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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Velamma Comics

Velamma Comics

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Are you the kind of freak that needs the help of porn comics to find a way to the very center of your twisted desires? I totally get it. Porn comics present a different way of consuming porn. For starters, there are no boundaries or physical limitations to what can be made real, and you can even discover fetishes you never knew you had. I personally don’t get off such shit, but that doesn’t matter. I know a lot of y’all horny fucks can get off anything which is why I’m here to help you explore the mystical world of sexual imagination.

The center of attention today is, an Indian porn comic site featuring the sexual adventures of one sexy mammal called Velamma. She is a hot fucking MILF with big boobs and a ton of wild sexual adventures that can take place just about anywhere. Before I proceed, be informed that is a premium site that will put a $24.95 dent in your wallet for a monthly subscription or $179.95 for a full year. It is a bit pricey, but if you are a sucker for Indian porn comics, it’s a small price.

A lot of the fuckers who visit this page seem to like it anyway. Around 2.5 million views every month speak volumes about the site’s ability to pull a crowd of pervs whichever way you look at it. As recently as November 2018, the site was struggling to do around 300-500 thousand a month, which means they must have changed something to attract such a mammoth crowd. What is it about the that horny pervs can’t get enough? Tag along and let’s find out.

The comic adventure never stops is not your everyday porn comics site. The comics here are available in 3 series namely; “Velamma,” “Velamma Dreams,” and “Veena.” Like you will figure out, Mrs. Velamma Lakshmi (or Vela as her loved ones like to call her) is the main character of the first two. She is a 40-year-old married housewife blessed with a nice figure, big ass, huge jugs, and most importantly, plenty of sexual desires. The comics on Velamma Dreams are primarily about the hot MILF exploring her colorful sexual fantasies in her dreams including sucking a doctor’s cock, having threesomes, gangbangs in the streets and more.

That leaves another character- Veena. If you are wondering who the fuck she is, she is Velamma’s daughter and you will be able to explore her wild sexcapades as well, which includes fucking bad boys in clubs. It promises to be a thrill-filled adventure if porn comics are your cup of coffee, so you better get the lube ready.

The perverted contributions are from different artists, all with even more perverted minds, but the artwork remains largely consistent, so you’ll go with the flow without much effort. The same can be said of the scripts which follow the same depraved path and a good number is done by the same writers who are most likely high on something. You can’t be this twisted with a sober mind! The comics are available in both Hindi and English, so language should not prevent you from watching these incredible characters come to life. You will actually feel sorry for yourself for not being able to meet these characters in person.

A smooth and easy to use interface

Not a surprise considering you are forking out over 20 bucks for access, but I would be a fucking asshole if I didn’t mention the sleek black and white design. Well, most people say I’m an asshole anyway but why the hell should I give a flying fuck? I’m just a dude writing about porn. Anyway, landing on the homepage takes you to the Velamma series page with comics running from newest to oldest. At the top is a welcoming slider of a naked Velamma to put you in the mood. You can use the header to flip through the series, check out their support page, and sample some of the free episodes if you find the subscription fees too extortionate. You can also swap the language of the site between English and Hindi using the flag icon in the top right.

The previews will give you the cover and title of the comic, a short description, date of upload, rating (out of five stars), and the episode number. Currently, Velamma has 90+ episodes while Velamma Dreams and Veena have less than 20 episodes each and the inconsistent update schedule is an obvious impediment to the numbers. Velamma, for instance, appears to update an episode every one month. Whether that’s good enough for you, only you can tell.

That said, comics can be downloaded as a pdf file for easy reading. Feel free to read through the comics if you don’t want to add freaky porn comics in your stash. The reader allows you to flip between the pages using the arrow keys, full-screen pages, or share individual pages with your Indian porn comic-loving friends.

Get sucked in by the engaging storylines

I know I said in the beginning that I don’t jack it to porn comics, but I found myself dragged in by the various plots and pretty creative outcomes. I actually had more fun reading the comics than I initially imagined. Anyone interested in seeing some hot pieces of Indian ass doing kinky shit will be really impressed. Despite having over 100 episodes cumulatively, the comics have a fresh vibe about them. I enjoyed reading one comic titled ‘How Far Would You Go For Your Family’ where Velamma invites her heavily pregnant sister to her house and ends up screwing her sister’s sex-starved husband, the action ending with a huge load of jizz all over her boobs.

I also enjoyed ‘the final submission’ where Velamma is giving her young niece a cock massage and ends up riding his hard cock on a chair. There are no limits to what she can do is there? However, the content is mostly vanilla, and while there is plenty of incest, don’t expect a lot of fetish content. Look away if you expected BDSM torture chambers.

Enjoy the decadence on your mobile devices

One thing I like about is that its 100% mobile ready and you can do all of the shit you can on the desktop version on the simple mobile version. You can log in, view all of your favorite Velamma comics, and download them on your mobile devices without much hassle. The main site’s design is simple, but the mobile version is even simpler, and the only difference is that the menus are tucked away under dropdowns. Other than that, nothing much separates the two versions. One thing that I can’t fail to mention is the site is completely ads free. I know most of you will say it’s what is expected of a premium site, but you should know better. An ads-free experience is no longer something you can afford to take for granted.

Positive site features

Hot Indian comics; not only do you have plenty of comics, but they also have an established series, and I absolutely love the continuity. The running themes and plot all add to the thrill.

Great site layout; the site has a sleek and easy to use design, and it’s easy to comment, switch languages, download, read descriptions and everything you need to maximize the erotic experience that lies in wait.

Ads free; nothing beats browsing porn of whatever genre without having to worry about ads that are intrusive and ruin your experience. Here you can browse through the comics in peace without a single ad in sight.

Negative site features

Inconsistent update schedule; the site is not as consistent in terms of an update as it should be, which means numbers are not likely to shoot over the roof anytime soon.

Lack of variety; the comics on are restricted in terms of variety as they revolve around two characters.


For a site that doesn’t update anywhere near as frequent as it should be, the membership subscription are a bit too pricey, and the site should either consider updating content more regularly or review the charges downwards. The collection could also do with some variety at that price, and I’d certainly love to see the site adding some animations, videos, or anything else to diversify the content.


Make no mistake, is a wonderful comic site with plenty of Indian porn comics to check out. The site looks clean and sleek, and the fantastic design makes the site easy to use. However, the content could be more diverse and updates more frequently, but if you don’t mind the steep membership for content with the same plots and art styles, go for it. I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic, though.

ThePornDude likes Velamma Comics's

  • Hot Indian comics
  • Great site layout
  • Ads free

ThePornDude hates Velamma Comics's

  • Inconsistent update schedule
  • Lack of variety