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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Are you ready for yet another great porn game from the popular site called Nutaku? Well, I fucking am, and that is why I am here to tell you all about a game called 7 Angles. So those who do not like to play sex games, to begin with, can fuck off, and those who can truly appreciate the beauty of what I am about to talk about, should stay and see what the heck I have to say.

Of course, you should know that while Nutaku itself is a free site, they do earn a living through their games and ads. So, expect some kind of charge here and there, but nothing is done without your approval. I mean, if you want the good quality game and actual gameplay you should expect to spend a little… don’t be a cheapskate or just go and browse those idiotic flash games instead.

So, you like sex games? Well, so do I.

If you are ready to explore a naughty dating sim type of game with lots of sex, you can browse through and learn more about 7 Angles. This game is fucking great, and I am pretty sure that you will love it. Basically, it is introduced as a simulator game, where you are cursed to rot in hell, and the only way to remove that curse is to become a sex God… and I am pretty sure we all know where the fuck this is going.

As for the goddesses you have to fuck, it is pretty obvious that there are 7 of them, just by knowing the name of the game. Obviously, it is not as easy as just going to their place, or wherever the fuck these Gods live and fucking them. You will have to dedicate your time to them and basically sweet-talk them into sucking your wiener and riding as well.

Good thing that girls are often thirsty for some wiener tasting and these 7 Angles are no different. Once you are able to fuck all 7 of them, your curse will be lifted… so if you would like to get the fuck out of hell, you should start your journey. The overall gameplay is pretty fucking simple, so I think that you will get a hang of it pretty easy.

Now, this is a game seen as a kinky one, because the babes here are very horny and they really love human dick. You will get to see lots of sex scenes, including sex toys, exhibitionism, some group sex, and the best shit about this is that the game 7 Angles is fucking uncensored. So, if you are ready to fuck the hotties, start seducing them.

Check out their teasers, and other info.

While the information I provide should be more than enough to tell you what this game has to offer, you should probably take your time and see what Nutaku has to say about the game as well. This is because I might have missed a couple of details, or they could have updated the game from the time I actually wrote the review.

On the other hand, this is the type of game that does need that much explanation. You can explore it yourself and everything will be pretty fucking obvious. Now one thing I forgot to mention is that 7 Angles is a game for your phone… Android. That might have been a bit more important, but hey, it happens to the best of us, to be forgetful.

Every game that Nutaku has to offer will have a separate section dedicated just to the game and what you can expect from the game… if you understand what the fuck I mean. There you will see a small description explaining the essence of 7 Angles and you will also see a lot of screenshots form the game. Now other Nutaku games can even have videos, depending on how the game is presented.

For those who are expecting the hardcore scenes with moving shit, as in actual clips through the game, should fuck off because that does not happen here. This is a pretty still game, where you will get images of the scenes and a lot of text. I’d say that this is a game told with the ‘visual novel’ touch, because you read your story, and from time to time you get some pretty addictive images.

There are many other games Nutaku has to offer, in case 7 Angles is not your cup of tea… Though even if the game is not as flashy as you might have hoped it to be, there are a lot of good aspects, and even as a person who prefers to watch porn and not play it, I enjoyed my time spent here. 7 Angles was able to lift my dick a couple of times.

So, take it from me, 7 Angles is a game that everyone who truly enjoys playing dating and sex games will fucking love. But, while I tend to be very good at explaining how shit works, you should still take your time and check out what Nutaku has to say themselves about 7 Angles… I mean, that is the only logical fucking thing to do.

Key features?

If the game is so great, what are the key features? Is probably something you have wondered about. Now, I think that it is pretty obvious that 7 Angles is a game that has its key features written on the site, but in case you need an overall explanation I am here to tell you everything you need to know about the game, no worries.

Now, I know I said there are no actual scenes, but you have over 50 kinky photos of the story development, and I mean if you will play a fucking sex game, you might as well use your imagination for the shit that happens. Like, what the fuck is the point of enjoying this game if you do not know how to develop the story in your head.

As for those who know how to appreciate the beauty and work that has been put into this game, I am here to say that you have great sex scenes and hot random girls who love to get fucked… or well the 7 angels to be precise. So, if you think you have what it takes to get the girls who are in this game, why not try it out?

You can enjoy their deep-reaching exploration and a lot of given choices because there will be different endings… which is fucking great. This means that the choices you take and the shit that you do matters, so if you would like to get the best out of this game, you might as well start exploring and seeing everything that it has to offer.

Of course, be careful as to how you answer and what the fuck you choose to do, because every choice has its own consequences, and you might want to get the good ending while you are at it. They do have the visual novel-like interactions, and some add-ons you can basically purchase with real money. I mean, that is pretty standard for most sex games, so are you really fucking surprised?

This game, unlike some others that I have explored, does take time and skill to be able to fulfill it. You will get some mini-games on the side, which will require you to actually succeed to get the points and the chicks. Not to mention that it is not one of those games you can finish in 5 minutes because as most Nutaku games, this one also requires you to have some basic skills.

If you want some of those boring-ass games where you just fuck the chick and that’s all that happens, you can browse many free flash game sites instead, because Nutaku is not about that life. And those who want games that require you to work for an outcome and actually enjoy a good story and gameplay, are welcome to enjoy 7 angels and every other game Nutaku has to offer.

IS this game good? Yes, it fucking is, or I would not waste my time talking about it. But, is it the best game Nutaku has to offer? No. Nutaku is a great porn game site where you can download many hot Desktop and phone sex games, but you just need to find a game that will make you feel good. So, explore, and have some fun either with 7 Angels or another game of choice.

ThePornDude likes 7 Angels's

  • Nutaku is fucking great
  • Visual novel style game
  • Different endings
  • Your choices matter

ThePornDude hates 7 Angels's

  • Just a phone game
  • No animated scenes