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Updated on 05 February 2024
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There are many different places where you can get pornography, and while I am personally not the biggest fan when it comes to piracy, Adult Bay is probably one of the most popular places where you can find yourself loads of free pornographic content.

As sites that offer torrenting are usually not my thing, once I opened up this one, I had to admit that the design is pretty slick. You can immediately find what you are looking for, and you don’t have to wonder if you are at the right place like with some other torrent sites. What I really like about this one is that it does not use the general idea of just slapping the fucking search bar as the homepage, but instead, it offers you with some content right as you enter. That’s some good shit.

On the homepage, you will immediately find some featured posts that usually include some really good porn that you would usually have to pay for. Because the design of the site is done well, you will find all of the information about the featured posts as you keep scrolling. Posts will always have a featured image as well as some additional information like the cast and a small description, and if you ask me, that is fucking fantastic.

I have seen some premium sites that don’t have an organization like this one, but there is more. If you click on “continue reading”, you will receive even more fucking info about the post. I rarely say this, but this site is fucking brilliant. Most importantly, there are usually thumbnails of the whole video as a screenshot, which is a fucking big deal when you are browsing for porn. Since I am an expert, I should know.

There is just nothing as bad as having to rewind through a downloaded video only to discover how garbage it is instead of just seeing the whole package in a blink of an eye before you even download it. You will also be able to find a couple of download links, which are usually from another site as only provides you with information, not any direct downloads from the site itself.

A little bit more about the homepage which has the most recent posts is that at first, I thought that there are not that many posts, but as I scrolled to the bottom, I noticed that there are over 2400 pages, which is an insane amount of free porn. Of course, usually, sites that have so many pages of posts end up with a lot of dead content that is expired. However, at the time of this review, the last post was from the beginning of 2017, and it was still working.

On the right side of the homepage, you will be able to find various categories, and these will definitely help you find the porn you are looking for. There are also some dropdown menus on the top of the page, but they serve the same purpose as the categories. Of course, if you want to find porn by typing in some keywords, you can use the search bar that is on the top right of the page, and since the site works how it should, you will find all the posts with the desired keyword with ease.

Overall, there is nothing really wrong with the site, except for a couple of ads here and there, however, you should probably know that AdBlock will solve all of these problems, and you can browse through porn or any other site in peace.

While all of the content that is featured on this site is technically free, is still sending you to third party sites in order to download the content. Some of these sites are fucking dicks, and they will give you a couple of choices. One of them is to have a limited download speed, which can take fucking forever just to download a single video; or they will not let you download because the file size is too big for non-premium users.

If you are already a part of a torrenting community somewhere else, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you as you will most likely have an account for the sites that shares as download links, but if you don’t, then you will have to pay for premium membership in order to torrent at full speed. It seems that these days even fucking piracy doesn’t come free.

I did notice that the first “sticky” post on offers you some kind of a special deal which will let you download quite large amounts of data from the sites that you will have to visit in order to download the content, and since the site is giving you a special deal, it isn’t really that expensive, and it is actually fucking worth it.

Most of the time, there is a lot of crap for me to say about porn sites, but overall, is standing its ground, and it is actually a decent site. There is nothing shitty about it besides a couple of ads that I can deal with, finding porn that I enjoy was very easy for me, and the uploads are very frequent. I suggest you visit this site, but since you are still getting free porn which you will usually have to pay for, I would always keep my eyes open for something too suspicious, even if the site seems completely legit.

ThePornDude likes AdultBay's

  • Free porn
  • Loads of content
  • The site is easy to navigate

ThePornDude hates AdultBay's

  • Some Ads
  • Third-party download sites
  • Can be difficult to navigate