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Updated on 15 January 2022
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User Rating: is a site for free image hosting made for those who want to share their digital shit with friends, or whoever they want, or if they want to post images on blogs, bulletin boards and so on. I think that this is a very self-explanatory site for those who have already visited a place like this before, but if this is your first rodeo, there are a couple of things you might not be aware of.

You have an option to post a variety of images through, with unlimited bandwidth and the option to upload as many images you would possibly want. As we all know, some places do not really allow uploads of kinky photos, which is why sites that do allow this crap, such as, are becoming more and more popular.

Seeing as you are still here, I imagine that you are one of those people who are looking for a place where they can post such crap, and well, you have found it. I shall go over all the technical and aesthetic shit you might be interested in as a user, and you are obviously more than welcome to stay and continue reading… or just fucking don’t and explore the site yourself.

Overall a very simplistic site at first glance.

I understand that there are not that many ways of creating such a place, but common, you guys could have at least tried. There is nothing really wrong with the site, or so to speak, but their overall presentation is very simplistic and just fucking crappy. I know most of you will not really care about this, but personally, I like to visit sites that look as good as their functions/content.

While the site really does not go out of its way to give you a nice layout, their features are not that bad, which is why the hell I am here still talking about I was happy to see that the site does not require you to register at all, which was a nice touch, since most sites like this one will require some kind of registration, and that can get very annoying.

This place basically works in a way that one would expect it to, there is not much else to be said. While I will go over the functions, navigation and all that shit, I think that you could skip on ahead instead, because this part of the review is for the dummies who have never used a site like before, and those who might be a bit confused.

So, how does function?

Once you enable the Flash plug-in, if it already is not enabled, you will get a place where you can browse and upload the images you want. First, you will need to click on the ‘Browse’ button on top, and then you will get to select the image you would want to upload. The great thing about this is that you can actually select multiple images if you would want that.

Once you have your images selected, you can choose to see which images you have selected, by viewing them in a list, or a table where you can see the small thumbnails. The specifications and allowed shit will be listed on top. Basically, you can upload both Jpeg and jpg images, and the max size of the file needs to be 6MB.

You do have an unlimited storage hosting period, and as I have said, unlimited bandwidth with no need to register. This makes the upload a lot faster and smoother, so I am pretty sure you will find your way around with ease. Once you have all that shit figured out, on the side you get to choose the type of the image, as if the image contains adult content or not. The size of the thumb, the link image and if you would like to resize the images instead.

Once you have all that shit settled, you can upload them, by clicking on that oddly ad-looking button on the side… while that shit does look like one of those ad buttons that basically does not fucking work, it actually does its job here. My advice would be to change the design of that button because it just does not fit with the rest of this shit, and thus it looks like a fucking ad.

After you have uploaded your images, you will get URLs for the forum and message boards with BB-codes, you will also get links for the websites aka Html, and you will get a link that will allow you to share the image with your friends via email or instant messenger, and you will basically just get an URL.

If any of this shit is causing you trouble, there is a chance that you do not have the latest flash installed, and they provide a link to that as well. It worked fine for me, so if it still gives you trouble, then you must be doing something fucking wrong, which also means that you are an idiot, because how can you possibly fuck this shit up?

Basic uploads, registration and the FAQ page.

On top of the site, you will have some additional options, such as the ‘basic upload’ which is just an upload where you do not have to use flash. You will get the same results, but you will have some limited options. I guess you should use that if you just want to upload your shit pretty fast, and you do not really care for many of the options given with the flash extension.

While I did say that you do not have to register, that does not mean that there is no option to do so. You have a registration page that basically looks as shitty as their overall site, not like I haven’t expected that, to begin with. You just have to specify your username, email, and get a confirmation code, and that is all… just like with any other registration.

The reason why people would want to create an account on, even though it is not needed, is simply because you can then track all the shit you have posted on the site. You have your own place online, where you have the links to the images you want to share, and you do not have to keep reuploading them to get those links… I guess.

Personally, I think that the registration page is very fucking unnecessary, but hey, it all depends on what the fuck you would like to do… since if you plan on sharing a lot of images, you might as well create an account and have all your shit strode, so you do not have to repeat the action that many times. Now, if there is something you do not understand, you can always visit their FAQ page, which was quite odd.

Honestly, most of these types of sites do not have a separate FAQ page, and I was more surprised that a site that looks as shitty as actually has it. Of course, that section looks as shitty as every other, but then again, that is what we all have expected. Their FAQ page has about 1 questions, and all of them have the answers, obviously.

You are also provided the information in case you want to ask them a question as well, but I mean, what the fuck would you want to ask them. is such a simple site, that if you do not understand how it functions even after reading all the shit I have to say, you might be a special kind of stupid… I’ll tell you that much.

It’s a love-hate relationship, to be honest.

While I do love the whole point of and what it stands for, there are also a couple of things that piss me off. I love the fact that the site allows you to post all the naughty and family-friendly images for free, and you do not even have to register, but you have the option to. The uploads are also very simple, so I am pretty sure all of you will understand how this shit functions.

On the other hand, is a site that looks like fucking garbage, and their Upload button gives me anxiety every time I see it. In addition, you can only upload JPEG and JPG formats, so say goodbye to all your GIF, PNG and ICO options, because apparently, that is too complicated for While this site could use some touchups, overall it does its job, which is why the fuck we are all here.

ThePornDude likes ImageVenue's

  • Free image hosting site
  • Both porn and family-friendly content allowed
  • Simple to understand

ThePornDude hates ImageVenue's

  • Only JPG and JPEG formats allowed
  • Shitty design
  • Only basic tools are provided