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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Pornography is an art form that makes our deepest, most perverted fantasies into reality. The scenarios are pulled directly from our wet dreams and made flesh through the magic of video and the talents of beautiful, horny women. Similarly, comic books have always tapped into our fantasies about heroes, villains, and the fight between good and evil. It only makes sense that enterprising deviates would combine the two art forms, creating the type of obscene sequential art you’ll find at Welcomix.

Welcomix.com gets a little over half a million visits a month. That doesn’t sound like much for a premium adult site, but comics about caveman banging, billionaire boning, and monster fucking are a bit of a niche market. If you’re reading this, I bet you fall right into that niche. Welcome home, you sick son of a bitch. You’re in good hands.

Perversion Level: Over 9000

You can tell immediately that Welcomix is a premium comic site. Most of the free ones are full of sloppy bullshit that looks like it was drawn by a retard with priapism. There are a range of art styles represented in the various series on display here, but they all look to be drawn by professional hands. This is the level of artistic quality you would expect if you were spending money in a comic book store, so why would you settle for less on a porn site? If anything, you should ask for more. We’re goddamn grown-ups now!

Another thing you’ll probably notice right away is that the big-eyed anime bitches of hentai are noticeably absent. Head back to my Premium Hentai list if you’re looking for tentacle rape manga or futanari gangbangs. The styles are distinctly Western here.

On TV, Bart Simpson is a prepubescent boy with the voice of a grown woman. Welcomix has a Simpsons porn parody called The Simptoons, and I read their version of Bart’s dialogue bubbles in a much deeper voice. I mean, that monster cock he’s slinging at mom and sis ain’t a kid’s toy. It stands to reason he also speaks like a man now.

The Simptoons is one of the site’s more popular series, so you’ll see a breast-enhanced Marge in one of the big preview images sliding across the top of the landing page. She’s telling Barty she’ll have to wash him, and the incestuous youngster stares at her like he is definitely ready for it. I get the same look before a good cleaning.

Other Featured Titles they’d like you to know about include The Naughty Home, about a house full of cutely drawn sexual deviates living together, and Brazilian Slumdogs, a comic about thick booty Latinas just trying to get by in a Rio de Janeiro ghetto. The Hillbilly Farm is almost exactly what it sounds like, but none of the rednecks in question are fat bitches with fucked-up teeth. This is masturbatory fodder, after all, so they’re all drawn with supermodel and pornstar proportions with flawless cartoon skin.

There’s a fair amount of free content to stroke it to on the preview page. Welcomix tries to lure readers in by giving them a pretty big taste of everything. Click on any series title and you’ll get to read the first few pages of the most recent issues. Like any good tease, they cut you off right when it’s getting really hot and heavy. What does the werewolf in Monster Squad do when he finds that scared, voluptuous hottie squatting behind a dumpster? The only way to find out is to get a ticket and head inside.

Cheaper Than a Stack of Graphic Novels and Dirtier

Back in the day, you’d starve at school so you’d be able to spend your lunch money on new issues of X-Men and Batman. Welcomix doesn’t want your wadded up, sweaty cash; they take credit cards, like everyone else on the Internet. As long as you ain’t a bum, you won’t have to forgo food, either. A month-long membership is only 20 USD, which is significantly cheaper than the going rate for an adult paysite in 2019.

The 20 latest updates are stretched across the top of the main members’ screen. I’d like to tell you how often they update with new sex comics, but I can’t find dates anywhere. I can tell you that they have 13 different series listed, with over 200 full issues of perverted parodies and depraved originals.

Speaking of parodies, Welcomix has a series called Blockbuster Comics. Their Titanic story features a buffer version of the Leo character who pounds that rich bitch raw until he drowns with his boner still aimed at her. Just like in the movie, she doesn’t raise a finger to help, but at least this time she’s got an excuse. The poor girl’s just been banged senseless.

They’ve also got a Sexualized version of The Fast and the Furious that will have you furiously masturbating. Luke fucks his sister in their Star Wars book, just like he should have in the movies. Goddamn, comic sites are always goldmines for incest fans, and this one’s pretty solid for Star Wars fans, too.

The originals look just as sexy. College perverts go buck wild in College Perverts, prehistoric sluts run from dinosaurs in between blowjobs in Jurassic Tribe, and a virgin nymphet shares her most intimate stories and secrets in Michelle’s Diary. There’s so much here that it’s a little overwhelming trying to decide what to beat off to first.

Sex on Public Buses, Sex with Apes

One basic feature that Welcomix lacks is genre/category tags. Basically every other site on the Internet has them at this point, from mommy blogs about crafting machines to paysites full of hardcore lesbian anal fisting scenes. Tags are an easy way to find the sexual content you want. On other adult sites, it’s very easy to pull up all the content with Big Tits, Threesomes, Schoolgirls, Orgies or whatever else you’re into. Here, you just have to look around until you find it.

On these sites, I usually like to browse that Category list for the sickest shit that you never see in mainstream sex videos. Just poking around, I didn’t see any of the bizarre hentai stuff like inverted dick nipples or office lady poop showers, but I did find some beastiality. At least, I assume that’s what you call the monster hookups in Monster Squad. The woman/ape gangbang in the Captured by Beasts issue of Jurassic Tribe is a more clear-cut case of furry love.

I’m in the mood to gawk at some Latina booties, so I checked out the newest Brazilian Slumdogs story, Crowded Bus. Instead of serving it up one tedious page at a time and making you click through each one, Welcomix delivers each book as one continuous page. Just set your auto-scroll for convenient, no-hands fapping while you read.

The full-size pages are a lot bigger than you get to see on the preview page, so there’s a lot more detail. The art style for this series is a little more realistic than other offerings on the website, hand-drawn with very detailed shading. The larger images let you appreciate every succulent inch of these thick illustrated sluts.

It’s a simple but effective erotic story. A couple gorgeous babes try to get on a crowded bus after day at the beach, but it’s packed like sardines in there. A dude rubs his erection on this chick accidentally, but she’s into it. Really into it! She ends up stroking his shaft and helping him slip it inside her. The other passengers are totally unaware as he fills her little twat with his own special sauce.

There’s really no shortage of free sex comics on the Internet, but Welcomix really puts them all to shame. The archive is relatively small, hundreds of comics versus thousands, but the high quality of the artwork and the stories is nothing short of professional. That means you don’t have to sift through thousands of vaguely sexual scribbles based on some neckbeard’s Pokémon footjob fantasy just to find something worth shaking your dick at. The good stuff starts on page 1, and you don’t even have to close boner pill pop-ups to read it.

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  • Hundreds of original porn comics and parodies
  • Professional, varied, sexy art
  • Extreme perversion
  • Low price

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  • No genre/category tags