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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Stream Sex! I’ve visited a LOT of porn websites before – thousands of them. Some have been good, some bad, some have been nicely optimized with a lot of options on them and have offered a nice user experience, and some have been stripped down to the most basic options that you could ever hope to use on a porn website. Options on porn websites are there to help you navigate its content and find the stuff you’re looking for, and for the most part they’ve been helpful – but there have been some instances where the opinions of a porn website (regardless if the site is an XXX-based board or a content dump porntube) have done nothing for it, and there have also been times where a XXX site’s options have even made the whole UX/UI aspect of it worse.

But I’ve never ever come across a porntube website that’s been so damn bland in terms of options, pages, and visuals that it looked highly suspicious to me. StreamSex is, of course, the site I’m referring to here – it’s definitely as barebones as they come, and offers very little more than simple thumbnail image links that can be used to open videos.

But even though this website only has three different sorting options here which make up the entirety of things you can do on it that don’t consist of opening XXX videos, it still manages to offer a decent selection of content. In fact, the videos on this site look like they’ve been pulled right out of a popular porntube site and just plastered on here.

When I first visited this site I took a look at its comic sans font, it’s super-barebones list of options and layout and the horrendous background color that it uses, and I thought “okay this is finally the day my quest for listing every single porn website finally leads to me giving my computer an STD”, but I was wrong – this site is actually more or less safe (even though it’s not secured) and no ads pop up on it whatsoever when accessing it with AdBlock turned on, but that’s only because ‘StreamSex’ is pretty much another popular porntube website in disguise…

It’s Basically an XVideos Content Dump!

This site is XVideos with a mask on! Each and every video you open here will just redirect you to XVideos, where it was originally posted. Each thumbnail video link on this site is simply just a link leading to XVideos. It’s a pretty bizarre porn website as far as porn websites go, but in the end, this site does work despite its suspicious layout, name and visual theme (basically everything about this website is suspicious). This site is a literal clone of XVideos in a different packaging, but the fact that it actually functions normally (or should I say semi-normally) is very surprising. But even though it’s a clone of XVideos this site displays a severe lack of content options on it as opposed to its counterpart…

So There are Two Different Content Sorting Options Here…

There are a total of only two different content sorting options on this site that you can rely on in order to get to the video that deserves your load. They’re ‘New Sex Movies’ and ‘Best Movies’, so it’s obvious that they can only either show you the newest videos on the site or the best ones. This, of course, is nothing compared to the content options of other websites, but there is also a whole standalone tag list that you can access here on StreamSex which is surprising because most porn websites don’t let you access the entirety of their tags because they’re usually too numerous…

As Well as a Whole Tag List

Like I said earlier, StreamSex lets you access all of its tags at once – the ‘Tag List’ option that can be accessed on the top of any of its pages is an option that shows you all of the tags that are featured on this site’s videos. There are well over a thousand individual tags that are used for this site’s content, and from what I’ve seen all of them are no-nonsense tags – there are no unreadable tags or tags that are in a non-English language, and they all contribute to a certain theme, topic, niche or fetish that’s exhibited in the entirety of this site’s videos, which is refreshing to see because a lot of porn websites with thousands of tags on them tend to have completely unreadable or useless tags that don’t really make content organization or sorting easier for the visitor. But there’s a catch here you see…

But Here’s The Catch!

Any of the aforementioned options that you click on will lead you to a different site – XVideos! In fact, everything you click on this site will lead you there. StreamSex is, like I said, a complete clone of XVideos, except the only things it has on it are clickable thumbnail video links that lead you to videos on XVideos and three different options that I mentioned in the above paragraphs. There’s really not much else to say here, this is merely a clone of XVideos, but it can’t really measure up to it because it lacks the in-depth categorization that XVideos has…

And There’s No Categorization Whatsoever!

(Everything is random) Unlike StreamSex, XVideos has a whole list of categories and other sections on it that let you organize the massive amount of videos it has stored on it easily because that site is more or less a content dump of random XXX videos uploaded by hundreds of thousands of users. StreamSex doesn’t exactly have its own category section that you can refer to, and the videos uploaded on it are not in the same order as the ones uploaded on XVideos, so it’s really a random collection of XXX videos that all lead to XVideos and can’t be organized whatsoever.

At Least The Site Works Fast and Isn’t Full of Ads

At least this site is dependable if anything else – it might be a fully barebones-style portal that doesn’t offer much in terms of innovation, organization, visuals or even UX/UI, but at the end of the day you can be sure that accessing it via PC or mobile won’t let you down. This site works – it might redirect you to XVideos, but it can get the job done, which is saying something because 99% of all XXX sites that look similar to StreamSex here tend to be a pain in the ass to use.

ThePornDude likes StreamSex's

  • Site responds fast
  • Videos it shows are different to XVideos
  • Site works fine with AdBlock on
  • Fully optimized for mobile
  • Isn’t full of viruses

ThePornDude hates StreamSex's

  • The background color is atrocious
  • As is the comic sans font that’s used
  • Is basically a clone of XVideos
  • No content organization at all
  • Video thumbnails don’t move when hovering over them