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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There really is nothing better than lesbian porn is there? After all, unlike two guys, a couple of girls (or a throuple or a massive mess of them) can do things that you just don’t get to see on regular smut. Sure you’ll see lots of great fuck footage on other sites featuring heterosexual couples kissing, sucking, screwing vag, and occasionally plunging into the pooper. And yes it’s all great but lesbians just have something different about them.

I’ve noticed that while normal smut seems to be a little methodical, lesbian love scenes tend to be a bit more tender, less formulaic, and somewhat more spontaneous. Plus, while the guys in the scene tend to try to get as much screen time as possible — even if the only thing you see is a dick and a little bit of side ball — try to be as aggressive as possible.

On the flip side, ladies loving on ladies tend to be more sharing and equitable and, while this may make me sound like a pussy, they are usually a lot more sensual. Of course, lotsa lesbian porn is still pretty raunchy as well.

At any rate, When Girls Play combines both the sweet and sexy stuff with hardcore, full-on female fuckfests. Want to find out more? Then keep on scrolling and find out what else you’ve got to look forward to when you check this site out.

The Models Are Marvelous

Perhaps the most important part of any porn platform is how attractive the talent is. Good news: When girls Play has some of the sexiest women on the entire net. To make things even better, from what I can tell the talent includes a mixture of established industry talent as well as fresh flesh who are new to the industry.

Moving on, the second most vital aspect of a smut site is the quality of the footage. Fortunately, like any proper site, When Girls Play’s videos are all in 4K HD. To make your selection easier, the thumbnail includes the view count as well as the number of upvotes each vid has along with an alluring promo photo, of course. There aren’t too many interactive community features, but I think that the quality of the content makes up for all of this.

Fascinating and Fap Worthy Scenes

I’m often surprised by how creative smut peddlers can be. I know some people get sick of only seeing parody in porn (FYI, I find most parody porns hilarious) but some enterprising porn producers put a lot of thought and effort into coming up with fresh cum content. One of the sites which has hired those type of creative horn dogs is definitely the folks at When Girls Play. While “the parts can only go together so many ways,” the set up for how that happens on this site’s videos is incredibly unique. I won’t spoil anything but give you a teaser with this…

Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

Yoga mat realness.

Three girls; one slumber party.

Angel goddess, hell yes!

Lips, flowers, and more lips.

That is how I’d sum up a few of my favorite videos from WGP using cryptic Twitter-esque language. So, did I manage to tease you enough to join up?

Joining Up Is A Joy

Like any proper porn site, getting full access to WGP is extremely quick, safe, and easy. Just click the JOIN NOW button and go through the usual rigamarole. Standard payments are $29.99 per month, though if you pay for three months or a year all at once you end up only paying $20 or $10 a month, respectively. Of course, if you aren’t totally sure (and at this point why wouldn’t you be), you can get a two-day membership for only a dollar.

Payment can be made via credit, debit, electronic transfer, or even e-check and payment transfers are guaranteed to be secure.

Oh, and when you sign up, you get access to Twisty’s, too.

Being A Member Makes You Sets You Up With Twisty’s

Now I know what some of you are thinking: “who da’ fuck is Twisty?” Well, Twisty’s is one of the grander porn sites on the net. In fact, this porn network has been around for over 18 years (so it’s legal, lol) and has a total of over 3,700 models which have performed in over 46,000 scenes.

Well, as a WGP member you get access to the entire network which includes several other hardcore sites. Besides the main sites like Twisty’s and Turning Twisty’s— which features solo scenes and even more lesbian movies — other specialty websites like Mom Knows Best and Twisty’s Hard has some niche fantastic fap footage.

For example, Mom Knows Best as you might guess, features older women giving the best kind of sexual instruction to their younger “sisters.” If you really want to get kinky, Twisty’s Hard has some raunchy smut in which not only are there one or two women but there’s even some dick added to the mix. So, if you ever want to switch things up after having a membership to a series of lesbian sites, you’ve got a heterosexual outlet, too.

There are other sites on the network, all of which you should check out.

Does This Site Make Me Wanna Play?

Hell yeah, it does (obviously), and I’m sure it will do the same to you, too.

The scenes are great, and the talent is sexy. You may have some trouble finding certain movies since the search options could be better. To be sure, they’re not bad; they just need polish. That said, the mobile version desperately needs some work. Seriously, I’m not sure how a site which has been around for nearly two decades hasn’t cleaned up their mobile site. Granted, it is functional but the way some elements load on the page, especially when you open up the menu, is pretty fucked up.

Having said all of the rest of that, When Girls Play is a great site to not only warm your pickle to by watching the previews but to go all the way with and get a membership.

I give Twisty’s a solid four out of five hands.*

*and an offer to give them a discount if they hire me to update their mobile website.

ThePornDude likes WhenGirlsPlay's

  • The models are sexy as hell and cover the flesh rainbow
  • Every single one of the scenes are smoking hot and completely unique
  • As a member, you get to be apart of the larger Twisty’s Network

ThePornDude hates WhenGirlsPlay's

  • The mobile version needs desperately to be updated
  • Some of the search options are okay but could be improved
  • There aren’t too many additional social features