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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Watching erotic material is great whether it’s a porno movie, erotic picture galleries, a photo shoot or tasteful nudes or even a good ol’ fashioned Tijuana Bible. But there is something unique about enjoying erotic material which engages the theater of the mind. After all, seeing is one thing, but imagining is another. And with written erotica, you can envision the characters, the setting, and the action in a way which is totally unique to literature.

And ever since the dawn of the net, people have been building platforms which allow writers, both amateurs and professionals, to post their own series of porn prose and sexy stories. Since there is so much out there and new sites being added to the interwebs all the time, it can be hard to keep up. Fortunately for you guys, I’m every vigilant to the changes and additions to the Internet’s ever-growing collection of video, picture, and text footage which will get your prick up.

When I was last checking for sites of the literotic nature I didn’t find an interesting new one, but actually, an older site which seemed to be buried in a crevice of the net. Typically stumbling across sites like this is a red flag to me, but after looking it over, I did find that the Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository really lives up to its name and is something worth checking out.

To find out more, keep on reading to learn about a unique alternative sex story repository.

“What Is This Place?”

Right when you’re taken to the age verification landing page, this gives you a great feel for what you are going to see. Most porn site’s intro pages usually feature a few photos of naked women or even a promo clip – well, this literotic site appropriately enough has a drawing of a coy half naked lady and a ton of text.

Though not for those of a short attention span, this introductory page explains all of the various forms of written stories, recorded audio, and porno pictures you are going to see. In effect, it acts like a pretty nice tease for what you’re about to read.

If you’re ready for more, click on enter the website – and not to the technical FTP Directory – and get ready to enjoy a unique literotica experience.

“What’s The Site Design Like”

To put it in one word: rough – which I think is unfortunate, because the content provided on this platform is actually pretty good. Still, sporting the most basic 90s-inspired HTML site design will take some time getting used to. On the other hand, nearly all of the links and site features work. And as you might guess, that also means that there isn’t a mobile-friendly version.

“Who Are The Authors?”

Like you might guess, the people who use this site are mostly amateur authors who enjoy posting and reading erotic literature. From what I can tell, the majority of them just upload for their own benefit and with the hope of that someone else will enjoy the machination of their randy minds. However, some of the posters are semi-professional and professional writers and artists who are looking to promote their brand.

So, you’re going to find that the level of writing and artistic quality varies, but with a community of passionate, not to mention extremely horny individuals, nearly everything is pretty damn unique.

And to make things even better, by using the Collections section, you get access to the author’s email address in case you want to heap praise on them or make a custom literary request.

“What’s The Collection Like?”

Having been around for over a decade, ASSTR truly is a massive repository. Since ASSTR claims over a thousand authors, there are literally thousands of stories plus hundreds of oil and digital paintings, drawings, illustrations, and photographs.

aSSSville – Not sure why they went with three ‘s’ but as you might suppose this collection focuses on posteriors which are neat and petite to meaty and plump, and who belong to people of all different ages and both genders. And for you paddling enthusiasts, there is a keen emphasis on spanking as well.

Damsel In Distress – Who doesn’t love a good story about a fair maiden be rescued by a white knight either symbolically or literally in a story? Well, fucking feminists don’t but who cares what they think. They and their right-wing allies can circle jerk about how terrible erotic entertainment is on Tumblr. If you do like a classy story where the guy saves the girl and the girl services the guy, this collection is a great resource.

Scat games – Yep, there’s that kind of erotica, too. To be fair, for a scat section, the stuff therein is actually pretty tame since there aren’t any “extreme” scat stories, snuff, violence, or kidnapping. Plus, the author tends to inject a little humor, which I suppose makes sense given the fetish to be fapped to is poo! As a side, stories are available in both English and French.

Kristen’s Collection – Started by a renowned erotic author, Kristen’s story collection goes as far back as 1997 and has had new additions ever since then. She has a variety of tastes and has written about fantasies featuring exhibitionism, lesbians living on each other, and guys getting gay together.

The libertine reposts – According to the organizer and editor, the stories in this collection pre-date the days of Usenet. In fact, some of the oldest material goes way back to 1979! (Anybody remember that time – anyone reading alive during that time?) The stories organizer here includes a variety of erotic scenarios all of which focus on intense passion and hedonistic pleasure. So, ready yourself for an intense read when scrolling through these stories.

Lost Boys – Are you one of the children of the night? Do you like your romantic and sexy stories to involve a little bit of magic, too? Then check out the sexy stories to read about erotic tales involving transformation, vampires, magic, and even sentient plants.

Forbidden Fantasies – Some people like the shotgun approach when it comes to erotic fantasy and Punky_Girl04 certainly writes that way. Her stories include science fiction, mind control, different age groups, dark themes, and what she calls “basically, everything naughty.”

