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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Are you a man of culture? If so, you’ve definitely stumbled upon one of the best places for your jerk off session, called Amazon Doujin. I know we have all heard and visited Amazon before since this is an online store that basically offers everything you need. It does not matter how fucked up your desires are, I am sure that Amazon has got your back.

Now, when I say that, I think it should be obvious that I only mean the legal shit. Anyway, you are here, witnessing the naughtiest side of Amazon, and you are welcome to explore all you want. This site is designed to fulfill all your nasty wishes, and in this case, that includes the incredible selection of hentai books, which I am sure you will love.

Yes, people still purchase hentai books, even if you have a shit ton of them free online. However, there is a particular charm, or whatever you want to call it when you are able to fap to a physical book. Not to mention that the selection of their books are fucking incredible, thus I know that you will find whatever the heck you are searching for.

Basic design… I mean, it’s Amazon.

I am not sure what you thought I will say, it is still amazon. I am just here to talk about their particular section called Amazon Doujin. I think that my hentai lovers will be pleased with this section the most, since what is there not to love? This place is filled with lots of naughty options for you to enjoy, and all you have to do is browse and find whatever the fuck makes your dick hard.

If you check out the link I have provided on the side, you will be taken to the hentai section immediately, and that is why you are here, right? I mean, you are free to browse through all the other shit you can purchase on Amazon, but my hentai lovers are going to love this particular section. I think that this is pretty obvious, but this is a store. So do not expect any freebies, that would just be fucking idiotic.

You will have a list of all the purchasable hentai manga that are available for you, and on the side, you have some other options. I do not know what else to tell you mate; the whole site is basically a store. So, there is probably no reason for me to explain the design of it. Sure, I would have appreciated if they added a darker layout or an option for that.

There are a couple of other complaints that would make the whole browsing experience so much better, but apparently, that is too difficult for them to understand. Oh well, many things could make this shit better, but oh well. At least their place works, and you can find the necessary shit you are looking for, isn’t that the point of a store?

Some searches but not many fancy options.

You’d think that a store that is as big as Amazon would include more search options? Well, when browsing for hentai manga, you will be given some options on the side of the site, but that is all you will have. So, within the manga section, you can choose the type of the comic, language, and some other crap. I think that overall, it is nice that they have any filters at all.

However, they could have also made a much better shit to begin with. Oh well, the thing that matters is that the section Amazon Doujin is filled with great manga options. They are all hot hentai manga, so with a bit of browsing, you are bound to find what you are looking for. I am sure that you will love this shit as much as I did.

Of course, this also depends on just how picky you are. However, can you really be that picky when you are browsing for hentai? Most hentai shits here are basically similar, and I think many of you already know that. You do have some elements that are different, but whether you will like what they have to offer or not all depends on your personal taste.

Are the manga fap-worthy? Obviously!

How much free time do you think I fucking have? Not enough to review every piece of shit out there, so do not worry. If I am talking about it, that means that that site is relevant. You are more than welcome to check out everything this site has to offer on your own, or you can continue reading and see my experience instead.

One of the first suggestions was a hentai manga called WithCraft, where a hot busty pink-haired babe was featured and ready for hot sex. Now, my biggest problem with this is that you did not get to see anything about the manga before you purchase it. This means that you will have to purchase the manga, and then wait until it arrives, and only then can you see whether the manga was worth it.

Isn’t that a bit bullshit? Yes, it is, but oh well. You are always allowed to read the reviews from other people, which should tell you more than enough about that particular manga. If many people have liked it, then there is a chance that that manga is worth the fucking reading… don’t you think? I highly doubt your taste is so pretentious that you will not like what most of us do.

Now even if that happens, just add it to your collection of rejected hentai manga and move on. I say this because I highly doubt you will get your money back because your woody was not able to raise. I mean, what the fuck are you talking about? There ain’t no privilege when it comes to sites like this one, so do not expect to be treated like a king.

I actually browsed through a lot of what they have to offer, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. They had a nice collection of everything since let us not forget that these are all manga by different creators. And of course, the creators are not selling most of them; you have manga that pre-sold or whatever the fuck.

I am pretty sure you understand how the fuck this functions, right? Well, if there is no need for me to explain, you are ready to go and masturbate, my friend. I am definitely going to do the same, I mean why else the fuck would I be here? Now that we got that out of the way, enjoy browsing through or read my summary of everything. Your choice.

So, what is the conclusion?

Let’s be real. Most of you lads will come to the end of the review and read the conclusion before you actually check out any of the aspects. That makes the browsing shit much easier for everyone. Well, my conclusion is very simple, actually. If you are somebody who likes to read manga physically as you jerk off, I think that Amazon Doujin is the right place for you.

Start by browsing through all the manga that this place has to offer. I mean, there are a shit-ton of manga that you can check out, so I am sure that you will find something that makes your dick hard, sooner or later. I was able to do the same, and let us not forget that I am a person who prefers to fap to actual moving scenes, aka hentai animations. But sometimes I can appreciate the artistic beauty of horny hentai sluts who get fucked in many of these manga.

As for the skeptical bunch, who are wondering how can a hentai make you horny when this is literally just somebody’s drawing? Well, you have never browsed the right type of hentai then. Keep in mind that anything is possible in the naughty world of hentai manga, thus no matter how fucked up your taste might be… you will find your poison right here.

There is not much else for me to say if you like hentai manga, and you do not mind paying for your content, you can visit the special section called Amazon Doujin. Here you will have all kinds of hentai manga listed, and you are welcome to explore this shit all you want, I mean, the site itself is free. If you find anything you like, add it to the cart, and the rest is self-explanatory.

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  • Free site
  • It’s Amazon
  • A great selection of manga

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  • Prices are pretty random
  • A bit messy