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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I bet you’re in the mood to look at some dirty movies today. How many do you want to see? Five? Six? Seven? Vidz7 has at least that many, just based on the name. The top of the front screen actually says they’re showing me videos 1-36 of 20,242. It ain’t the biggest free porn tube I’ve ever seen, but I dare you to watch every movie on the site. Nobody has enough time or lube for that.

Free Porn, Delivered By Internet Tube

Vidz7 has the typical porn tube layout. There’s a basic header followed by a massive wall of porn. There are no fancy graphics or fonts and the background is a clean white. My ad-blocker does say it’s knocked down 33 pieces of spam already, so don’t go in unprotected. A stray click on that pearly background earned me a pop-up.

There’s no extra bullshit to distract you from the White girls full of Black cock or the scissoring, naked lesbians. Vidz7 doesn’t even have a logo. In fact, I’m wondering if Vidz7 even has a permanent name. I’d typed into the bar to pull up the site, but now it says Hey, whatever, as long as I get to see women gagging on semen.

The selection shows a lot of long scenes, which is great. There’s nothing worse than getting a good stroke going and then the anal scene cutting out right after penetration. That happens a lot on tube sites that just have little samples.

Right away, I’m seeing 30-minute clips of teachers fucking students and college teens held upside down and boned hard. There’s a 40-minute fetish scene of a bitch tied up and fucked by a machine, and a long taboo scene where two step-sibling resolve their differences through oral sex.

Would you download a car? Maybe the better question is, would you stream stolen pornography? I guess it’s possible that Vidz7 has some kind of unprecedented arrangement with the porn studios that no other tube site has, but this doesn’t look like sample smut.

Whose Three-Way Orgy Is It, Anyway?

The full-length clips are just one giveaway that Vidz7 is giving out pirated material. Another sign is the fact that a lot of the video titles have paysite names in them. I mean, sure, maybe somebody just liked the word Brazzers and stuck it on their upload, but I doubt it. There’s also shit on the front page from RealityKings, Mofos and Kink.

I guess the only real way to know if that’s actually a genuine half-hour anal clip from HardX is to actually watch it. I want you all to know that I’m doing this for research purposes only. I’m a professional and I’ve taken all the proper precautions.

I clicked the thumbnail of the Ebony slut’s gorgeous ass and got nothing but a full-screen pop-up for boner pills. I clicked it again and got sent to the video page. That page looked clean, but I clicked the Play button and got another full-screen ad, this one trying to sucker me into downloading an HD video player.

It took a bunch of clicking, but the video finally loaded. It runs in the OpenLoad player, which doesn’t surprise me. It frees Vidz7 was any liability when it comes to this Jenna Foxx anal scene.

Stolen or not, this is a fucking fantastic scene. The little whore is getting her salad tossed within the first 30 seconds, and a minute later her costar is forcing his hard dick into her not-quite-ready asshole. I love the way she winces and moans and slowly takes the whole thing.

Free Ebony Porno For the Taking

The fact that Vidz7, or Vidz78, or whatever they’re called now is using third-party file hosts comes with advantages and drawbacks. The worst part is that they don’t always make it easy to get to the files. You might have to get through some ads, and the very stupid and old among you will get tricked into downloading dangerous software you don’t need.

On the bright side, the international gangsters who run those sites are pretty chill about what goes on them. That means they’re pretty good about hosting tons and tons of stolen porn for the cheapskates. You can beat off to anal movies on Vidz78 all day at the library and not spend a dime.

Another big advantage to those file hosts? Easy access to free downloads with only the same minor obstacles as the streaming. Don’t click anything stupid and don’t download anything that’s not the video you’re after. It’s simple.

There’s also a Share button right next to the Download Video one. It has a bunch of options for sharing the dirty sex video on social media. They’ve still got Google Plus, which is not even a thing anymore. Looks like the site could use some updating. In the meantime, be sure to use the Facebook button to let your grandma know that women love to squirt these days.

All Your Favorite Sites and Studios

This site kind of makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Instead of gorging on candy, though, I just want to pop a handful of Viagra and lock myself in a sealed masturbation box for the next 36 hours. The Studios page, linked in the header, is fucking ridiculous.

I don’t want to upset you moral fags who never take a penny from the tray or stick their dicks in the ice-cream dispenser. If the stolen content bothers you it’s time to leave Vidz7. Why not check out The Porn Dude’s list of Premium porn site?

The Studios page is exactly what it sounds like. Find quick links to the site’s CzechCasting collection, or check out the huge stash of DogFart movies. They’ve got hundreds of Mofos films and more than a thousand EvilAngel movies. All together, they’ve got over 100 different sites and studios.

If there’s some kind of recurring theme to the Studios on the menu, I didn’t notice it. It looks like a nice mix of the major styles and genres of big-name porn. There are teens and MILFs, taboo sites and gonzo ones. Unless you’re looking for some obscure furry foot-fetish hentai, you’re probably going to find something that does it for you.

Thousands of Gorgeous Pornstars

I got pop-ups when I went to the Studios page and again when I visited Tags. I’m not sure if I was accidentally clicking the background or what, but goddamn! That’s a full-on assault.

The Tags page is worth a visit if you like pornstars, though. Those seem to be the bulk of the tags, and the full list runs nearly 5,000 deep. They’re grouped in one big wall of text, so be ready with your ctrl+F.

Even before scrolling, you’ll see names you recognize. Daisy Haze and Daisy Ducati only have one movie each, but Cali Carter has 33.

There are some category tags in there if you look hard enough. Vidz7 has almost 3,000 movies that have Big Natural Tits, and nearly 6,000 that have Big Tits. I wonder what the overlap is.

While the people who have an issue with piracy won’t have read this far, the rest of you are going to hate the spam more than anything else about Vidz78. They get you with pop-ups all the time, even if you’ve got a good spam plugin. When you move from one part of the site to another, you’re probably going to see some ads.

The good news is that with the full-length scenes, you don’t have to do much channel surfing. Get your BBW interracial movie started and you’re good for at least a half-hour of hands-free viewing before you have to face the ad gauntlet again.

Vidz7 is a site that forces you to make a choice. What’s more important to you, the convenience of spam-free viewing or the value of free, full-length premium movies? The site can be a pain in the ass to use, but that’s a really fucking nice collection of dirty movies they’re just giving out for free.

ThePornDude likes Vidz7's

  • More than 20k free movies
  • Full-length porn scenes
  • Major studios and pornstars
  • Free downloads

ThePornDude hates Vidz7's

  • Spam
  • Weird name/domain shuffle
  • Piracy?