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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The Fappening, Nude Celebs & Celebrity Porn Sites

I want to see free leaked nudes and stolen sex tapes of Hollywood celebrities, actresses and stars!

Is there some particular famous broad you’d love to see naked? I should open a carnival booth where I guess the age of perverts based on their choice masturbatory fodder on these free Fappening websites. You old fuckers are probably still beating off to vintage classics like Farrah Fawcett, who you can still find on these sites if you look. We’re living in the Golden age of celebrity nudes, though, since they’ve all got phones full of personal photos just waiting to be hacked and leaked onto the Internet. It was babes like Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco who kicked off this whole new wave of superstar smut.

These nudes and personal sex videos are as free as they come, boys, so dig in and enjoy. These sites all have alphabetical listings of the famous babes who have exposed their naughty bits to the world, on purpose or otherwise. Quit jerking off to Hollywood movies and see if the object of your stalkerish affection has something a little more risqué for your viewing pleasure.

What kind of free stolen, hacked or exposed naked celebrity content can I see?

If you’d ever had a girlfriend, you’d know that sometimes they like to send dirty little videos to their boyfriends so they always know which way their boners are aiming. Other times, couples have been known to pull out the camera when getting their fuck on, whether going the oral, anal or double vaginal route. And you know what else? Sometimes the women in those videos are the actresses, singers, models or even politicians who you were fantasizing about even before you saw them with their titties hanging out.

Sometimes all you get is a simple nip slip caught in public, but other famous bitches have been caught getting absolutely nasty on leaked video. Rihanna has some mouthwatering nudes, but you never get to see her pussy. Kate Upton has a bunch of great nudes and even some sex videos. You’ll find topless photos of Vanessa Hudgins and Jenny McCarthy’s classic home fuck movie on these sites, plus so much more. The larger archives usually include semi-nude and bikini shots so you can keep fapping even after you run out of hacked shots.

What are the best celebrity nude sites in 2019?

The funny thing about hacked celebrity nudes is that nobody can really claim them as their own. I mean, sure, Abigail Spencer probably thinks that masturbation video belongs to her since it’s her twat, but you are going to be hard-pressed to find a free celeb leak site offering exclusive material. That said, you shouldn’t have to dig through a spam-infested maze of cock pill ads just to see Kirsten Dunst’s photos she never meant to share. The sites toward the top of the list do the best job serving up the pop star titties and movie starlet blowjob leaks without bogging you down in bullshit.

TheFappeningBlog and TheFappening.pro are some of the originals, in case you couldn’t tell from the names, and they’re still holding their own. AZNude deals in videos, though most are nude scenes taken from movies. ScandalPlanet, on the other hand, reverses that formula by putting the Megan Fox cell phone blowjob higher on the page than the Ellen Paige lesbian scene from My Days of Mercy. Ancensored has an encyclopedic layout that helps you figure out where your favorite celebs have appeared naked. CelebGate and CelebsRoulette are a couple more easy choices if you’re in the mood to rub a few out to TV show hotties. Sexy-Youtubers specializes in nudes of the next generation of social media sluts and Instagram stars.

Why is this category called “The Fappening”?

August 31, 2014, was a world-changing day in the world of celebrity nudes. Some enterprising hackers were able to breach apples iCloud service and collect nearly 500 dirty photos of famous chicks that were never meant to be shared. The trolls under the bridge at 4chan shared them first, and then they blew up on sites like Imgur and Reddit. Celebrity shit-head Perez Hilton even posted them for a while before pussying out and taking them down.

The media tried to call this amazing event Celebgate, because it was a bit cleaner than what the Internet named it. The geeks, dweebs, neckbeards and perverts dubbed it The Fappening, because it was a Happening that ultimately resulted in a lot of Fapping. Get it?
Most of the chicks I’ve mentioned already were some of the “victims” of the original Fappening. Other celebrity sluts who got exposed in the initial event were Mary Elizabeth Winsted, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Jill Scott. Arianna Grande and McKayle Maroney both denied the images were them, but that didn’t stop anyone from masturbating furiously as soon the pics hit the net.

PornDude, who’s your favorite celebrity?

I’ve got a real thing for Aubrey Plaza, but it’s hard to tell if her so-called masturbation leak is really her. I’d love to believe that’s really her flicking the bean in the bathroom mirror, but who knows? On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence is a stone-cold slut, as proven by her extensive collection of homemade nudies. That’s my kind of girl!

Honestly, I end up back at these free Fappening sites every time I turn on the goddamn TV. I can’t see a beautiful woman like Sophie Turner, Olivia Munn, or Scarlett Johansson without wishing she’d take her clothes off instead of running her mouth. Why is Hollywood so bent on plot and dialogue? Until they start including sex and nudity in every scene, I guess I’ll just have to keep checking out these celeb leak sites.

PornDude, all hail the hackers that sacrificed their freedom for our pleasure. Long live “The Fappening”!

Indeed. Raise your glasses to these living legends among men, and raise your erections to the beautiful and naked celebrities they’ve given us unprecedented access to. The original heroes behind the Fappening may have been tried, convicted, and sentenced, but there’s no stopping a good thing. There’s no real way to know whether or not a bunch of deviate computer nerds around the world are trying to hack famous nudes at any given moment, but if and when they leak, you’ll find them on these free Fappening sites first.

