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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Fakku.net, also known as Fakku!, is a commercial hentai doujin site that offers thousands of translated Japanese comics for you to fap to. In an era where hentai doujins were mostly translated for free by hobbyists, Fakku created an empire of porn with professional and licensed scanlations for the world to enjoy.

Today, Fakku serves up a lot more than just doujin. The site also has anime streaming, game downloads, and a very active forum. Unfortunately, all of this content comes at a price. Fakku is a store, above everything else, so bring your wallet if you want to get in on the action. The site runs on a subscription style system, where you pay a monthly fee to read all the Japanese smut that you can handle. For $12.95 a month, you get access to Fakku’s thousands of uncensored comics, as well as the site’s anime streaming porn.

Meanwhile, Fakku’s books and games are downloaded individually, costing $10-$20 on average. The books span categories like anal, ahegao, cosplay, creampie, and all the other fantasies that you know and love.

Unfortunately, Fakku is pretty weak when it comes to alt content. First of all, tags like rape and incest are blocked, so you can’t search for this content directly. Loli? Forget about it. Fakku wants to be a legitimate business, so they started blocking these “extreme” pornos a while ago.

Most of the content here is pretty vanilla. Fakku’s faced some criticism for this, but they argue that most customers only want that missionary style porn anyway. You won’t see me argue against the free market, but some of you might get turned off by how tame the sex gets around Fakku.

When it comes to hentai games, look no further than Fakku. Popular franchises like JAST (fucking grew up on it), Kagura, and NekoNyan will keep you occupied for hours. There are no better adult games than hentai games, and Fakku has your back as long as you got the cash.

Nice clean layout like hentai bitch pussy

Fakku has a solid layout that gets the job done. You’ll navigate all the major product categories easily, and Fakku offers lots of preview pictures, tags, and other information you need to find what you want.

When you first enter Fakku, you’ll get a list of the latest comics, games, and other content in a blog-style list. Each porn gives you the title, a screenshot, and a list of tags. There’s also a cute little description, although the shit won’t help you figure out what the hell the comic/game is actually about.

Along the right side of the page you’ll get huge porn-site banners for Fakku’s own products. They don’t ever have external ads, but these banners will make you feel like Fakku is any other porn site. These banners usually highlight their best games.

Click on a manga and you’ll get sent to the doujin’s gallery. You’ll see the cover page, artist, parody (if any), and pages. There are also a list of tags and how many people favorited the comic.

Click on the Read Online link below the cover and you’ll get sent to Fakku’s image viewer. You can also click on one of the thumbnails in the gallery at the bottom to jump directly to a page. The images are in super high quality, and a cool feature is that if you scroll down to the end of the page, the next page will automatically load.

Below the thumbnail gallery is a list of comments. Fakku has slightly higher quality comments than your average porn site, especially since these are people who paid for the porno.

Along the top of the page is the main menu. You’ll see Browse, Anime, Comics, Games, Tags, Forums, and Store. This entire fucking site is a store, so I don’t know what Fakku is on about. They do have extra shit like figurines and t-shirts, but god help you if you’re a motherfucker who proudly wears this shit around in public.

The tag system is pretty thorough at Fakku. Popular tags include Bukkake, Catgirl, Anal, Ahegao, and more. You can also search “free” to see a handful of comics that Fakku offers at zero change. This is a good preview feature so you can see how high quality these comic pages get.

The dark side of Fakku

I want to take this time to talk a little about Fakku’s controversial past. Like I said, before Fakku came along, all the hentai doujins were done for free by volunteers who just wanted to share excellent fap experiences with English readers.

Fakku comes along and tries to commercialize this business. Fakku not only licenses all of its content, but has hired the best scanlators so that they would work for Fakku rather than just translate porno for free.

Now obviously I have no right to complain, since Fakku is trying to actually reward these saints for their contribution to the fap world, but it has still annoyed a ton of hentai fans who feel that Fakku is killing the scanlation community.

For example, on other hentai doujin sites you could see chapters suddenly get taken down due to copyright. These are often from Fakku, as Fakku will shut down these comics on other sites so people are forced to buy their licensed version instead.

On the other hand, Fakku’s shit gets pirated all the time. If you are smart, you’ll find Fakku’s licensed content for free all over the internet. No, I won’t tell you where to get it.

Either way, Fakku has had plenty of supporters since it first came out. I know that many of Fakku’s subscribers know how to get all the shit for free, but they pay Fakku anyway just to support the site’s efforts. After all, more money means better content for all of us in the long run.

What I Like

Fakku has grown into a full-service hentai porn site. Fakku has one of the best collections of not just doujin, but games and books as well.

One of the good features of Fakku is that everything is uncensored. Before, when people translated this shit for free, all the porn from Japan would be mosaic because of retarded Jap laws. Fakku has licensed all the porn and unlocked all the mosaics, making their doujins even better than the original.

One feature that Fakku does well is the magazines. Just like with Japanese manga, Fakku releases weekly magazines that publish a stable of porn regularly. As a manga fan, I like this format, and it’s the only way to get truly cutting edge hentai from Japan.

The image quality doesn’t get any better. These pages are detailed enough to fit a 4K monitor, and most of you will be scrolling around the page to catch all the action. This is a big bonus against free doujin sites, offering a step up in quality.

What I Hate

At this point, Fakku runs on a subscription model. Whether you read one comic a month or a hundred, you’ll be paying the same price. This is obviously a bad deal if you don’t read much hentai, or if you lose interest in the doujins and forget to unsubscribe.

There’s also minimal Rule 34. You’ll find some parodies for series like Fate, but its very minimal. Fakku only hosts licensed content, so obviously they can’t be doing some shit like paying Shounen Jump to feature Naruto buttfucking Sasuke and whatnot.

Speaking of buttfucking, Fakku is very limited on the more niche porn content. You won’t find much yaoi, let alone shit like beast fucking, furries, or other freaky shit.

Loli and incest? You wish. Fakku blocked these tags a long time ago. It’s too bad that Fakku feels pressure to limit controversial tags, when these are a big part of what makes hentai fun.

The anime section for Fakku is also still a little rough. At the time of this writing it was still in beta mode, and it’s kind of wack that you still need to subscribe to be able to watch it.

Glad there’s a market for this

Fakku started in some college kid’s dorm room, and is now the ultimate authority in licensed English translations for hentai doujins. It’s truly amazing how much manga has caught fire in America in the past two decades, and hentai is no exception.

Do I love Fakku? It’s hard to say. When I see other hentai doujin sites take down content because it is licensed by Fakku, my dick gets pretty pissed off. We could be heading towards a world where all Japanese hentai becomes licensed, basically killing the scanlation community that many of us have learned to love.

Then again, I know that many Fakku subscribers just pay up to support the service, rather than because they need the content. You can find all this shit for free if you look hard enough, although Fakku is the only place with uncensored high-quality pages. Just the fact that Fakku brings uncensored Japanese doujins into the world, makes it a great place in my opinion. Commercial hentai doujin sites are just getting started.

ThePornDude likes Fakku's

  • Revolutionized professional quality hentai doujins in English
  • Great books, anime, and games collection
  • Uncensored

ThePornDude hates Fakku's

  • Minimal Rule 34 parodies
  • No incest / forced / other taboo tags (Sellouts)