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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Don’t you want to have your very own infinite resource of videos to watch and fap to for free, whenever you want? Don’t you want to have tens of thousands of XXX clips and full works and titles at your fingertips? Are you willing to enter a pornographic dreamland that holds within it an infinite amount of free pornography? Of course, you do – I mean, if you’re reading this review, then chances are that you’ve come to my site or have chosen to sniff through my app in search of good porn to blow loads to.

And let me tell you – X18 here has a lot of decent porn for you to fap to, porn of all kinds, not just the usual vanilla, step-family or verified amateurs crap you see all the time on popular porntube sites. And yes, it’s free – it’s honestly one of the better non-commercial porntubes around, and one of the main reasons I like it is because it’s run by an algorithm that you can really feel is different from sites like XVideos, PornHub, and XHamster.

I mean don’t get me wrong – I’m all for commercialized porntube sites, but I’ve noticed that they usually show you one pool of some ~500-1000 varying videos in their recommended video sections for any popular category. For example, you can’t find any rare or uncommon clips or on sites like PornHub and XVideos so easily because they keep cycling the same few hundred videos for pretty much all of their categories.

X18 here has a whole new pool of videos for you to discover though – not just studio-made ones that feature familiar faces either. And you can really feel the difference in content here on this porntube if you’ve gotten used to fapping on sites like PornHub and XVideos, so if you’re an avid masturbator like the Porn Geek is, then you’ve definitely got to check this site out.

You’ve Got Your Latest Videos

As with any good porntube (or at least one that wants to be taken seriously), X18 here has a whole section dedicated to the latest video uploads on the site. Now what that undoubtedly means is that it’s a section that contains all the newest additions to the site, which are in fact all random videos. I mean you can’t know for sure what videos will be uploaded to a porntube at any given time, so all you’re left with is a random assortment of videos which may or may not be to your liking – I guess if you’re suffering from a gripping case of “Fapper’s Indecision,” you can go ahead and try to treat it with this section. But you’re probably better off treating it with the “Top Rated” section of this site instead, which brings me to my next point…

And Your Top Rated Ones

If you really can’t make a choice of video to blow a load to, or if you don’t like what you see in the “Latest” section that I just covered, then you’re more than welcome to check out the “Top Rated” section here. Most porntubes have a rating system for their content which usually boils down to either a “Like” and “Dislike” button or a “5-star” rating system. X18 here has a “Likes” and “Dislikes” system that governs which of its videos are “most” and “least” liked. And naturally, this site has a standalone section for all the videos which have the most likes on them, which is its “Latest” section. The videos here are pretty much all top-notch as far as porn-quality is concerned, so you can definitely rely on this section if “Fapper’s Indecision” has you in its grip. But if you’d really like to get your hands on the best of the best videos this site’s got to offer – as well as get your hands on your member while watching them, then the next section I’m about to cover might just be your best bet…

Also Your Most-Viewed Ones

If the “Top Rated” section doesn’t cut it for you, then maybe you should trust people’s visually-based opinion more than their will to click a “Like” or “Dislike” button. After all, who even has time to rate videos on porntubes after they’re finished masturbating and are presumably exhausted? Why not just stick to the basics and rely on the “Most Viewed” section to find the right video for you to blow a load to as opposed to the two aforementioned sections that I just covered?

After all, X18 here does have a large database of videos, and a great deal of them come with super sexy thumbnails that plenty of people can’t resist clicking on, regardless if they’re casual fappers or veteran masturbators. This site’s “Most Viewed” section may contain all the most-viewed videos that it has, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all going to have hot thumbnails. A lot of the times, a large portion of the “most viewed” videos on any porntube site contain thumbnails that look controversial or shocking, and X18 here is no exception. Still, if you want to see some of this site’s greatest hits then you should definitely check out this “Most Viewed” section.

The PornStar Section is Pretty Decent

(contains basic info plus bio) All pornstar sections are expected to have a list of alphabetically-sorted pornstars on them which cover pretty much all the XXX stars who are featured within the site’s videos. With that being said, X18 here has a pretty decent pornstar section that I wouldn’t call “just okay” – I mean there are plenty of sites out there that have pornstar sections with virtually no information whatsoever on the pornstars themselves, leaving just a list of videos they feature in instead. But not here though – this site has just the right amount of basic information added onto each of its respective pornstar profiles, regardless if it’s someone who’s been in the game long like Asa Akira or a fresher, newer face like Lana Rhoades.

The Albums Are Pretty Great

Believe it or not, this site isn’t just limited to videos in terms of content. This site has a very good photo section that contains a vast amount of photos – and they’re not just singled-out still images either. This site’s photos mostly come in full sets, and they feature both professional XXX models and actresses undressing and gaping for you solo-style as well as stills of whole XXX scenes. In addition, there’s also a vast amount of amateur stuff here too – some of it is actually pretty good, such as full photosets of hot amateur MILFs and teens stripping away and gaping it all for your viewing pleasure. But at other times it can just be some dude uploading his mediocre-looking penis – either way, you’ll be able to tell if you’re about to open a bad photoset or not from the thumbnail image that represents it.

All Of This Can Be Yours Via Your Smartphone

Of course, X18 is optimized for smartphones – and why wouldn’t it be. I mean this site does contain tons of freely-watchable videos, and you know they want to rake in on that smartphone traffic money. So you’d best believe that you can open up this site from any current-day smartphone – even your grandfather’s crappy Alcatel. Who knows, he might even be using it to go on this site and blow a few dusty loads in the midst of this whole COVID-19 quarantine situation.

ThePornDude likes X18's

  • Site has its own resident tag section
  • Has plenty of categories (fetish, gay, shemale, VR, squirt, massage, most ethnicities, hentai)
  • Videos open up on actual site
  • Visual and UX/UI aspects are decent

ThePornDude hates X18's

  • Site has pop ups even with AdBlock on
  • A lot of amateur photo sets can be pretty bad
  • The videos can’t be downloaded
  • The site tries too hard to look like PornHub