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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Metart Hunter! Ah, MetArt… a wonderful place filled with gorgeous women who love to expose their incredible curves in a lot of different scenarios. Too bad it is a premium site, right? Well, for all the cheapskates, I am here to introduce, which is exactly what you expect it to be. If you would like to have some freebies from MetArt, you can start here.

I am pretty sure everyone has heard about MetArt before, and in case you have not, you are welcome. Now don’t get confused, is not MetArt, it is just a site that will feature some free galleries from the OG website, and it is fucking amazing. Especially since you do not have to pay for shit!

Lots of hotties! Right off the bat, you are welcomed to the site with the sight of some of the hottest babes out there. These girls are incredibly beautiful, and they are here to make your cock hard. Watch them in all kinds of scenarios, but keep in mind that here you only have galleries. So, if your dick is craving something more than just the galleries, you might want to check out a different site.

Lucky for you I have reviewed it all, from the basic galleries to hardcore porn, so you can find a lot of great crap on ThePornDude. I am sure that you will love to see what has to offer because even though they mostly offer galleries, the galleries will feature some of the hottest babes you have ever seen.

Now, they do have a pattern, as usually, will mostly feature teen girls or chicks who just look young. I have not really seen any older muffs or anything kinkier, so that is a bit of a disappointment… but then again, what might be my disappointment, might be your ultimate fantasy, right?

Well, if you are into the lovely teen beauties, you are free to browse through whatever MetArtHunter has to offer. I like the fact that they decided to take one for the team and show us a couple of these incredible galleries for free. I am pretty sure we all deserve some freebies from time to time, and what better way to spend your afternoon than to browse through the naughty images of horny teens.

The design is pretty solid.

Could they have made a better design? Yep, they could have… but am I mad at it? Not really. Their design is pretty solid for a free site that offers premiums shit, how can one complain? Of course, I have the right to complain as much as I want, since that is my job. You can just silently fuck off and visit a premium place if MetArtHunter does not suit your taste.

The background is a bit too bright, as in it is pure white, and most of us prefer to browse for naughty shit at night, right? Well, if you prefer that, you might get a headache because staring at a white screen in a dark room could cause plenty of issues. Oh well, at least they are free… that is what I always get back to.

The homepage had a lot of great galleries presented, and the thumbnails were smartly chosen because all of them made me want to take my pecker out and rub it hardcore… I mean, there is nothing stopping me, so I might as well. Be right back; don’t go anywhere…

Okay, I am back, now, where were we? Oh, yeah, the sexy babes of the site. The galleries on the homepage are basically all the galleries that they have. The ones listed at the beginning are actually from this site, but if you scroll down a bit, you will find some galleries that will take you to other sites instead. At this point, I am pretty sure you know how this works.

The external links worked fine for me, not to mention that they took me to some bomb free gallery websites, and what more could I fucking ask for? They were pretty dope, the galleries were of HD quality, and that is what matters to those who prefer to watch free content, am I right?

Check out the models!

On top, you have a section dedicated to the models. You have a couple of ways of listing them, but for the most part, those search options are useless. All the babes will have their profile, and if you check them out, you will get to see some details about the babes, as well as all the galleries they were featured in that are posted here. Quite neat if you have a favorite.

However, personally, I do not think that the profiles are needed. I know that some of you like to fap to the details, but at the end of the day nobody is fapping to her college degree… so I am not sure why it should matter where the slut was born in, what her favorite movie or music is and all that bullshit. I am just here to wank my dong, not learn about history.

The weird bit about this is that you will get to see a lot more galleries if you browse for them by searching for the models than if you would browse for them on the homepage… that is a rather odd way of giving us random content, but hey, it is free. I’ll take it. On the other hand, I am a part of MetArt as well, and let me just tell you, these models are on a whole new level!

On top of that, al the beauties presented are different; you have brunettes, blondes, redheads, freckled girls, skinny chicks, busty babes, and so on. It all really depends on your personal preference when it comes to fapping, but I am sure that most of these sluts will make your dick hard. What is there not to like? They are young, sexy, adventurous, and horny. They are also naked.

Erotic chicks but no sex scenes.

Do not forget that on MetArtHunter you have loads of galleries, but no actual sex scenes. Even the galleries do not show any sort of sex scenes, which is normal because is a website dedicated to glamorous models or whatever the fuck. They do not like to label their babes as sluts, but we all know that they are.

Women are made to please us, and that is what these horny girls are doing, there is no glamorous or luxurious story behind it. However, if you are a sucker for such content, I think that you will enjoy what MetArtHunter even more than you already did. Just take your time and browse through; there is a shit ton of content for you to check out.

Let’s also not forget that with so many different babes finding a girl who perfectly suits your taste is not difficult. However, if you are somebody who is looking for actual hardcore action, you might want to give a different site a show. I have reviewed all kinds of naughty porn websites, and you are welcome to check them all out.

Free galleries and HD images.

I did forget to mention that MetArtHunter offers HD images, but then again, I thought that was implied. While you cannot really download all the images as a bunch, you can do it one by one manually, if that means anything to you. I guess that is still better than not being able to do anything.

Tithe galleries are definitely worth it, but as I have said, this all depends on what the fuck you were searching for to begin with. You also have some other links on top of the site, including login, to make the browsing easier. They offer external links to sites for live cam shows, hook-ups, and sex games.


One of the major things that grinds my gears is the fact that their search options suck. I do not understand why the majority of free porn sites are handicapped when it comes to the design and offer the simplest user-features. So, if you are choosey, like me, you might have difficulty browsing. But, overall, I think that MetArtHunter is a simple place that is easy to love.

They have loads of interesting HD galleries of horny girls getting naked, and they seem to have a lot of content with regular updates. Then again, this can also help you decide whether you want to become a part of MetArt at all, and if not, you can always browse MetArtHunter for free.

ThePornDude likes MetArtHunter's

  • Free MetArt Galleries
  • All the galleries are in HD
  • Hot teen girls

ThePornDude hates MetArtHunter's

  • Dated design
  • No search options