internet by spreading their legs. Simple as that.

And more links…

After that, you have a site called AEBN, which was rather confusing at first. This place offers a lot of premium porn videos that you can purchase. So, instead of subscribing to a whole network just for a couple of videos, you can purchase that shit here. The prices are not even that bad, although I think that you might get more out of network subscriptions… but whatever.

The site works in a very simple way, you have all the shit listed, and you choose what you want to watch. The videos will tell you where they are from, what you can expect in the movie, the stars, categories, running time, and so on. You will also get to see some screenshots, and the majority of the movies will include trailers.

I found a lot of great premium porn movies here, but since I have access to a majority of porn networks, I did not really purchase this crap. However, I can assure you that the purchases are safe, just make sure that you read and watch out for the cross pre-checked sales since we all know that porn websites just love to do that. Oh yeah, it is also worth the mention that you will have to register to view all of this shit.

The next link called is basically the same shit. You have loads of premium porn videos listed, and you get to choose and view whatever makes your dick hard. Of course, you will only get access to the trailers, since if you want to view the full crap, you will have to register.

They had videos from some of the most popular industries, such as Reality Kings, Fake Taxi, Brazzers, and so on. I also appreciated the fact that they had a section dedicated to the models if you already have a favorite pussy, and you prefer to purchase her movies instead. At this point, what you choose to do all depends on you.

Some links do not work

As I have already mentioned, there were some links that do not work, including the last link for Adult Friend Finder. In case you are searching for a sexting or real-life sex buddy, you might be interested in checking out AdultFriendFinder. This place is very straightforward, and I think one could say it works the same as Facebook.

However, it is a lot dirtier. You get to post your own dirty images and videos, make friends, chat, share shit on your wall, and so on. It is quite fun for those who would like to meet new people to chat with… and again, if you are interested in the site, you can check out the review on The Porn Dude instead.

IS it really worth it?

Well, I do think that looks like garbage, but the links they do offer will take you to great websites. In a sense, there are other places that do the same shit, they just look better than MyFreePaySites, and that is why nobody is talking about them being garbage.

This way, I saved you the trip to MyFreePaySites as you already know the links it has to offer, and you can check them out on your own. Of course, the site is free since there is literally nothing, they can charge you for. So, if you want, check it out, and if you do not, don’t. Simple.

ThePornDude likes MyFreePaysite's

  • Free website
  • It used to work great
  • Good links

ThePornDude hates MyFreePaysite's

  • Only links
  • They did not update in a while