Reader beware: this kinda smut ain’t for the faint of heart.

Silver Clitorides Awards – As the name suggests, this section is devoted to promoting some of the best authorship on the site. Since the content on ASSTR this collection is pretty diverse and covers a lot of fetishes and sexual orientations. However, they’re all some of the absolute best literotica you can find on this website.

TimeStop: Enjoying The Moment – Click on this link and you’ll find a fascinating series of stories which all have a time travel sci-fi theme combined with erotica. In addition to time travel, there’s also a good deal of stories which involve mind control, and I’m sure you can guess the kind of kink that leads into. In addition to stories, the original author has teamed up with artists, so there are some neat illustrations accompanying some stories, too.

Sir Snuff – Yeah, you know what this is – really, really extreme stuff that you simply cannot find in porn. For sure, this isn’t my thing, and I don’t know how it could be for anyone, but remember that no actual puppies or kittens were harmed in the making of this material.

Sevispac’s Collection – If you refer to your site as the Disneyland of Porn you’ve got a lot to prove. Well, as someone who considers himself the Don Juan of pron reviews, I think I can make a determination as t whether or not SevisPac has earned his title. And I gotta say, his collection ain’t bad. The parts of the site’s design is ugly as hell, but there are dozens of stories about bordellos, slutty girls, and the glorification of youth and early sexual experiences.

Side note: if Sevispac wants some help redesigning his webpages, I’d be happy to help…for a modest fee, of course.

Besides all of that, there are the more traditional erotic categories like an all lesbian literotica, all gay stuff. bisexual stories, femdom, miscellaneous, and the moderators’ personal archived favorites. On top of that, the majority of the content is English although a good percentage of stories have been written or translated into the language of love. Bonne lecture!

“Who Has Been Spotlighted?”

In an attempt to boost people’s creativity and reward those who write and draw outside the box, ASSTR has, or rather used to, highlight their best contributors work with a monthly spotlight problem. While they now have pushed this to an archive following site problems (more on that later) this page is a great way to discover some of the hidden talents that ASSTR has shown off over the years.

To be honest, while the organization of the material is atrocious – with every post link is on a single page (!) – the material itself is surprisingly good and, unlike other literotic sites or tubes, it all seems to be original or accredited not pirated. So, just be prepared for lots and lots of scrolling.

“Can I Submit My Own Stories?

And here comes the real downer when it comes to using this website – the lack of new material. As of April 2017, ASSTR suffered a severe hardware failure which caused the site masters to invest into rebuilding the website. Given the wonky design that ASSTR I’m questioning whether they are still rebuilding (or if they ever did at all) which led to certain site features no longer functioning.

Further, their capacity to receive new submissions has been broken as well and no, they don’t take new stories via email. Not sure why any of that is after so much time has passed, but if you’re looking for a new place to upload your material as an erotic writer, this is not the platform to use right now.

In fact, I’m not sure if this site ever will be updated since the most recent modification to this website seems to be from back in August 2018.

That said, if someone reading this has found that ASSTR has been fixed and they have either done a formal site redesign or are taking stories, let me know. I’ll be sure to update this article when that happens.

Weirdly though, they are accepting new members. In fact, a few newbies have been signing up with the site every day recently.

“Is It Worth Reading?”

The thing about a site like this is that it’s very niche. If you’re really into wild and imaginative erotic literature that you can read for free, then you’ll feel right at home. On the other hand, if you’re a casual erotic reader or have never been all that interested in it, you might find this site a little tricky to get into.

After all, some of the stories are well written, have been edited and formatted nicely, while others read like shit. Of course, being a platform for a variety of writers, there are actually erotic stories which involve sex and shit, so there’s that factor.

On the other hand, if you or a friend of yours is into some more, shall I say “unique” erotic content and can’t find it (or much of it) in porn, erotic stories are the next best thing.

I’d say give it try if this isn’t your thing since, hey, it is a free erotic site, and there are some pretty unique stories and neat illustrations. You might find something wank-worthy, or at least interesting enough to help you kill some time while in transit. After years of user submissions, the repository is pretty damn big, so I’m sure you’ll find something.

Of course, prospective writers are going to be upset that there aren’t any new openings, so for that, I suggest you check out some of the other literotica platforms that I’ve reviewed on this website.

ThePornDude likes ASSTR's

  • There are dozens of posts and links to literally thousands of fap-tastic erotic stories
  • If you’re into unusual or even taboo literotica which are hetero, homo, or bisexual oriented you’ll love this site.
  • There are a few neat and unique illustrations, drawings, and paintings

ThePornDude hates ASSTR's

  • The web design is extremely outdated
  • New author submissions will not be accepted now…or maybe ever
  • There is not a mobile-friendly version ASSTR