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Updated on 05 February 2024
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DaftSex Anal

DaftSex Anal

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DaftSex has been around a few years, but it’s just recently becoming more and more popular. It was made by a group of Russians, and unlike most of the up and coming porn sites out there, it focuses more on pro stuff than self-uploaded amateur sex-tapes. If you need the real stuff, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re a fan of the big studios or even a few famous pornstars in particular, you may have just found your new favorite porn site.

The Russian influence in DaftSex’s creation is obvious when you’re scanning the Anal Page. Many of the videos have Russian in their titles: ПОРНО appears commonly, and my years of dedicated education (i.e. common sense) have led me to believe that this means nothing more than porno. The title definitely came from a Russian—what exactly is daft here? And the use of English on the site’s FAQ could be better, but what the fuck are you doing reading the FAQ? Click a video, pull your pants down, grab on, and start yanking. It’s not rocket science.

And hey, if the Ruskies can manage to source all of these beautiful babes taking it in the ass without asking for a penny from you and me, maybe it’s time that we look past our differences. You’re offering me an HD video of Adriana Chechik’s asshole being abused for half an hour straight? For free? What Cold War?

The videos are truly where DaftSex Anal shines through. This is some good shit. I’m not entirely sure where they’re sourcing the stuff (even though I sacrificed a few minutes of my jerk-off time to read the FAQ), but whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it right). Click around for a while and you’ll find that there isn’t a bad video in the bunch. The girls are hot, the camera-work is adequate, and the quality is fantastic—even the ones that aren’t technically HD are good enough to see what’s going on, since the men lucky enough to get paid to fuck girl’s asses have dicks about five times the size of yours.

Even the short ones are a good twenty minutes long, so with your stamina, you should only need about a quarter of a video. And with videos being uploaded any day, you really won’t need to go anywhere else for anal porn, unless you’re cumming about every five minutes (but we both know you couldn’t keep up with that, you’d have actual human girls interested in you if you had that superpower).

Not Winning Any Design Awards

The site itself is a little bit barebones, but it gets the job done. Once it loads you’ll see possibly the happiest view you’ll ever find—as many hot young women with fat cocks in their asses as will fit on your screen. Each one has a title, but most of them are limited to the pornstar’s name, so you’re going to be relying on the thumbnails for the most part. Mouse over and you’ll instantly get a video preview of some of the video’s highlights, as well some basic information about the video: when it was uploaded, how many people have seen it, and the length. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get you going.

The search functions kind of fall short. There aren’t any tags, the filters don’t do much, and you can only search based on the video title. If you’re looking for a specific pornstar, you’ll be fine, but if you want something else you should probably give up hope. I know you have plenty of practice doing that in the rest of your life, so that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Pick whatever video gets you hard and you’ve got another simple but sufficient page. You’ve got a pause and play button and volume slider. You have a download button, which we’ll discuss in more detail later, a quality adjustment button, and a button to make it full screen. It’s not a lot, but it’s what you need. If you can’t look past that and focus on the screaming slut taking a cock that’s as wide as her leg right up her asshole, you’ve got bigger issues.

One handy feature that isn’t on most sites is the checkbox to only look at videos that are in HD. If you’re some young kid who doesn’t remember what porn was like back in the good old days of the Wild West of the internet, this will protect your virgin eyes from pixels and distortion and ensure that you never find out. But it also comes in handy if you just want to make things as photorealistic as possible, so you can immerse yourself in the action and pretend that you’re really there rather than alone with your cock in your hand on a Friday night. The site works just as well on mobile—you’ve basically got the same stuff, but on a smaller screen. So when the girl next to you at the supermarket has an ass that’s too big in jeans that are too small, you can sneak off into the bathroom and blow your load with the help of DaftSex’s Anal videos after she notices you staring just a little bit too long.

Popups and Popunders and Ads, Oh My

There’s one thing that almost completely turned me away from DaftSex. Yeah, their selection of professional ass-fucking films seems like it would make the site an instant win, but once you start using the site you’ll see what I mean.

The ads. Oh God, the ads. I recognize that DaftSex can’t share their treasures with us out of the goodness of their heart, but there needs to be some balance. You won’t find that here right off the bat. Every single thing you click on brings up a full-page pop-up ad. Every video, every change of category, every search. Usually, a few sidebar ads don’t bother me, but this is excessive.

Thankfully, there is an incredibly simple workaround to this problem, so it won’t ruin your enjoyment of the site. Again, I uncovered this solution while reading the site’s FAQ. I’m like a fucking archaeologist, unearthing artifacts for the benefit of mankind. Just make an account. It’s free, and it eliminates all of the ads. Well, the FAQ says it makes it so that “the advertising will be less,” but I was able to bust a nut before I saw another one, so I know you won’t have a chance of running into any.

Protecting Your Keepsakes

I mentioned earlier that DaftSex Anal features a download button on every single video. We need to spend a bit more time focusing on how wonderful this is. I’m not going to come out and accuse the fine people who run this establishment of doing anything that’s not above board, but I’m slightly suspicious about whether or not the content producers have been fully compensated for the videos that appear here. Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t.

But the point I’m trying to make is that internet porn doesn’t last forever. If you’re a seasoned masturbator, and I know you are, you’ll know that videos disappear sometime. It’s like losing a loved one unexpectedly. You’ve been with them for years, they’re a huge part of your life, and then one day they’re just gone.

You cry. You mount a search effort. You beg God for their return. But it’s no use. They’re gone forever, and never coming back.

So save your fucking favorite videos, dude. If they’re that important to you, give them a special place on your hard drive so that nothing can take them away from you. This method won’t be able to keep your girlfriend from abandoning you when she finds out how much of a pervert you really are, but it will make sure that you’re able to use your hand to replace her when the time comes.

Unlike many sites, DaftSex’s downloads are free. And full quality. This is a big fucking deal, so let me put it all into perspective for you.

DaftSex lets you download professional, full-length, HD porn for free. The same stuff that Brazzers and TeamSkeet and RealityKings want you to hand over your credit card information for. The cream of the crop. It’s all here, and it’s all yours until the end of time, for no payment at all. This alone sets it apart from practically every other porn site out there. Sure, it might be a bit harder to find what you’re looking for, but I know you’re not a busy person.

ThePornDude likes DaftSex Anal's

  • Daily uploads
  • Full-length, professional porn for free
  • Most of it is in HD
  • Free downloads

ThePornDude hates DaftSex Anal's

  • Limited search capabilities
  • No tags at all
  • Some titles are in Russian