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Updated on 05 February 2024
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A good source of real amateur Arab porn has been my white whale. Every once in a while I’ll run across a hot video of a Muslim girl getting her burka pounded off but it’s always a one-off. A few months later I’ll find another, but my search for a source has always come up empty. I think the appeal for me is that to film amateur porn in some shithole Arab country is such an act of desperation. The Muslim girls who make these videos have to have been so desperate for dick that they risked life and limb to film and upload a video of themselves fucking. These girls have more bravery in their little clits than you do in your entire body. It’s taboo, it’s an act of defiance, and it’s fucking sexy.

My years of restlessly wandering the seas of the porn world in the search for a good collection of amateur Muslim porn has finally come to an end. Enter ArabGFVideos: an arm of the many-limbed rapidly growing Girlfriend Network, a specialist in amateur videos of real girlfriends of all kinds.

But we’re here for girls of one kind and one kind only. Arab girls. But unlike you, I’m not some racist moron who thinks all Arab girls are the same. The East isn’t a timeless monolith, it’s a real place filled with living, breathing, and thinking people just like the bumfuck podunk town that you call home. Read some Edward Said, you uneducated hick.

So let me discuss some of what differentiates these beautiful brown babes. Some are thick with big tits and asses, while others are slim and tight. Some like sucking cock, while others prefer to take it in the ass. Some don’t like either, but do it anyways because they’re good girls. They’ve got Arab MILFs who have been devoutly servicing their husbands for years, and Arab teens that are seeing a cock for the first time.

I think that about covers everything that matters. I’m sure they’re all very nice people with interesting stories to tell, but we’ve only got so much time so I decided to focus on what’s actually important.

If you’re a fan of Arab girls like me but don’t want to sign up for the US military and fly halfway across the world just to have “consensual” sex with the locals, ArabGFVideos is the next best thing. This porn is so real that the only difference is that you won’t have to get your cum stains off of a black veil after.

Oh, wait, it’s you we’re talking about. Even with the added intimidation that a foreign invader in uniform has, you wouldn’t be able to get a girl over there. It’s between ArabGFVideos and a goat, so make your decision wisely.

You will have to pay for ArabGFVideos, but it’s not quite as bad as signing your entire life away. If you prepay for a quarter of a year you’ll only be paying two-thirds of a buck a day, but you can also choose a one-day trial membership for a dollar if you’re not sure if you’ll stick around. Here’s a word of warning, though: that selection of girls that you’ll see on the teaser page? As far as I’m aware, these are professionals and you won’t actually find them inside. Maybe I just missed them, but if you’re joining up because you fell in love at first sight with one of these girls, you might be disappointed. For everyone else, there isn’t really anything to worry about—the girls you get access to are just as hot, they’re not just these eight in particular.

By the way, the service will show up under a discreet name on your credit card bill. This way, when your mom and dad check your mail they won’t think you’ve converted to Islam and that you’ve been funneling money to ISIS. Put on your MAGA hat, crack open a cold one, and light up your tiki torch to make the illusion complete—nobody will suspect that your true desire is to fly over to the Middle East and make one (or more, I think they let you do that) of these girls your bride.

Forbidden Eastern Delights

I’ll be straight with you (mostly because I know how much trouble you have being straight with yourself let alone other people): before I started to watch the videos, I thought ArabGFVideos was going to be a ripoff. Most premium porn pages come with a charge because the studio has to keep the content coming. You give your ten or so dollars a month straight to the directors, producers, and stars. It makes sense.

But ArabGFVideos is a repository for amateur videos. The talent isn’t making any money off of this, so where is the money going?

I guess it’s going straight to the guys who run the site, but you know what—they deserve it. I haven’t seen a single of the videos on this site anywhere else, so they must be working incredibly hard to source this stuff. They’re not just pulling the content of the top of the big tube sites, they’re doing a massive archaeological dig to unearth these treasures. It’s like ArabGFVideos is King Tut’s tomb, and every other source of amateur Arab porn on the internet is the Egyptian homeless drug addict that lives down the street who tells you stories of his old home in exchange for a quarter. There’s a big difference, and it’s worth paying for.

You’ve basically got two options—slum it with Abdul under the bridge hoping that you find something interesting, or pay a premium for an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation right to the source of the material. Oh, except instead of ancient artifacts, priceless art, and historical knowledge, you get to experience hot forbidden sluts taking cock. So it’s an improvement all around.

Is The Site Not Finished?

ArabGFVideos is weak in one area that pretty much every other porn site has mastered. It’s got a basic search function, but there aren’t any tags so it just searches the titles. If the titles were more detailed this might be good enough, but when so many of them are basic shit like “Arab GF gives head” and “Arab Beauty Masturbates” you’re kind of limited in what you can locate.

The only reason this doesn’t ruin the experience is that the videos on ArabGFVideos are of a high enough quality that you can essentially click at random and find something hot enough to bust a nut to. If you can’t find anything at first glance try resorting the videos by Top Rated or Most Viewed. This will pull up the best of the best. If you can’t find something here, you’re on the wrong site, so I hope you got the one-day membership like I suggested. I’m guessing you had too much blood in your cock and not enough in your brain when you signed up, though, so consider what you spent on the next few months the cost of a lesson learned.

A Change Of Pace

One aspect that ArabGFVideos really stands out in are two additional features that come alongside your membership. If you ever move on from Arab girls, your membership can help you out in two other ways. As your first added bonus you’ll get unrestricted viewing privileges to the whole GFNetwork family, which gives you similar stuff but for various other types of girls. White girls, black girls, fat girls, Mexican girls—if it’s a category of amateur porn, TheGFNetwork probably has a subsite for it. On top of that, your subscription also gives you access to a special storefront with discounts on loads of porn. There are smaller discounts available day in and day out for a lot of the major studios, and then a brand new huge discount that changes each day, so if you’re looking to expand your porno horizons make sure you check back often.

ThePornDude likes ArabGFvideos's

  • Amateur Arab porn that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Almost all of it is really fucking hot
  • Free downloads
  • Access to the GFNetwork and porn discounts come as an added bonus

ThePornDude hates ArabGFvideos's

  • No tags or categories
  • Limited search capabilities