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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you looking for the absolute motherload of porn? The fuck you are. I’ll be very straight with you here. As a staunch porn lover, discovering will have a similar feeling to the scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indy discovers the golden idol, looks at it with astonishment and then gets chased down by a giant boulder. Only that this time around, the golden idol will be one of the hottest porn stashes on the entire internet. As a matter of fact, these folks couldn’t have settled for a better domain name. It gives you more than a clue of what you should expect, and you kinda hope the site lives up to the high expectations their domain name sets. Well, that’s what we are about to find out.

Unfortunately, the journey doesn’t get off to the greatest of starts. The first thing that greets you when you land on the member’s area is an ad. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, you already have my money, and now you want to milk me some more? Just give me the unlimited pleasures and the boundless variety of porn you promised. Anyway, I guess all you gotta do is click on “bring me to the members’ area” and get on with it.

Well, before I could do that, I saw a “don’t show me this again” option in small fonts that you could easily miss, and I clicked on it without a second thought. I’m letting off the hook for now, but that doesn’t take away the annoyance of advertising to me on a site I fucking paid to access. If it is any consolation, you only get one ad, which is much better than what I’ve experienced in other paysites.

Great organization in the member’s area

Like you would expect of a premium porn site like Bang, it features a sleek and elegant design. I particularly love the black background hue and honestly, you should too unless you somehow find time to browse porn during the day you idle toad. The main page is neatly separated, and the level of cohesion for a site with such a huge archive is impressive. I’ll explain.

The journey starts with a huge promotion of the video being currently peddled complete with a short preview. Below that is a “New Bang Originals” section with more atrocities that include a slut being roughly banged by a cop. Scroll further down, and you will find a section called “Bang Prime” where Bang allows its users to jerk off to the content from other producers, which is a great way to mix things up. Other sections on the main page include today’s porn videos, most popular videos, top rated movies, trending pornstars, channels, and porn categories. In between the sections is a “because you watched…” section which recommends videos based on your tastes (using an algorithm based on your past viewing habits) which I find rather classy. Overall, I absolutely love the organization, and you will be able to find something befitting your lusty moods without breaking a sweat.

It’s a big bang debauchery

Who else wants to get lost in a sea of cunts? Well, that’s exactly what you will be doing here given the huge number of videos. The archive reads an impressive 125,408 videos which is growing at an impressive pace. The level of activity at Bang is quite encouraging, and I could see several updates stamped for the day of writing this and I can confirm that they add an average of 15 scenes per week. I know some of you might be tempted to downplay the numbers by arguing that “It’s easy to get those kinds of numbers when you aren’t producing your own content.” Well, that’d be a fair point, but one thing that sets Bang apart from the rest is that they have in fact been producing their own content. Oh, that’s not a typo.

They started producing their content a couple of years ago with a very hot casting couch site, and have since witnessed steady growth, and at the time of writing this, they were offering multiple channels including Bang Gonzo, Bang Real Teens, Bang Trickery, Bang Confessions, and Bang Casting among others. While the update schedules of those channels don’t match the neck breaking speed of the main site, the fact that the content is exclusive should make up for that. Besides, it takes time to produce quality shit. As a side note, I’d suggest you visit Bang Trickery. Absolute filth. You will see people being tricked into sex, like the naughty MILF who tricks her patient that fucking him will cure his erectile dysfunction. You could also try Roadside XXX, which has teens pulling their cars over on the side of the road and getting fucked by strangers. Plenty of options all through.

Unbeatable collection of full HD and 4K videos

Even better, the majority of the scenes are available in HD so the filthiness will be coming to you in maximum clarity. That’s not all; some of their latest releases come in unbeatable 4K quality which shows how much the site is improving. Naturally, you will still find a collection of older files in SD which actually makes sense considering how old some of these scenes are. I was even able to locate scenes from my favorite retired pornstar that I had never seen before! Either way, this won’t prevent you from enjoying them. Needless to say, the scenes are professionally shot, and the pornstars are all extraordinary. The cameraman, for instance, doesn’t linger on one angle for longer than absolutely necessary, nor do they unnecessarily change angles. It’s a perfect balance, and the site needs to be commended for that. You’ll quite literally be getting the bang for your buck.

An impressive, diverse collection

Back to the content, it is important to note that the collection here is pretty diverse. There are over 64 niches starting with the ‘obvious’ like anal, facial, striptease, gangbang to the kinkier niches that includes fisting, foursome, double vaginal, cum swapping, foot fetish, double anal among others. ensures that practically all niches are taken care of. The site doesn’t have censorship on its adult videos from Japan, which for me is a pretty big selling point.

The diversity also extends to the channels the site has availed for its members which have been broken up based on category. Click on channels and choose from niche specific channels like 18 Schoolgirlz, 18 and Black, Latina and Horny, Hot Stepmoms, and Black on White among others. To be honest, it is a porn lover’s paradise, and anyone who joins as a member is going to wanna stay for life!

Positive site features

High-quality original content; a Bang membership grants you access to exclusive scenes available in amazing HD and even 4K! Could there be a bigger incentive?

Huge collection; the site’s archive is home to over 125,408 hot videos which is a pretty solid collection whichever way you look at it.

Regular updates; Bang could hypothetically not release another scene, but you’d still have enough content to last you decades. But the best don’t rest, and users can check out new scenes that are updated on an impressive schedule. Think roughly 15 new scenes a week.

Negative site features

Older content isn’t great; while there are hundreds of videos in mouthwatering 4K, the older the content gets, the more mediocre the quality.

More sorting options needed; I was irked that there is no option to sort the content by quality, and those who want to weed out all the 540p SD scenes are on their own. It also seems odd that you don’t have anything available in the way of tags.


The least Bang can do is enable commenting on the videos. Everyone appreciates a site, especially one they are paying for, that has a bit of a sense of community or interactivity in some way, and it’s a glaring miss at Bang. Also, why do members still have to be subjected to ads even after paying through their nose for a membership?

Conclusion shows no signs of slowing and a membership might be the most economical porn purchase you will ever make. The archive has 100k+ videos of the highest quality and the fact that they are producing their own content takes it to another level. They are incredibly busy with multiple, regular updates and anyone looking to truly stretch their dollar would be hard pressed to find better alternatives to The general organization could be improved, but when you have a truckload of HD and 4K videos to fap to, you should be a happy fapper all through.

ThePornDude likes Bang's

  • High-quality original content
  • Huge collection
  • Regular updates

ThePornDude hates Bang's

  • Older content isn’t great
  • More sorting options needed