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Updated on 15 January 2022
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A lot of people who grew up fapping to internet porn also grew up playing games, this holds especially true for 90s kids who grew up without the blessing of the internet during their earlier childhood, and were later introduced to the infinite realm of data that is the World Wide Web somewhere during their prepubescent early teen years and were exposed to all manner of things which their parents wouldn’t want them being exposed to, including toxic individuals from all over the world, ads, occult early internet websites, gaming and last but not least, pornography. It’s safe to say that the last two factors left the biggest impression on this generation, of which the better part of grew up with them – these kids, especially the ones who were the rejects and social outcasts in school, would grow up depending on games and porn for mood regulation and overall stability since their real life wasn’t as pleasing as it should’ve been. Yes, it’s a sad story, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the catalyst for thousands of porn games to make their way to the internet by the mid 2000s, effectively creating their own genre.

PornGames is a website which wouldn’t have existed without the massive influx of porn games which crowded the internet back during the days when most internet users were beginning to crawl out of their abysmally slow dial-up connection and move on to broadband. This website is the epitome of all things ‘porn flash games’, and it contains more than enough games which capture different genres and styles to please any caliber of porn flash game fan, regardless if it’s someone who is new to it or someone who has been playing these games for the past 15 years. It’s safe to say that this website is a true mecca for these kinds of X-rated flash-based gaming adventures, but does it pass the ‘PornDude benchmark’ of quality? Let’s find out.

Hentai Games for All Your Hentai Gaming Needs

Hentai has definitely come a long way from its beginnings in the West back in the mid 90s when the only way you could find it was through some bootleg VHS recording which typically contained badly edited subtitles that were put there by those OG weaboos who are probably in their late 30s or 40s now. By now though, it’s carved out its own piece of the internet porn empire and definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – in fact, Hentai has become a staple genre of pornography, with literally every popular porntube having it listed as one of its most popular categories. But it’s also become a staple of the porn-game empire too – If there’s one media platform that finds itself caught dead in the middle of gaming and porn-lover fanbases, it’s definitely Hentai.

Hentai might as well be the favorite kind of X-rated medium for people deep in the ‘nerd culture’ – you know, people who spend money on card games and collectible figurines and know all the lore behind multiple fantasy franchises and are often times physically out of shape and have body odor. There are more than enough Hentai games here to please any weeb, and they range in genre too – you have the classic dating sims, RPG-based adventures, and those ridiculously easy sex simulators which give you what you want from the start of the game and the only freedom you get is controlling the tempo of the sex. So If you’ve got a hard-on for X-rated Japanese cartoons and actually have the patience to play through a simple flash-based game in order to earn the material you’re willing to fap to, then PornGames can definitely meet your needs.

And Yes, There are Plenty of Parodies Too

Another genre of pornography that’s insanely popular with people who reside comfortably within the ‘nerd culture’ zone is XXX parodies, and if there’s one thing that these X-rated games are great at, it’s creating obscene XXX parodies of the most popular video games and anime shows that these nerd culture folks would die for. If you’re the kind of person who can be seen every year at comic con, or the kind of person who knows all the DC/Marvel characters, or the kind of person whose profile picture is that of an anime character, then you’re definitely a top contender to enjoy this site’s many, many X-rated parody games.

There’s way too many of them to count, but I can tell you that they cover both video games, anime shows and even Western cartoons, so you can definitely find a certain D.Va from Overwatch, Sakura from Naruto, or a certain Wonder Woman from Justice League on a given game on this site displayed in full nude while getting her holes plugged, possibly more than one at a time. XXX parodies are a great way to reconnect with your favorite fictional childhood heroes regardless if you’re ass-deep in the nerd culture realm or not, and you can bet all the sperm cells in your balls that there’s more than enough of these parodies here on PornGames.

Western Style Games Are Here Too

Of course the games on this site don’t just cater to the weeb demographic of the nerd culture warriors – there’s also plenty of games here that depict characters from Western cartoons bent over, sucking and fucking and doing all kinds of nasty things which if word got out you beat your dick to would definitely warrant a visit from the local preacher. These games contain all those lovable female (and sometimes male) characters from your favorite Disney/CartoonNetwork characters that you loved to watch growing up. Ever wanted to see Ben 10 stick it to his cousin Gwen, watch Superman fuck Wonder Woman’s brains out, or see Kim Possible getting all her holes filled? Well not only can you watch this filth go down, but you can also be a part of it too.

There is a literal fuckload of games on this site that are XXX parodies of popular Western cartoons, and even some more unknown titles too – from Justice League, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents to Swat Katz, Mike Lu and Og, Johnny Quest, Robot Boy and Cow and Chicken, there’s no shortage of X-rated Western cartoon parody games on this site that will definitely give you a childhood-infused boner if you spent your days as a kid watching these toons, which you probably did if you were a 90s kid.

Howbout Some Realism?>/h3>

No matter how much of a nerd you are, at the end of the day it wouldn’t hurt for you to be into a little realism – after all, you live in the real world, and if your dick doesn’t get hard to the realism-based XXX games on this website then you seriously need some help because your libido has definitely gone into the deep end. In any case, there are a hell of a lot of titles here which don’t pertain to the usual cartoon or anime-based art style, and are more focused on bringing you believable scenarios depicted in a believable, realistic way – if you’ve got a hard on for realism-based taboo porn and wouldn’t mind if it’s presented to you in flash-game format then you should definitely check out the realistic games here on PornGames.

Maybe You Need Some Really Long, RPG-Style Titles?

Yes, all the people who visit this website are both gaming and porn fans, but for those of you who lean more towards the gaming-end of the spectrum, there’s plenty of long-form RPG titles available for you to get lost in. Now personally, if I wanted to get lost in an RPG game I’d do so with one that’s a triple A title, but I know there are plenty of people out there who would enjoy playing these hour+ gameplay titles which unlock some fappable content for you as you progress through them, and there’s plenty of them here at PornGames for you to waste hours on.

Tough Luck for All You Mobile Gamers Users Out There

Since this site delivers flash-game based content, it’s only common sense to know that its content isn’t exactly optimized for mobile viewers – if you prefer to play X-rated games on your mobile device then I’m sure there’s plenty of them out there waiting for you, all you gotta do is do a little Googling. Here on PornGames though, the titles are all meant to be played from a PC or laptop.

ThePornDude likes PornGames's

  • One of the best sites for free XXX games
  • Tolerable interface
  • Plenty of parody games
  • Plenty of long RPG titles
  • Contains all the classic most well-known porn games

ThePornDude hates PornGames's

  • Not optimized for mobile
  • A lot of this site’s games aren’t challenging whatsoever
  • Visual aspect is more or less basic
  • Has an annoying pop-up ad animation
  • Some games take pretty damn long to load (3-4 minutes)