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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Wicked Whims Mod

Wicked Whims Mod

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Well, aren’t you lucky to have stumbled upon this neat review, where you will get to learn everything about WickedWhimsMod? What is Wicked Whims Mod, you ask? Well, my good sir, I am about to rock your whole world, unless you are a dude, then I might not. Now, for those who are not bit Sims lovers, and yes, I am talking about the Sims game, you might not be so interested.

But, then again, once you see what this mod adds to the game, it might spark your interest in the game overall. WickedWhimsMod.com is a mod that is created for The Sims 4, and it is designed to spice up your sex life, within a game. We all know how boring and generic the Sims 4 can be since let’s face it, this game was made for teenagers… so it makes sense.

But, anyone is allowed to enjoy the game, and with the mod, I shall be talking about today, I am sure most of you lads will definitely love the game. I think that this is just what The Sims 4 needed to spice up the sex life of your Sims, and I am like 100% sure that you will agree with me on this one.

Before I start with all the details and whatever, I think that I should also give credit to the maker of the mod. It was created by TurboDriver, in 2016 I think. And it has really gained its popularity with the nice features, that have been changing over time, which is always good. The features are improved, the gameplay is much batter, and it is free. What more do you want?

What is Wicked Whims all about?

Well, as I have said, this is a mod for Sims, in case you ever wanted to make your Sims gameplay a bit more pornographic. This mod allows you to enjoy Sims 4 gameplay as it was supposed to be enjoyed. Basically, once you get the mod, you will get a lot more options in the bedroom, and you can truly enjoy the lifelike experiences with the Sims 4.

The best thing about this mod is that they have thought about both straight and gay lovemaking, so it really does not matter who the fuck you create. Once you create two adults, you can go to the bedroom and explore your options. The mod works in a very simple way, you just click on the bed, and you will get the Wicked Whims logo, and there you can select what you want.

When you click on the bed, you have quite a lot of options; starting from the usual, anal sex, blowjob, handjob, vaginal sex, teasing, foreplay, and so on. Depending on which one of those options you click on, you will be given different options on the side, like the position you prefer, the strength, or whatever else might be considered.

I think that when it comes to such details, they really went all out. Another great thing is that your Sims are actually naked. So, there are no more pixilated bullshit; you will actually get to see your Sims get down and dirty, which is rather new to all of us Sims lovers. I think that this is a very great mod, and it has been around for quite some time, so if you are just hearing about it, your world is about to change. Other than the bed, you can actually do a lot of shit on the couch, or basically any surface. You can also enjoy many quirky shits in the bathroom, so don’t forget to check that out. The blowjobs, handjobs, and other crap is quite fucking hot, since the Sims are made to enjoy it all. Not to mention that you also get a special pack of moaning, so it really looks… well, real.

As for those who are here just for the family-friendly Sims 4 play, I am not sure what to tell you. As for those who want to spice up their sex life in Sims, you are more than welcome to check out this mod since … it is fucking free. Oh boy, we both know I played the shit out of this mod, and I am going to tell you all you need to know about installing and enjoying it.

How to install the mod.

I am sure that many of you might not even know how you are supposed to install the mod, and that is basically why you have me here. So the first thing you need to do is to obviously open the site called WhickedWhimsMod.com, and then you will get a lot of options. As you can see, the site itself is pretty descriptive as it is, so is there really a need for me to explain any of this?

Well, you will also see that they have a section dedicated for the download, and honestly, that download goes very fast. You just need to choose from which server you want to download, and that is about that. Now, it is all about where you place the download. You obviously need to extract the file and then place it in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.

If you do not have the Mods folder, which you should, you can always create it yourself. Keep in mind that this is a mod created for the Sims 4, so if you have any other version of The Sims, do not be surprised when the mod does not work. It is also worth noting that you should just drag the full WickedWhimsMod folder into the Mods folder, you do not have to do more than that.

The only way this shit would not work is if the mods are not enabled in the game. So, you need to open the game, go to the options, and enable the mods in the last tab. I think that you can find the shit for this online, there is no need for me to write a whole-ass tutorial on this. Once you do activate the mods, you will have to restart the game, and everything should work.

Some possible bugs are to be expected.

Let’s be fair; creating a perfect mod is not possible. There might always be bugs or whatever the fuck, and that is not the fault of the person who created the WickedWhimsMod.com. Now, if you visit WickedWhimsMod.com, you will get to see that they already thought about all the shit that could happen, and that is why you have different sections to help you resolve your issues.

For example, if you want to have additional mods, if you have issues with the outfit, penis, mods reliability, if your game crashes or whatever, WickedWhimsMod.com has explained what you need to do. You also get to see the full sex gameplay and nudity gameplay and all that. So, if you have any questions or you might be confused, I think it is safe to say that WickedWhimsMod.com has pretty much explained it all.

There is also a special tab for all the help you might need, I mean TurboDriver, whoever you might be, you did a fucking great job at explaining how all this shit works, so props to you man. Now, for those who might be experiencing some issues with WickedWhimsMod, you can contact the admin and tell him about the issues, screenshotting, or whatever could also help.

A great Sims 4 mod for sex!

At the end of the day, that is all WickedWhimsMod is. This is a mod that will spice up your sex life in Sims, and I think it was very much needed. The mod is pretty old, in a sense that it was created like 4 years ago, but it is still getting updates and all that shit, so do not worry about its functionality.

The mod was created by TurboDriver, and if you want to support, you can check out his/her Tumblr and Patreon and just do what comes naturally, my dudes. Overall, I think that Wicked Whims Mod is a mod that all the true The Sims 4 lovers can enjoy, not to mention that the mod is free, so what the fuck do you have to lose?

If you have any questions after reading my review, on how the fuck to install or resolve bugs, feel free to not fucking message me about it. Instead, contact the admin of this site, and just talk to him about the issues or whatever the fuck concerns you. Simple.

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