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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Welcome to fapality.com! A website designed to make all your, usually mainstream, porn desires come to life. Sometimes, we all need to relax with a bit of casual porn viewing. Nothing too fancy or weird, and that is where sites like fapality.com come into play. This website is dedicated to the hottest pornographic videos out there, all listed in one place.

I say that they are mostly mainstream because, as I was browsing, I did not really find anything that stood out from the crowd… I wish that I did since my porn desires are rather odd and kinky. However, I do appreciate the nice presentation of casual pornographic content, with some naughtier scenarios here and there.

Anyway, if you would like to know whether fapality.com is actually worth your time, I got your back. Personally, I’d say that most porn websites that actually offer porn videos are worth our fucking time, and this site definitely falls under that category. Obviously, this mostly depends on you, and what the heck does your messed-up porn brain desire.

A basic layout.

From the very beginning, I was happy with what fapality.com has presented. The design is rather simple, and it kind of looks like one of those basic gif websites, which is what I originally thought fapality.com had to offer. However, it is actually a legit porn website with loads of naughty videos that you can enjoy for free.

With that said, I still think that the design could have been done a lot better, with style. But, as I have seen so much shit in my past, I cannot really argue that fapality.com looks much better than a lot of the free porn places I have already visited. Of course, this again depends on your personal taste, and whether you actually give a shit about the aesthetics.

I am a sophisticated man, and I do love to see a site with an amazing design, be it premium or not. At the same time, I can say that fapality.com is an overall passable place when speaking about aesthetics. Whether you share that opinion or not really does not concern me, now does it?

Love me some mainstream porn!

Now, let’s get down to what really matters, porn! Here, you will have all kinds of porn videos listed, and they have quite the self-explanatory titles. I also appreciate the fact that you get small snippets of the scenes when you hover over them. This can give you an idea of what the videos have to offer, and whether your dick will appreciate it.

The main niche of this website is explained on the homepage of the site, and personally, I do not care much for that shit. I actually dislike when a site has to write a whole paragraph on what they have to offer. A sentence or two, together with the thumbnails, should be more than enough to tell you what the site is about.

Well, I took my sweet time while exploring this place, and I found lots of porn videos that made my dick hard. One of my favorite videos featured the gorgeous Kecy Hill, who is a petite busty virgin, and she decided to lose that virginity on the scene. Obviously, most of this shit is scripted, but I still enjoy the casual make-believe within porn.

Another video that got my dick hard showed a beautiful milf with a huge ass and tits. She was massaged by her horny stepson, but since he was not doing a proper job, she decided to teach him a lesson. This resulted in lots of pussy and ass licking, with a hot blowjob and pussy banging at the end. Now, this horny mommy really knew how to please a dude.

As I have already mentioned, the majority of the videos here are pretty basic. The kinkiest clip I found was anal fucking on a sex swing, or a beauty taking her virginity by using a toy… but other than that, if you prefer some hardcore fucking action, you might not be satisfied with what fapality.com has to offer.

Actually, as I kept on browsing, I saw a lot of virgin sex videos. I am not sure whether I just checked out the site at the time when those types of videos were the most active, or what, but apparently there are lots of them. Personally, I prefer to watch Asian porn videos, but hey if you like virgin or any kind of porn (legal), go right at it.

Features ain’t bad.

On top of the site, you will have some of the usual features listed. There is a section dedicated to the videos, images, gifs, categories, and so on. You also have an option to register, in case you would like some of the user-privileges… such as favoriting videos, commenting, rating, and so on. The privileges are not that special.

I like the fact that even without the registration, I was able to see everything this place had to offer… since why the fuck would I register? I still do not see the point of becoming a part of the site just to comment on videos or that shit. I mean, I am not really shitting on people who like to do that, but personally, I do not see the point.

Some search options.

It is also worth the mention that fapality.com has some good search options. Of course, the first search options you will see are the basics, such as the most recent videos, most popular, your favorites, and so on. However, they also provide a section for the categories, just in case you were not able to find the content you were most interested in.

Their categories cover all the basics as well, and they have nice pictures describing the categories, making the search much easier. I do think that these helped me find my favorite videos, but it was also obvious that they do not have that many videos… compared to some other popular free porn sites such as PornHub, or xHamster.

But then again, if you are bored of browsing the same shit over and over again on these sites, you could change the scenery and give fapality.com a shot. This place is really nice, and it featured some videos I have not seen yet… and keep in mind that I am The Porn dude; if there is anyone out there who has seen it all, it will most probably be me. Don’t even @ me bro, or whatever the fuck millennials say these days.

Videos, photos, gifs… everything is free.

I can always appreciate a free porn site with content that I have not seen before. I can also appreciate the fact that this site has gifs and images, too, even though I do not care much for that. Sure, I like to see a hot babe in a pic or a gif… but would you rather fap to images, or would you prefer to see horny girls get pounded in actual videos? Yeah, that is what I thought.

With that said, I prefer to have sites that offer as much content as they can, and the majority of these photos are user-submitted… or at least t looks like that. Whatever the case might be, you have dirty images of horny amateurs, videos featuring both amateurs and professionals, and gifs featuring everything. So, when talking about the content, I am pretty sure that you will love fapality.com.

Is it worth it?

Obviously. Do you really think The Porn Dude would put something on his magnificent list of porn if the site did not make the cut? Well, my dudes, you know me… I only appreciate the quality. Now, whether that quality is presented in aesthetics or the actual porn a certain site has to offer, is a whole new story. What I can say is that while I did not really appreciate the design of fapality.com, I did appreciate the vides it offered. They made my dick hard, and that is what matters.

There are thousands of videos here, as well as images and gifs, which is not as much as you can see on some more popular porn sites. However, fapality.com is still on my list for a good reason. Their videos tend to be quite different in a sense that I have not seen them before, thus their collection is worth the visit. Whether you actually decide to give the site a chance or not, really does not fucking concern me.

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  • Free porn videos, images gifs.
  • Free registration
  • Simple layout

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  • Could use some upgrade search options