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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Welcome to /r/Anal, one of the hottest subreddits on If you were wondering whether or not you can find some extreme content on, then you probably haven’t seen /r/Anal yet. This place is full of amazing porn content that only those with a strong stomach can watch. Either that or you must really love anal in order to keep up with this content. /r/Anal doesn’t fuck around, and they have some of the hottest videos and images of chicks having their assholes ripped apart by fists, cocks, and so on. And the best part? It’s all free, no credit card required.

All sorts of content, especially amazing anal

I mean you’ve probably already known this about, but the place really does have pretty much every niche as a subreddit. Want to find a subreddit about spoiled lemons or something? Yep, you can probably find it on here. How about a subreddit where you can see people fucking die? Yep, you have that too, and I even think that that’s the exact name of the subreddit as well. There really are no limits to what kind of content you can find on this website. If you look for it, you’ll find it on /r/Anal is no different, with its content that is completely dedicated to hardcore anal videos and pictures.

Let me just tell you this much, you have to be an insane fan of anal in order to enjoy the content on /r/Anal. This isn’t your average anal content where chicks get penetrated sensually and then proceed to have a good time taking a cock up their ass. No, this place is full of some of the most hardcore and most painful videos to watch of hot chicks getting their asses stuffed with fists, fingers, cocks, dildos, and so on. There is just no explaining the level of pain that most of the girls on /r/Anal are going through. I mean, there’s the oddball here and there of a piece of content where the chick gets fucked sensually for all you girls out there that can’t seem to take a hint when you pass through seven different videos on /r/Anal where the chick is getting absolutely destroyed… But for the most part, it’s hardcore content, to say the least.

An amazing and active community submits content

I love /r/Anal for multiple reasons. The first and probably the most important reason is that the community gets involved with these anal videos so much on that they really know which content to put at the top of the charts. You have several filters and sorting mechanisms to use on /r/Anal and in general, and they all allow you to see what the community thinks should be in that category. We’ll go over those in a bit, but for now, just remember that you can customize the experience on /r/Anal to suit your needs perfectly. Other than that, you need to get ready for some of the most active communities on, /r/Anal included.

I mean, you already know that is not exclusively a porn website. There are plenty of NSFW subreddits, for sure, but there are plenty of normal subreddits as well. It really comes down to whether you want to watch porn on a porn tube site, or you want to be part of a bigger community like the one on /r/Anal. There are more than 340 thousand members in this community or subscribers as they’re called on Other than that, you can notice that there are always at least a thousand if not more users online every second of the day. With such an active community, you might be asking yourself, how much content can there actually be on /r/Anal?

There’s not end to the limitless porn on here

Well, I can safely say that there’re virtually no limits to the content on /r/Anal. You can just keep on scrolling and viewing everything that has been posted on here, but you’re always going to have brand new content that you can enjoy. /r/Anal is full of some of the most amazing and sexiest posts when it comes to anal, and that should be obvious because of the name of the subreddit. However, not all posts start off this way. When you first come onto /r/Anal, you’ll be sent to the Hottest section, and naturally, you’re going to see some of the best pictures and videos that you can on the subreddit. It just makes a lot of sense when you think about it that way so let’s explore all the other sections that you can check out on here.

First, you have the Hottest sorting. Then there’s the Trending section where you can check out all the newer posts that seem to be getting some traction. This is where people go when they want to see quality content when they run out of stuff on the Hottest section. It makes sense to go on here if you want to upvote and downvote content so that you can decide alone with the community what ends up on the Hottest section. You’re going to see a lot of amazing content, and some less amazing content so choose wisely when deciding what you want to promote to the front page. /r/Anal really has all sorts of anal pictures and videos, so it’s up to the community to decide which ones make it in the end.

And then, you have the place that should not be named. The place where hope hides and sorrow reaps its toll. I know I’m making this sound like a horror flick, but that is kind of what you can expect on /r/Anal’s New section. When people are sorting by New, they’re doing it for two reasons. The first reason is when they run out of content and they feel a sense of duty to promote the best stuff that gets posted all the time to the Trending page and the Hottest page after that. The second reason is if the person is completely masochistic and he likes burrowing through endless heaps of shit just to get to that one good anal post because they just like the adventure behind the scenes. Yeah, there is some really shitty content in this section.

Top section has the best anal content

There’s also the Top section and you can decide to filter through this one if you want to so that you can see the top-rated posts of the last 24 hours, the last day, the last month, or even the all time highest rated posts on /r/Anal. If you want to see what the community upvotes and what the top post of all time is, then this is the place to do so. Also, visiting this section almost guarantees one of the best masturbation sessions of your entire fucking life. You just can’t find any better posts than the ones on /r/Anal in the Top section of the subreddit.

Anyway, there’s something that I want to mention about in general (which in turn implies that it works on /r/Anal as well) and it has to do with the design. The design is really modern ever since they refurbished the look of The place has completely new graphics, new layout options, and the most important thing of all is the inclusion of the new Dark mode. This mode is made for people who absolutely love to browse /r/Anal late at night and they don’t want the brightness of the screen to absolutely maul their eyes to death. Kudos to Reddit for having those.

And although the layout on is simple to use once you’re used to it, it has a bit of a learning curve for new users. Even with that in mind, you’re still going to have an amazing time when browsing /r/Anal once you get a hang of the ropes and all that. And with an endless amount of content that gets new arrivals pretty much every second, you’re virtually never going to run out of things to jerk off to. The site is free at the end of the day, so there’s no reason not to check out’s /r/Anal and see how you enjoy it.

ThePornDude likes Anal's

  • User-submitted and free Anal porn content
  • You have videos, pictures, and even gifs on here
  • All the content is updated frequently and is free

ThePornDude hates Anal's

  • The videos aren’t that long usually
  • There’s a lot of shitty content in the New section
  • Has a learning curve to the layout of the site