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Updated on 05 February 2024
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User Rating: is a very well-known premium porn site that does not need that much introduction. Even if you might not have seen it, you have surely heard about it here or there. They had a magazine spread even before the ‘internet’ overtook with their wonderful world of porn, so I am pretty sure that most of us, OGs know what the fuck Hustler is all about.

Most of my readers, or so I assume, have first nutted while listing the pages of a porn magazine… so that is why I believe most of you will also know what has to offer. I mean, it is pretty obvious that this is a premium porn site, and while I think that their tour page basically explains everything you need to know, you are also welcome to continue reading, because that is what I shall do as well.

So, if you are ready to see some exclusive pornographic videos of great quality, and you are not a cheapskate, you should visit Hustler. Whether you will like this site or not is a whole new story, but I am pretty sure that the majority of you fuckers will be able to appreciate everything this site has to offer, trust me.

Great tour page.

Even without telling you this, I think you should know that Hustler has a good tour page since the overall site is fucking great. Keep in mind that I am very selective when choosing the right porn site, and personally I think that this is one of the better premium porn sites, so that should tell you a lot. As for the content, I know that everyone will appreciate the beauty of it, but is everyone willing to purchase the membership?

Well, the tour page will show you bits and pieces from a lot of naughty scenes that you can watch on Hustler. You will have many trailers that will surely get you hooked to what this place really has to offer, and keep in mind that the shit they tease is just the beginning. They have a lot more for you to check out, so take your sweet time, and browse through.

Whether you decided to check out the site yourself or you will take my word for it, I think that everyone should check out the tour page before paying for the membership… for obvious fucking reasons. While I say that this site is great and I think that most of you will like it, everyone is into a different type of shit, and you should know what the fuck you are paying for.

You can also see some snippets of photos, pornstars, magazines and overall everything that Hustler has to offer. But everything that you are able to see without creating an account is pretty limiting and could be considered teasing. That is why I love their tour page, they basically let you see bits and pieces and that is enough for you to decide whether you love what they have or not.

Of course, there is a lot more Hustler actually has to offer when you actually become a member… so why the fuck not, right? Those who do not want to pay for dirty content should probably visit a free site instead… I mean, what the fuck are you actually doing here? There are over 15k naughty videos with exclusive scenes, over 2900 galleries, and a lot of naughty pornstars… so when it comes to finding the scene that will make your dick hard, I am pretty sure that you will love this place… which is already a given seeing as how many times I have said that already. So, explore the site, their tour page, or wait for me to explain what Hustler has to offer. I know you are lazy.

So, how much is it?

Let’s be real, as soon as I said that Hustler is a great porn site and that it is premium, you just wanted to know how much you have to pay, right? Well, you do not have to worry much about that, because the prices are pretty basic, like on most known premium sites, at least in my experience. For those who do not visit premium sites often, I am here to tell you all about it.

You have three membership offers and a 2-day trial with limits that will cost you about $1. For those who are not sure whether they want to become a part of Hustler or not should definitely purchase the trial first… for obvious reasons. Now, those who already heard about Hustler and they know that they are in good hands, should choose one of the following memberships.

You can register for 1 month, which will cost you $3.99, for 3-months of $59.85, or for 12-months, which is the best deal, and it will cost you $119.40. All of these registrations will automatically rebill, but you can cancel that at any time if you want. With the privileges you get from full membership, you bet your ass that it is fucking worth it.

As a paying member, you get access to their naughty videos, and you are also able to download from the largest video gallery on the internet. You have daily uploads, so it is quite obvious that you will not run out of new content to watch… unless you are a fucking addict or some shit. You have thousands of gorgeous pornstars, even those who have retired.

Obviously, you will be able to stream all the shows in HD and it is available on all devices. Some of their older videos were not of full HD, but the majority of clips were available in the highest quality, which is what matters. As a member, you are a part of the community, which means you get to comment on the videos and vote for your favorites, as well as get access to the exclusive member promos.

As most premium sites have to offer today, you will actually get access to their live cam shows, and believe me, those cam shows are fucking great. You get to see their magazines as well, and a couple of other shits… I shall not really waste your time talking about everything, because I think that with the membership you get everything you think you do.

The hottest scenes, galleries, pornstars and live cam shows.

Once you are a member, you finally get to enjoy the beauty Hustler has to offer. I mean, their videos are fucking hot, so I am pretty sure that you will love every second spent on this site. There is a lot for you to check out, from the dirty porn scenes with hardcore innuendos, to the more basic ones. I guess, it all depends on what the fuck you are searching for.

The section for the videos is pretty straightforward, believe me… I was actually surprised because even premium sites can fuck this up sometimes. On the side of the site, you have a bunch of tags that you can select, and what I can fucking appreciate is the fact that you can select a couple of tags at once… and then see the combination videos.

However, they could use a bit more work on their search options overall, because other than that, and the usual most popular/recent clips, you do not really have much search options. However, with their great selection of videos, if you are not too picky, I think that all of the videos here will give you a rock-solid. I mean, since you are a member, you can just take your time and start browsing.

The videos are fucking great, they are HD and usually lengthy, but not too fucking long. You have most pornstars here, so you will find your favorite sooner or later. You also have the dirty galleries, so give them a glance as well. personally, I did not really check out the galleries too much… I prefer to wank one-off while watching actual porn scenes, but if you like galleries, go right ahead. To each their own.

In simple words, I think everyone will like Hustler, and if you are searching for a premium site that offers great shit, you have just found it. Just browse through their tour page, become a member, and enjoy everything they have to offer. Believe me, once you start browsing through this shit, you will get addicted to their incredible pornographic content.

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