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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Every once in a while, some porn tube hits the market and kicks it up a notch and goes the extra mile, almost giving porn enthusiasts that premium feel. That’s exactly what has done. The site is so nicely designed that I felt it should belong to its own class. It is part of a network that contains other sites like Extremetube, XXXselected, Keezmovies, Spankwire Gay, Extremetube Gay, and PornXS. Right from the site’s landing page, you instantly get that exclusive look. Their color palette is not only mild but also amazingly pleasant to the eye, while the logo is nicely designed and thumbnails and categories are properly displayed and positioned. In a nutshell, if you want that premium feel in a porn tube without having to spend your hard-earned fucking cash, is the way to go.

My First Impressions

This site is probably one of the more outstanding in the porn world, especially when it comes to all kinds of hardcore smut. One of the first things that will definitely catch your eye is the cutesy color scheme the landing page has going on. Honestly speaking, this is one of the things about this porn tube that makes me want to keep going. It simply makes me feel at home if that makes any fucking sense at all. And don’t expect butterflies and cartoons here, though, because all the images in the thumbnails are pure hardcore content.

Right after you are done drooling over the spanking clean – like a shaved pussy – looks of the page you’ll find it’s easy to navigate through the site and filter content easily. So, if you’re a straight dude like me and you’re icky about some gay or tranny shit, you can filter out all that. But if you’re not hetero, this option will certainly come in handy because it will present you with the kind of juicy videos that will get your fucking junk throbbing with excitement with minimal effort.

I have to mention I loved the simple fact that many of the videos you’ll find here are absolutely free. This always serves as an awesome perk for me because you can always beat your meat while at it for pretty much as long as your sick mind can withstand. And you don’t have to stick to the same sickening repetitive videos too. Apparently, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a ton fuck of videos in this tube and it never runs out of new stuff since new content is posted daily. The straight category has the most number of videos, while the gay categories have fewer and tranny have even far less. But overall, it’s a deep library that will probably take you thousands of clicks to reach the last page.

The other thing that I noticed Spankwire got right while I was undressing this tube to explore it is that the homepage has a tab containing the top-rated clips that were uploaded. Below them, you’ll find the trending videos and right underneath those you’ll find the most recent clips. The thumbnails on the page are also arranged quite nicely and they don’t seem to be too overwhelming or annoying.

Everything seems quite symmetrical and when you hover your cursor over the thumbnails you’ll see them automatically displaying a couple of shots from the videos. I always find this feature to be quite useful given how fucking picky I tend to be when it comes to the kind of shit I expect to watch. I mean, who has the guts to wait for the entire video to load only to be disappointing in the end. Gladly, you won’t be running into any such shit here.

A Massive Collection of Crazy, Hardcore Content

I took some time to explore the straight content according to the most trending and what found was truly mind-boggling. In many of the most trending videos, I got to see all sorts of crazy shit performed by hot chicks who I guess are amateur but deliver a performance that would rival even some of the most renowned pros in the game. In one of the screenshots that came with a preview of a clip titled “Melanie goes Bang-Cock,” a naive-looking Melanie sucks cock while getting banged from the rear in ways that I only fantasize about. Honestly, this is the sort of stuff that always makes me want to polish my junk immediately.

The 23-minute video, emblazoned with an Extreemetube logo is a decent clip and not extremely hardcore like some of the others I found in this tube. The action and setup were nice and the resolution is not as bad at 530. However, the video becomes a bit fuzzy when you switch to full screen, something that is a bit of a turnoff given the modern standards you would expect in such a nice site. It’s like wanting to get laid before your pole is fully stiff.

To be sincere, I still managed to bust my nuts even before the clip was over, but I’m sure some of you porn geeks will not watch anything that isn’t filmed in full-HD. That’s why most of the tubes out there have a feature that allows you to sort videos according to resolution. On this note, Spankwire should style up!

The tags below most of the videos provide easy links to a ton fuck of clips under numerous categories to suit most fantasy fetishes that most of you sick fucks reading this harbor. But they don’t use any porn star tags on Spankwire, a sort of turn off really. In case you have a particular pornstar in mind, you better hope his/her name is listed in the description, but you can always try finding out more about them using the search bar.

User Experience

Although is a really neat site and the content is great, I found a couple of issues with a user experience that definitely needs some improvements. For starters, I noticed some frequent buffering issues. Some of the videos failed to load up completely and I frequently experienced a couple of seconds of lag time whenever I attempted to skip to different sections in a video. Of course, loading times may vary depending on several factors that may not be related to the site itself. So I cannot entirely dismiss the site on these grounds.

I also have an issue with the spam on this site. I mean, I wouldn’t mind so much if some of the spam was at least sexy, but what I found here was totally annoying and off-putting. I got some nasty pieces of pop-under ads whenever I tried to watch some of the videos. Most of them are those fake screens that try to dupe you into thinking something went wrong with your OS. Of course, if you’re not a dumb fool you simply sidestep such shit by closing the window, but I really get pissed off by such crap.

To make matters worse, that shit happened even when I turned on my ad-blocker. And when my ad-blocker was on I kept getting a message right below the site’s header that warned me that some features may not work properly when ad-blocker is turned on. Of course, the best thing to do in such cases is to ignore the warning, unless you don’t mind receiving annoying pop-under spam anytime you click on a video that you want to watch.

I soon found out what features wouldn’t work properly when your ad-blocker is turned on. Whenever you try to click on a video, it will not load and will instead display a message informing you that the media could not be loaded due to a network or server failure, or because the format is unsupported. But I also noticed that this crap is not consistent since some of the videos would play just fine even with ad-blocker on.

I can understand that the site is offering free porn content and they need to make some cash. But I just wish they would figure out another less annoying and intrusive way of achieving this. Numerous other free porn tubes have figured out a better way to achieve this goal without pissing off their audience so Spankwire better gets their act right before their competition beats them at the game.

My Final Take

Honestly, I feel a visit to is well worthwhile. It’s totally free, which is a great bargain, and the content they are dishing out is varied enough to satisfy even the most depraved porn addicts. If you can stomach some non-HD videos and a little spam, you’ll surely be able to find something to jerk off to here. You can also buy a premium membership to get unlimited access to a massive collection of videos for streaming, daily updates, downloadable videos, and no DRM protection.

ThePornDude likes SpankWire's

  • Neat layout
  • Free registration
  • Free hardcore content
  • Wide collection of videos
  • Variety of porn categories

ThePornDude hates SpankWire's

  • Lots of Spam
  • Poor quality in some videos