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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Amateur porn is great. Few things come close to matching the rawness and authenticity to be found in homemade porn. There’s nothing better than real girls getting fucked real hard to the point of real, earth-shattering orgasms. There is absolutely nothing fake or overproduced or plastic about it. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about most premium paysite porn. As I’m sure we are all well aware of.

Sometimes you just get bored of the same old, same old. I know I do. I get tired of seeing fake tits not bouncing while her silicon shaped bleached asshole gets ravaged by a monster cock. This fake bimbo, of course, is overacting and screaming and squealing at every little movement to the point where you are rooting for the guy to gag her and shut her up with his dick. It’s fucking annoying. And, what’s even worse, it is so far from real sex it can be hard to get into.

It’s important to mix it up every now and then. Which is why you should have a good free amateur porn site in your arsenal to go to when the mood strikes. Actually, you should have one of every kind of porn site that you enjoy at the ready because individual horniness is like its own craving that demands its own things.

Personally, I like to keep a premium pay site, a traditional free porn tube, a free amateur site, and a cam site in my portfolio. That way, I have all my bases covered. Whenever I crave hot realistic sex, I go over to my amateur porn tube. If I want professional studio stuff, I go to my premium or my normal tube (depending on how specific my particular craving is). If I need some interaction, the cam site it is. Trust me on this, this is a flawless way to guarantee that you will always have exactly what you need. Well, except for actual pussy. But there are always escort sites for that!

When it comes to amateur porn tubes, quality can be hard to come by. You want to make sure that the porn is the only amateur thing on the site. The site itself should be just as professional and well designed as any site. Don’t let lazy site building trick you into thinking homemade porn sites need to look like homemade science projects. They should be held to the same standard as any other free porn tube. That means I’m looking for Porn Hub level design and usability.

Amateur Porn, Professional Site

Upon visiting Home Movies Tube, it certainly shows promise. The site design looks pretty decent at first glance (and familiar to boot) and it seems like there are tons of amateur videos to choose from. It’s never a good sign when you visit a free porn tube and the total number of pages are in the double digits. You can rest assured that you will never run out of free homemade porn on Home Movies Tube, though, seeing as you’ve got 1,428 pages worth to peruse at your leisure. And if you are worried that you will run out with that many videos, well, man, I’m worried about you … you have a serious fucking problem.

Taking a look at the site’s design: it definitely doesn’t look janky like some other homemade porn sites I’ve seen. The site looks just as professionally made and maintained as most other free porn tubes that feature primarily premium videos I’ve seen. So, that’s a good sign, for sure. At the very top of the page, you’ll find a search bar (standard) with a little dropdown menu allowing you to select Videos, Photos, or Members. To the right of that, you’ll find a convenient Upload button, and all of the requisite log in and register options.

Below the search bar is the site menu bar, from which you can navigate to Home, Videos, Photos, Categories, Top Rated, Live Cam Sex, Sex Simulator (links to an external 3D game), and Local Fuck Buddy. The latter three of those tabs, unfortunately, appear to be spammy links that you probably won’t actually find any action on, so that’s kind of a bummer, but the former four will at least be useful in your browsing of Home Movies Tube, so that’s cool.

Down below the site menu bar, you will find a Featured Videos section, with a few thumbnails that do provide a slideshow preview when you hover your cursor over them. To the left is another menu, this time a vertical one, offering up Video Rankings (Top Rated, Most Viewed, Longest, Most Favored), Channels (categories), Top Categories, Top Tags, and Top Uploaders. This is nice because it gives you a few different ways of browsing the entire site, making for a more customizable experience.

I personally am a fan of the fact that they have designated an entire space on the home page to searching for videos by length. I don’t know if you’ve run into this problem as well with amateur porn, but it seems like it is always way too fucking difficult to find homemade porn that is of a decent length! So many videos tend to be between one and five minutes. It’s fucking frustrating, because I love amateur porn, but I also want videos that are long enough for me to cum to. Maybe you don’t have that problem, though, the minute man that you are.

Some Decent Extra Features

Once you do finally decide on a video, though, you are brought to a new page where there is actually a decent amount to do besides just fap. You can download the video, add it to your favorites, subscribe to the user, flag it, embed it, share it on social media (what kind of fucking weirdo does that??), explore the video’s tags and categories, and comment on the video. Also, one thing that I really appreciate about this site, Home Movies Tube will recommend a fuck ton of similar videos for you to explore if you work your way through that one, or just grow bored of it. I’m talking like 40 recommended videos.

I fucking love this because this is my preferred way to work through a porn site. I like being able to fall down the rabbit hole of recommended videos, and so many free porn tubes just don’t cater to this type of browsing nearly enough … maybe they’ll offer 5 or 10 (if you’re lucky), and seldom are they actually related in some tangible way to the video in question. On Home Movies Tube, though, it’s like having a devil on your shoulder, pointing you toward 40 other videos that are just as hot. Get ready to open a fuck ton of tabs!

Another thing that is great about Home Movies Tube is the fact that the videos are, for the most part, really good. As I mentioned earlier, this can be a real gamble with free amateur porn sites, but Home Movies Tube has you covered. Every video I clicked on was fap-worthy—a rarity on any porn site. But, what’s more, the video quality, too, is pretty consistently decent. You won’t have to worry about running into a ton of shaky camera, shitty video, no audio 20-second clips on this site. There must be some sort of vetting process in place with uploads that other sites just don’t bother to do.

Some Community Features, But…

When it coms to community features, Home Movies Tube has more than many free sites, but I would like to see them illuminate these aspects even further. So, each uploader has her own profile. Here, you can easily access all of her videos and photos, see her friends and subscriptions, and write on her wall. The only thing that seems to be glaringly missing here is a direct message feature.

Home Movies Tube is so close to branching out into social networking (porn networking) territory, and I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t just take that extra small step to do so. It would truly transform this site into something else entirely; something that I think is definitely worth exploring. Then, maybe I could meet a slut in my area who’s down to make a video … who knows!

All in all, as far as free amateur sites are concerned, Home Movies Tube is one of the best out there. High-quality videos, tons and tons of content to choose from, some additional community / social media features, and a professional site design all add up to make this a site definitely worth visiting. If you like free homemade porn, Home Movies Tube will definitely not disappoint.

ThePornDude likes HomeMoviesTube's

  • Awesome amateur content
  • Tons of videos and photos to choose from
  • Some social media capabilities

ThePornDude hates HomeMoviesTube's

  • Lack of direct messaging
  • Annoying popup ads
  • Unnecessary tabs in site menu bar