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Updated on 05 February 2024
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You don’t need to be an Apple genius to know what is all about when the domain name gives everything away. For the slow learners, it’s about whores that are complete sluts and dudes who are twisted perverts. It’s a free homemade sex tube but if you think you have fapped to it all, think again. This site is not your typical amateur porn tube, and in as much as you will have your ‘normal’ porn to beat meat to, there is some more kinky shit that will jade even the most hardcore fap masters. Think of shit like rape, bestiality, weird insertions, whores swallowing horse cum and much more sick shit.

Looking at the number of videos, it’s hard to believe that these fucks have only been around since 2015. They have steadily increased their archive, and their numbers make for really impressive reading. The perversion on this site is written in black and white (well, more like grey but you get my point) and if you are looking for a haven with amateur, nasty-minded honeys who will allow just about anything hard in their coochies, is home, fuck boy.

Nowhere near your typical amateur porn tube

Do not be duped by the site’s motto ‘Amateur Porn Videos: Free Homemade Sex Tube’ into believing that is like other porn tubes you’ve been frequenting. Well, at first glance it does look like so, but like you will find out, it’s a whole different animal once you delve deeper into the shit lined up.

But before that, I have to mention that I wasn’t too impressed with the spammy pop-ups that confront you when browsing the site for the first time. Why would anyone try to convince me that my computer is fucked up and how I need to buy blah blah blah software and such shit? Don’t be the fool that falls for that.

That said, the content here is arranged just like you would expect of a normal porn tube. Start by checking out the latest vids located just below the site’s logo and motto. There are whores being fucked in all manner of positions and in varying locations, and one thing that will hit you pretty fast is have kept their promise of delivering hot homemade porn. See saucy sluts rubbing their moist pink cunts with all manner of sex toys, sultry honeys squirting lady cum all over the place, horny dudes flashing their cocks to unsuspecting ladies and much more. Fuck it; I even saw a few ladies getting more than a little friendly with their pets, allowing them to lick their cunts and even parting their thighs for some animal dick (when I was here thinking this shit is illegal). Expect even more fucked up shit. Even better, the videos have the thumbnail preview option, and you just need to hover over the thumbnails to get a sneak preview.

Are you down for dog fucking whores?

Even a toddler has seen dogs fucking each other, but have you ever seen dogs fucking a human cunt? Then sit your ass down and let me tell you all about the dog fucking sexcapades at

So, here is a little fact about a dog’s dick that you probably didn’t know. Once a dog inserts its cock inside a bitch, the tip of its penis has a ‘bulb’ that kind of swells with blood, and once penetration has taken place, there is no turning back until the dog cums. Knowing the kind of perverts that read my reviews, I’m guessing this has already given you ideas. But you are not lucky; they haven’t started doing surgeries to turn human dicks into a dog’s rape dick. However, you can probably pick a tip or two from the collection of dog humping videos in this bitch.

Oh, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. Dogs are only one of the many animals the sluts at will get nasty with. There is also a fair share of whores getting freaky with horses, bulls, chimps and such. If you want a clearer idea of just how animal related porn is prevalent in this site, search for ‘gangbang,’ and you will find people even fucking pigs and gorillas, but its clear sluts here particularly love the taste of dog stick. It’s some fucking dangerous shit that I’d strongly advice against. But then who am I, your mother? If you can take a liter or two of horse cum in your stomach, go on and wreck your fucking self.

Categorically speaking

The categories are a bit confusing. Well, the titles make plenty of sense, but I wouldn’t say the same thing about the content stacked in some of these thumbnails. For example, I saw plenty of dog humping videos in the ‘stripping’ category while the ‘anal’ category has loads of horse fucking smut. In the ‘shaved’ category, you will cum across whores being rammed doggy style by dogs and such shit. There seems to be a particular obsession with bestiality and even location specific content, for instance, Russian has plenty of whores having sex with animals.

It is easy to get distracted by all that animal fucking shit and momentarily forget that is indeed an amateur porn site, and you will find plenty of other categories like interracial, nudist, big ass, close-ups, fisting, cuckold, bottle (where whores are inserting all manner of bottles and beer cans in their coochies) and much more kinky stuff. When I told you this tube is not your typical porn tube, I meant every word. Ultimately, I would say that most of’s archive is full of perverts and sluts committing crimes against nature and anyone looking for normal porn would be advised to look elsewhere. That said, there is plenty for morbidly curious motherfuckers who love smut of the sick variety to check out.

Basic player, average quality scenes

The videos stream without much buffering, but most are available in pretty average quality which is a shame given their kinky nature and how hot some of the sluts are. I had to move from one scene to another looking for videos with HD quality, but nothing was forthcoming. The video player is also pretty basic, and while it has no option to adjust quality, at least it has a download option, and you can look forward to adding to your crazy ass stash.

What makes stand out?

Lots of free porn; there is no telling the exact amount of porn on this tube, but the number of videos per category tells a whole story especially when some of them have over 30k videos. You will have plenty to work on your snake with.

Some downright freaky stuff; I’m actually running out of words to describe the freaky fucking shit in this tube. There is loads of bestiality and other kinky smut for those who prefer their porn more than a little scary.

Downloads available; not only will you be able to jerk off to some weird stuff, but you can also download the scenes and fill your hard drive with some horse and dog fucking shit. Just make sure nobody finds your perverted stash.

Reasons to be concerned

Mixed up categories; the list of categories is fucked up and misleading. The names don’t necessarily reflect the content in that particular category which will not make your browsing experience any better.

Some of the stuff here is scary as fuck; what is the best way to describe a fucked up freak sucking a horse’s dick? How dangerous and twisted is that shit?

Spam pop-ups; there is nothing to be impressed about interruptive and possibly risky pop-up ads that keep begging for your attention as you browse especially when they appear just when you are about to rub one out.

What I think should be done

Get your shit together and sort the categories. Did I have to point out such a glaringly obvious incompetence? Damn!

Bottom line

The kind of content here is both an advantage and a disadvantage. For people who get hard watching people-animal sex, this is the Holy Grail. Not so for people who love to keep their sexual fantasies ‘normal’. If you fall in the latter category, you may not want to stick around long enough to touch your dick. There is a truckload of super freaky porn that is rare to find on other porn tubes which is what makes special. A word of caution though; it is NOT for the faint-hearted.

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  • Mixed up categories
  • Some scary ass stuff
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