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Updated on 05 February 2024
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MyEbonyGF is part of a network of sites known as TheGFNetwork. Though they started as a fairly small group about six years ago, they’re growing rapidly and have become one of the internet’s premier sources of niche amateur porn.

In this case, what MyEbonyGF has on offer is black girls—light-skinned black girls, dark black girls, thick black girls, tight black girls. Black girls sucking cock, black girls masturbating, and black girls getting fucked in the ass. Black girls with black guys (and other girls), and black girls with white dudes. Look hard enough and maybe you’ll even find a black girl fucking an Asian guy—if it’s ever happened, it’s probably online at MyEbonyGF. It’s a specialist market for fans of all things African.

If you’ve been craving dark meat but you’re too much of a pussy to drive down to the side of town where hot black sluts hang out, MyEbonyGF has to be your best bet. The videos are so amateur, so raw, and so real that the only difference between this and actually banging a black chick is that you’ll be splooging into a napkin instead of inside a slut. At least you won’t have a baby to take care of in nine months.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to spare a bit of money for this premium service. Thankfully, they’re not asking for a lot—if you sign up for three months at a time you’ll only be paying 67 cents a day, and you can even get a one-day trial membership for a buck if that’s too much of a commitment for you. In exchange for your hard-earned coin, you’ll get unlimited access to the entire TheGFNetwork collection of sites, including daily new videos and pictures, including download privileges. Not such a bad deal.

As an added bonus, they offer discreet billing, so your racist mom won’t kick you out of the house when she sees that you’ve been paying money to masturbate to black girls while bringing your mail down to the basement.

A Treasure Trove of Rare Black Girls

To be completely honest, MyEbonyGF didn’t impress me at first. Until you really dig into it, it doesn’t seem to be worth the money. Most pay-to-cum porn sites cost money because your hard-earned cash is going directly to the producers of the content. You give them ten bucks a month, and the cost goes directly to convincing some hot piece of ass to do depraved shit on camera. It makes sense.

Instead, MyEbonyGF specializes in amateur videos. This is stuff that girls and couples put online for free already, so why should we have to pay to see it? The people at TheGFNetwork aren’t making any contributions to the world of porn, they’re just profiting off of the hard work of others!

But if you had the same thoughts, you’d be wrong. I don’t know where they find this shit, but it must be on some dark corner of the internet that I haven’t found yet. Not only are the videos super hot, but they’re also incredibly rare. I spent a few hours seeing the sights, and I didn’t see a single video that I’ve seen in my many years of porn-viewing experience.

So what would you rather do—spend three hours a day searching for the perfect homemade video, or spend a few bucks to have them all laid out in front of you? I know you don’t have a lot going on in your life, but have some self-respect. Use the extra time to practice your hobbies. Or just jerk off more, I’m not your fucking mom.

Not only are these not pornstars, they aren’t even those semi-pro girls that are all over the big tube sites who make a living off of donations and a paid video here and there. These are authentic, girl-next-door ebony sluts, filming themselves getting fucked for their own pleasure. Maybe they uploaded the videos to a small site then took it down later, or maybe their boyfriends got a hold of it and leaked it. But whatever happened, I guarantee this isn’t the kind of stuff you’re just going to run across on any other site.

MyEbonyGF also has a photos section. If you’re like me, you mostly moved past masturbating to photos in the late 1990s. We have internet connections capable of downloading a video in less than a week now, so why would we bother with pictures? But give it a shot, and you might be pleasantly surprised. I know I was. Videos might still reign supreme, but there are some pretty hot shots of black girls taking dicks and being covered in cum to be found here. At the very least, you can use the pics as an appetizer to get yourself going before moving on to the main course that you signed up for.

The girls on MyEbonyGF had nothing to gain when they made this porn you’ll find here, and that ensures one thing: they’re not in it for the money, or the fame, or anything but the fact that they’re freaks who love to fuck. And that comes across in the videos. If real black girls are your thing, MyEbonyGF should be your first and last stop when you get that craving for a dark beauty but aren’t able to actually do anything about it in the real world.

Missing Features

MyEbonyGF kind of drops the ball when it comes to some of its features. It’s got a basic search function, but there aren’t any tags so it just searches the titles. This might be adequate if the titles were descriptive enough, but when a majority of them are stuff like “Ebony GF rides cock like a pro” and “Ebony GF deepthroats big dick” you aren’t really able to pinpoint anything beyond the basics.

Thankfully, most of the vids on MyEbonyGF are great so unless you’re in the mood for something special this won’t really make blowing your load difficult. I’d suggest starting off by sorting the videos by Top Rated or Most Viewed, to get a sense for what the site has and to get the best videos they’ve got taken care of. Even though you masturbate at least twice a day because you can’t get laid, it will take you quite a while to get through the best stuff they’ve got hosted her.

But, once you do, you can switch things over to Most Recent. New videos pop up daily, so you’ll be able to jerk off to fresh black babes until the day you die, sad and alone.

Paying For Watermarks?

The strangest thing about MyEbonyGF is the watermarks. Most (but not all, for whatever reason) of the videos have a note saying “as seen on” in the bottom right corner. This raises a few questions, the answers to none of which actually matter, but I’m sure you don’t have anything better to do than contemplate them with me. First, why are MyEbonyGF videos being hosted on Second, why is the watermark only on some of the videos? And my last, and really my only important question, is why do I have to deal with this slight inconvenience on a porn site that I’m paying money for?

This isn’t really a big problem, but it’s annoying. There are literally thousands of websites out there offering free porn, so to block off a tiny bit of my view of the good stuff when I’m paying for the privilege seems unfair. It’s fairly easy to forget about when you look half an inch to the left and see a nice tight black cunt getting rammed by a fat cock, but it’s the principle of the matter.

An Unexpected Bonus

One area that MyEbonyGF really shines is in the added bonus features that come with your subscription. If you get tired of black girls, your membership can help you out in two ways. Most importantly, it gives you access to the rest of TheGFNetwork—so basically, you can get everything you can find here but for Latinas, Asians, BBWs, Milfs, and even more.

If that’s not enough, your membership also gives you access to discounted prices on a whole bunch of different porn sites. There are typical deals available every day to some of the top producers, as well as a new deep discount every day, so if you’re looking to expand your porno horizons make sure you check back every day.

ThePornDude likes MyEbonyGF's

  • Huge collection of amateur porn that’s nearly impossible to find elsewhere
  • Full-length, professional porn for free
  • Most of it is in HD
  • Free downloads

ThePornDude hates MyEbonyGF's

  • No tags or categories
  • Watermarks (on a paid website?)