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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Realdoll! Has porn become boring to you? Are you searching for something a bit more out there… something that will tingle all your dirty senses? I sound like a fucking AD, but I think that there is no other way to introduce what has to offer. Here, you have a store where you can purchase the hottest sex dolls; you are fucking welcome.

Well, for those who are interested in purchasing a hot toy for their lovemaking, is the right place. As for those who are here to check out a porn site, this is not an actual porn site. They do have offers that will make your dick rock solid, but at the end of the day, none of this shit is actual porn, in case you want that there are many other sites I have reviewed, you can just check that shit out.

Great design.

This site is basically a store, so obviously, I will check out the design and all that shit. The design is slick, and I liked it. You immediately know what the fuck you are getting yourself into, which is nice. I mean, the name of the site will already tell you what to expect, so not like it was a surprise or whatever when it comes to what this site is all about.

The dolls here are pretty realistic, and the only thing that bothered me with this shit is the fact that their front image was of lower quality. Not sure how the fuck they can fuck that shit up, but they could have at least included an HD image for the beginning. Oh well. On top, you have all the tabs that you will need to navigate through the site, and that is all you will really need.

If you just want to know what is all about, you can just keep scrolling. The site’s homepage describes it all and just tells you straight up what you can expect, which is obviously a good thing. You have each section separated, and here you do not only have female dolls, you also have male dolls, and some other sex toys. So, I am pretty sure that you will find something that interests you.

There is no way to get lost here, which means that the site is made in a good way. I mean, if you have a store, that store should be accessible to all the customers, and that is exactly what has to offer. So, take your time and explore. This place is filled with lots and lots of naughty shit, so I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it.

Although, if you are not here to purchase toys, which tend to be pricey and high quality, you might want to check out a different site instead. I mean, there are many dirty porn websites out there, so I am not sure why the fuck you are here if you do not want to purchase anything, that literally makes zero fucking sense.

Build your own doll!

What exactly can I expect, ThePornDude? Well, if you are really so fucking lazy to actually browse for yourself… I shall tell you. is a rather simple store, so I am sure that you will get around to all the crap that interests you pretty fucking soon. On top, you have the options that really matter. You can choose to build your own doll, and that is the first thing that got my attention.

Starting with the face, obviously, one of the most important aspects if you ask me. I am not really sure I could ever be fucking a butterface, but if you are all about that, then go for it. As for those who have some style, you can start by selecting the face of the chick that you like the most. Once you do that, you can select her body type as well.

Luckily for all the choosey fuckers, they really added a lot of different body types, which is hella tight. I like to have so many options when it comes to the bitch Ii will be banging, and the dolls here are very fucking hot. You can actually select a lot of different details for your customized doll, which is what makes this shit so fucking hot.

After the face and the body, you can choose the eye color, the makeup style, which also includes manicure and pedicure, her hairstyle, breasts – if you want them bigger than on the original body, vaginal style including pubic hair, freckles, piercings, and all that shit. You can even add a transgender option if you would like.

I mean, when it comes to the customization of the doll, you really can add it all. The dolls can be incredibly hot and customized to the very little detail, so you know that you will be purchasing something high quality. With that said, a fully customized doll, when you choose just the basic shit, is about $6000… which is very fucking much.

But, I mean… you do get to see your dream woman, so it’s no fucking wonder that it is that much. I mean, what the fuck did you expect. Keep in mind that some of the options here will cost you extra, while other options are included in the overall purchase. As I have already said, I think that you will get the gist of it all.

What else can I expect?

Of course, while the main shit of this store is to sell dolls, they do have some other crap as well. Starting with a shop that allows you to purchase realistic dicks. I mean, this is all the same fucking store, but like you can also purchase real cocks here, and by real, I mean that they are pretty much as realistic as they can probably get. They are also about $500, so if you are a cheapskate, not sure why the fuck you are still here.

With that said, there is a link to, where you can purchase… creepy sex dolls? Is that a thing? Why was I not informed of this shit, the fuck? As you scroll down, you will get to see a little bit of everything. There are even some pre-made dolls customized already, so you can choose them instead if you are lazy or you do not care much for their overall appearance. Some dolls are made by the real pornstars, so you can have that magical feeling of fucking an actual pornstar.

Other than real dicks, there are real vaginas? I mean, they are basically torsos or whatever the head, and you get to customize them as well. I mean, if you are short on cash, you might look into these purchases, that will be around $3000, give or take. It all depends on what the fuck makes your ding-dong hard, or however, you would prefer me to put it.

All has to offer is pretty much displayed on the front page. This also includes the ability to customize your own male sex doll, in case you would prefer a dick. With so much customizable options and all that kind of crap, I am pretty sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for. Trust me; even my choosey ass was able to find something for my taste.

What’s the overall?

Well, it is a sex shop, basically. But instead of the usual toys and that crap, you get to personally customize your sex doll. That is quite fucking hot if you ask me. However, keep in mind that almost everything has to offer is pretty pricey. So if you are not willing to give more than you usually would for sexual pleasures, I am not sure that this store is for you.

As much as this shit is all expensive, it is also very fucking high quality. You basically do get what you are paying for, and with so many customizable options, I am pretty sure that the prices are self-explanatory. Everything has to offer is also pretty straightforward, so go ahead and browse. The store has a little bit of everything for everyone.

There are no annoying ads or any of that shit; they also have good customer support to help you will all the crap that might get on your nerves, or maybe something you do not understand. As I said, all is straightforward, so unless you are an idiot, I am pretty sure that you will like what has to offer.

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  • Great store
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  • Hella pricey