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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Where would we all be without the beautiful erotic splendor of erotic XXX Japanese cartoons? Where would we all be if we hadn’t had grown up without those lovable animes from our childhoods like Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh and Dragon Ball, which we all cherish to this day? Where would the world be without all of this? Well, probably in a better place, but the truth is that in this reality Hentai reigns as one of the most popular alternative formats of pornography there is, and it’s definitely here to stay. This infamous genre of XXX media has steadily grown since its introduction to the Western world back in the late 90s when only the most devoted ‘Weaboos’ would seek it out on amateur-made VHS tapes where Hentai shows would be recorded on, with poorly-written fan-made subtitles attached to the recording which were there to give the viewer some idea of what the plot was.

Yes, Hentai has certainly come a long way, and its presence on the internet has definitely evolved and greatly developed from those old XXX games on funny junk and the few dozen ‘Dragonball Z x Sailormoon’ crossover XXX parodies that were literally everywhere back in the early 2000s internet. Nowadays, instead of having to wait for hours or even days on end in order to download one episode of a certain Hentai show like ‘Night Shift Nurses’ on shady P2P platforms like LimeWire and Kaaza, you can easily open any given Hentai site like ‘HentaiDude’ here and find literally dozens if not hundreds of free, fully watchable videos of whole Hentai shows and then some. Kids nowadays don’t know how easy they have it with Hentai porn – it was a pretty difficult and time-consuming affair altogether to get your hands on a full episode of Hentai back then, but now thanks to sites like ‘HentaiDude’ it’s as easy as ever, so easy in fact that I don’t feel as if kids nowadays properly appreciate the fact of just how lucky they are to be able to have all this free Hentai at their disposal, but that’s a topic for another day – for now let’s focus on ‘HentaiDude’ here and see what it’s all about. ..

A Great Landing Page

I’m personally very impressed by this site’s landing page both as a fan and as a professional on all things internet porn. It’s pretty difficult to come across such a well-made, well-organized XXX domain, in general, let alone a Hentai website. ‘HentaiDude’ here looks pristine on the first impression, its landing page is well organized with an appropriate amount of navigation and content options set up with the correct dimensions – it’s not too much, and not too little, and the sleek black design makes it all easily perceivable and by extension easy to use. This site’s landing page should be an example for all other XXX domains, regardless if they’re Hentai-based or otherwise, it’s damn near perfect.

Anyone Need Uncensored Hentai?

All of Hentai is made censored – this is because all producers of XXX content in Japan must abide by Japanese law, which dictates that all genitals in all forms of media must be blurred. This, of course, means that the butthole isn’t censored since it’s not exactly a genital, but that won’t make the millions of Hentai fans satisfied because uncensored buttholes are nothing in comparison with the fully censored, extremely pixilated genitals which admittedly capture your attention upon seeing them and can become bothersome for the majority of people who watch Hentai and Japanese pornography in general. But thanks to the demand of horny Westerners, there are plenty of Hentai shows which have been produced and sold for the Western market, and you can bet all the sperm cells in your testicles that these renditions of Hentai shows are fully uncensored. There’s plenty of these uncensored full works and titles here on ‘HentaiDude’, and they can all be viewed for free just as easily as the censored ones, so if you were worried that you’d have to fap to some overly-pixilated dick and pussy here then worry no more.

3D Movies Included

There is a ridiculously staggering amount of amateur and semi-amateur-made 3D Hentai movies on this website which admittedly vary in terms of quality, ranging from great to absolutely horrendous. I’ve never been a huge fan of 3D-rendered pornography personally, but sometimes it can surprise me and actually turn out to be easily worth blowing a load to. A lot of these 3D videos tend to contain characters which look like real-life Japanese people, with a solid amount of them being made to emulate the anime-like Hentai art style, as well as a fair few of them containing characters which are drawn and depicted in a more Western art style which looks like your run of the mill Saturday morning cartoon. In any case, if you’re someone who can fap to 3D rendered polygons then you’ll definitely find a lot of fap-worthy stuff here.

The Parodies Are Undeniable

Of course, there are parodies here! One of the very reasons why people got into Hentai in the first place was because they found the characters of popular anime shows attractive, so you best believe that the internet’s going to deliver on this front and provide the world with thousands of Hentai videos that contain those same popular characters that we all grew up with as kids. There are so many goddamn parodies on this site that it almost looks like an XXX version of an anime show streaming website – I’m talking popular anime shows as well as video games the likes of Overwatch, League of Legends and other titles that are popular nowadays. If you’ve ever had a sexual affinity for a certain anime or video game character and would love nothing more than to be able to fap to that character then there’s a big chance that you’ll find a solid XXX parody video featuring that character which would be worthy of your load.

All the Categories You could Ever Need


There are a total of 54 categories here on HentaiDude, and they delve into literally every genre, kink, fetish, theme, topic, and factor that could ever be depicted in a Hentai show. I’m talking ecchi, yuri, teacher, tentacles, rape, gangbang, old man, teen, as well as literally every fathomable sex act there is (anal, blowjob, threesome and so on). It’s nice to see that the people running this site are serious about their content organization and distribution and have decided to create an optimal amount of categories which would do it justice – this is a direct reflection of the site’s landing page layout, which is also pretty much optimal, to say the least.

Fully Optimized for Mobile

This site is fully optimized for viewing from mobile and tablet devices, which is a huge deal nowadays, partly because over half of the world’s internet users access the World Wide Web by using one of these nifty handheld devices, and partly because fapping in a remote bathroom like at your workplace or a friend’s house is far more exciting and thrilling than fapping at home in front of your PC like a lonely loser. Now instead of fapping away all your dopamine alone in your room in front of a screen, you can excuse yourself from literally any setting, sneak away into the bathroom and rub one out to your favorite anime character that’s pretty much guaranteed to be featured on one of this site’s many XXX anime parodies. Anyone looking to access this site via a smartphone or tablet could do so without having to suffer any poorly optimized screen parameters and dimensions.

ThePornDude likes HentaiDude's

  • Navigation options are neatly presented
  • Categories go far and wide
  • Lots of 3D stuff
  • Great video players with decent option choices
  • All the classic Hentai shows included
  • Plenty of parodies too

ThePornDude hates HentaiDude's

  • “Hentai porn” and “Hentai videos” sections lead to alternate Hentai sites, are uncecessary
  • No image section
  • Lots of the 3D animations are lackluster in quality
  • No section or category for parody
  • No section or category for subtitled or dubbed videos