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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Suck Sex advertises itself as an Indian sex magazine, and honestly, I don’t see how that works out. So I’m looking at the page in a professional manner, and I see a bunch of videos, and they seem to be quite unrelated. Sure, they are all crowded with Indians and all, but what about the magazine part? Where is the magazine in here? This looks like a tube website, and I’ll treat it like it is one. I mean, to a degree. We’ll still take their word for it.

Now, the first thing these people will do is show you that they are hiring…first off you are asked if you love Suck Sex, and if you say yeah, they invite you to work for them? What is it that they do? Honestly, I have no idea, the website looks so god damn scattered it barely even looks like a website…but maybe the page is a hidden gem? It’s very well hidden from what I’ve seen so far. Maybe. They say that thousands of people would see your work on the daily, which sounds great…I mean, this website is an Indian website, and there are a lot of people in India, like, a billion or something last time I checked.

These Indians are really all about sex. I mean that’s why we got so many Indians in the world. You’ll find a whole lot of videos on the home page, and I tell you that all of these are legit, actually. That’s pretty good, all of us enjoy some real amateur pornography, right? You get to see videos of girls having sex for the first time, and yes, that stuff is for real. Some people prefer this type of thing to actual pornography made by bigger studios like Brazzers or something, and to be honest, I see the appeal. There are a whole lot of different videos here. Sure, it’s cool that a girl is losing her virginity on cam, but you also get to see videos of girls literally cheating on their SO’s, which is also pretty cool. I mean, I’m not going to lie, you have to be a jerk to cheat, sure, but that type of thing gets me off sometimes. I mean, I don’t like being cheated on, but having multiple girls going after me at the same time is a great feeling, and these clips straight-up get me in that mood. You people should try that out sometimes. Hehe, just kidding, stick to porn, don’t make your girl cry. That’s two gems on this page so far. Where’s the rest?

Moreover, I’d like to mention that you will be seeing a lot of ads on Sure thing, homemade porn with big descriptions, and all of these are neatly categorized, and they all come with these tags which are pretty useful to help you run into the exact thing you were looking for, but you need to see an ad here, and there, because…reasons, I guess. That’s how it is. I have to give this page a big thumbs up for keeping these videos real and raw as hell, which is something everyone wants to see in their porn. Sure, some people like it when their porn is in HD and when it lasts like 40 minutes, but we all know real sex isn’t like that. I mean okay yeah, sure, you can last 40 mins, no big deal, but I honestly doubt that every guy out there has an HD camera with him, and I also doubt that any girl will let you record her, but yeah, these Indian girls have apparently made it a habit. So much brown girls in here I can’t even count them, which is a good thing for me, and a bad thing for their parents. You’ve just been schooled by TPD son!

The best thing about SuckSex is that fact that no matter how much you scroll you will pretty much never run out of material because these videos just keep popping up for some reason, which is truly remarkable. This is one of the best sources for real homemade amateur pornography, and I’ll say that I really do like it. Even though had a rough start, it truly is a hidden gem.

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  • Updates regularly
  • Real, raw, hardcore pornographic videos
  • Good quality videos

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  • Writers aren't native English speakers
  • It's hard to navigate this page