It’s just a matter of time before the prudes who came after “revenge porn” start trying to take away our celebrity nudes. I see a battle coming, and I’m not sure all of these sites are going to make it. New contenders will likely take up the slack, offering new topless photos and private blowjob tapes. Keep coming back to this page to see who’s got the best nude selfies and sex tapes out there. Maybe one day someone will finally leak those Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Emma Watson pornos we’ve all been dying to see.

1. TheFappeningBlog
TheFappeningBlog - thefappeningblog.com

The Fappening was the internet leak heard around the world. Well, “seen” around the world, I suppose. Either way, due to the iCloud leaks of celebrity nude selfies and sexy videos, creepy guys like us suddenly had hundreds of celebrities to fap it to. And this time we didn’t even have to use our imaginations! Read my review of The Fappening Blog today to see if it lives up to the hype!

2. Sexy Youtubers
Sexy Youtubers - sexy-youtubers.com

Social media is great not only because it allows us to connect with old friends, see funny viral videos and get into pointless political arguments, but also because it’s a new avenue for porn. But with so many platforms out there, it can be hard to keep up. By using a site like Sexy-YouTubers.com getting updates on the freshest, hottest videos of your favorite Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch models is so much easier. For more info, click here.

3. AZNude
AZNude - aznude.com

AZNude.com specializes in pumping out all sorts of celebrity porn. You want classy nudes or public creepshots? They got ‘em. What about clips? You fucking know it. The best part is that all of this content is free to stream and download. The ads are shitty, and they have some weird Brazzers clips mixed in, but, overall, AZNude.com is an awesome site for quality celebrity porn.

4. CelebGate
CelebGate - celeb.gate.cc

Celeb.gate.cc is full of all of the best and hottest celebrity nudes from Playboy, The Fappening, and every other leak that has ever happened. You won’t find the sex tapes here, but you will get a massive archive containing tens of thousands of incredibly sexy photos. If you have a kink for celebrity leaks, then get your horny ass over to Celeb.gate.cc.

5. TheFappening.pro
TheFappening.pro - thefappening.pro
6. Scandal Planet
Scandal Planet - scandalplanet.com

Should you want to see some celeb ass and titties, then ScandalPlanet.com is the planet you want to orbit. Tons of free videos, pictures, and leaked sex tapes all over the place, no ads, and a player that loads the videos like a charm. What more do you need?

7. CelebsRoulette
CelebsRoulette - celebsroulette.com

CelebsRoulette.com is a site for all fans of nude celebrity photos and sex tapes. If you’re the type of dude to love seeing their favorite celebrities get fucked in pornos as well as their nudes being leaked online, then this is the place for you. There are hundreds of pages of amazing celebrity porn content in video and picture format to explore on CelebsRoulette.com.

8. Ancensored
Ancensored - ancensored.com

After a long day of watching porn and jacking off, we all need a break, maybe put on a good movie or binge a tv show. But then, shit, just like that, a sexy actress comes on screen, and your boner’s back again. Well, Ancensored is a site that combines our two favorite kinds of media – movies/entertainment and porn. Read my review to learn more!

9. Nudography
Nudography - nudography.com

Nudography.com looked like it was going to be fucking amazing. Complete catalogs of nude celebrity photos with incredible organization and reviews. What’s not to love about that? Well, for starters, there’s barely any content to be seen. You’re mostly getting thumbnails that can’t even be expanded to a full photo. It’s a decent sex tape/nude review site, but that’s it.

10. TheFappening.wiki
TheFappening.wiki - thefappening.wiki

The number one naked celebrity resource! Never miss a naked celebrity!

11. FullXCinema
FullXCinema - fullxcinema.com

Are you a fan of the old-school classics? Well, if you are, then you might enjoy what fullxcinema.com has to offer. This is a free porn site filled with the dirtiest vintage and old pornographic videos that you can watch as much as you want. They have a great community and an admin that actually cares about the content that is posted. Enjoy!

12. DrunkenStepfather
DrunkenStepfather - drunkenstepfather.com

The site stacks the hottest celebrity nude pics and soft-core videos, but it really is. This adult blog site houses hundreds of posts with naked celebrities, nudes, wardrobe malfunctions, and funny clips. In addition, there is a community feel about the site with plenty of active forums. The site is free and easy to use and provides a perfect balance between fun and celebrity eroticism.

13. wikiFeet
wikiFeet - wikifeet.com

So, do you like feet? That's the only thing that matters when talking about this site. WikiFeet is a free place filled with lots of feet-related content but in a mellow sense. So you will have videos and galleries that will depict the fetish of feet, but at the same time, they will not be too sexualized. If you are into such mellow content, enjoy browsing,

14. TheNipSlip
TheNipSlip - thenipslip.com

TheNipSlip.com is a place where you can really hope for some top of the line nudes of celebrities. This includes everything from nip slips, through leaks, to cameltoes, and everything in between. Cleavage pics, bikinis, it’s all here and ready for your enjoyment. The best part is that all of this is available for free and you can even download the pictures only on TheNipSlip.com.

15. Egotastic
Egotastic - egotastic.com

Egotastic.com! Super hot pics of the hottest celebrities. Best site for celebrity photos.