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Updated on 15 January 2022
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At first, I really thought that is just another one of those basic porn sites, but as I started exploring what they have to offer I realized that I am dead wrong. This place is actually a site dedicated to porn gifs… yep, you heard me right, a place like that does exist. Now, I am not sure how comes here to fap, but apparently, people love to do that.

Personally, I could never really come by fapping and watching a couple of looped gifs, and until today I thought nobody can do that, but I guess I was wrong… since this site exists. You might be confused as to why the fuck I am even reviewing this site, and it is simply because my community has asked me to, and by that, I mean whoever the fuck is reading this review, to begin with.

Simple site, basic design… not much to talk about.

As soon as you visit this place, you will know what kind of a site you are dealing with, but I am pretty sure that the fact that they offer only gifs was not something you could have predicted. I mean, how often do you see a site that is solely dedicated to motion porn pictures, instead of galleries or full-length videos? Yeah, that is what I thought.

But as I have said, personally, I could never fap while watching gifs… like who the fuck does that? This applies to pictures as well, so I am not sure who I am reviewing this for, but at the same time, I am sure that there are some people who love this shit. I mean, I’ve seen loads of weirder fetishes, which make this place seem pretty basic.

The homepage will be filled with loads of gifs for you to explore, and most of them look pretty fucking hot, but at the end of the day, these are all just looped scenes from a porno… so why the fuck wouldn’t you watch the actual porn instead? Well, I guess that might be one of the reasons why this place was even created, since it offers many great porn suggestions, in a way.

There is no usual menu to guide you through, but you have some similar options on the side of the site. I guess, something is better than nothing. The design is very simple, but it does look a but fucking messy at the same time. I like the overall black design, it is easy on the eyes, but they could have made their organization a lot better.

One thing I always dislike with such sites is when they keep endlessly listing their content. This means that there will be no normal pagination or any of that shit. You are left endlessly scrolling the homepage or any section you choose as the content gets updated. Basically, if you are scrolling for good 5 minutes, and the site decides to randomly refresh, you are fucked.

What kind of gifs can you expect?

First of all, I can’t believe that I am actually talking about the type of gifs you can see on this site.. oh, my fucking Lord. Well, you have a little bit of everything which should have been obvious. Of course, all of the gifs here are filled with random porn scenes you are bound to love… even as a person who is not that much into this shit, I had fun, overall.

On the other hand, this really all depends on what the fuck you are into. I assume that all the lads and ladettes who are not into gif pornography have left the channel, and the rest of you weirdos are reading, right? Well, the porn scenes that are shown here are very random, which is good, because they cover everything.

So, no matter what kind of a kink you have, I am pretty sure that you will find that shit here. When you find a gif that looks interesting, all you have to do is click on the gif, and you will be able to see what the fuck happens. Now, from first glance, I can tell that this site is really not that popular among actual users because the gifs have no likes/dislikes, which is rather odd.

I enjoyed browsing their gifs, and I did find a lot of juicy ones; from the basic fucking acts to something a bit kinkier, where you could see sluts wrestle and fuck each other passionately. Again, I repeat, it all depends on your dirty shit, and what the fuck you would like to watch. Lucky for you, they also have some good search options.

other things you should know about

The content you have here will vary a lot, so there is not much I could really say about it. If you are interested in the content and all that shit, you are more than welcome to check out what the fuck they have to offer by yourself. I am pretty sure you will find the naughty crap you have been searching for because I was also able to find the same shit and I am not even a big fan of gifs.

On top of the site, you will see that this place allows you not only to upload your own favorite gifs, but you can also make gifs as well. Below the search box, they will list all the free porn videos they support, and if you find a clip from one of those videos, you can create a gif of your favorite scene. Now, that is quite a neat option.

While I would probably not use that crap, it is a nice touch, as everyone who is here is probably a big fan of the shit they have to offer, aka gifs. Well, with this you will be able to cut your own gifs without any issues because the site makes everything quite easy; which is good. If this was a regular porn site, I’d definitely be impressed, because so far, they have much better options than most porn sites I know.

As you could have expected, you do have some ways of listing the shit you are interested in, as that is an important aspect of almost every site. On the side of the site, you will have a list of all their naughty tags, and they pretty much cover all the basic and not-so-basic shit, which is again a very good thing. I am pretty sure that everyone who is not extremely picky, will find what they are searching for here.

With that said, I should probably say that this site has three different sections besides the porn; one of them is funny and the other is labeled as ‘reactions’. The funny section is filled with all kind of shit, from memes to the basic humor gifs and all of that… but nothing naughty, obviously. The reactions are basically the same, with different content, and they do have a lot of naughty crap.

I guess, it really does all depend on you, because from choosing the section you are most interested in, to searching through their content, and enjoying yourself to the fullest; I mean, everything here is fucking great, except the fact that they only offer gifs. Now, I am sure that this is mostly my issue, but I just cannot get over that fact. Excuse me.

So, is this place worth the visit or not?

After so much of my personal shitting, I am sure that you are wondering where this place is worth the visit or not. Keep in mind that if I take the time to review a site, that means that that place is worth the visit in one sense or the other. Sure, there are some sites I am not really a fan of that I still review, but that is because I know that some of you fuckers like the content that is listed on those sites.

As for the actual website, the functions and the overall gist, I think you will like This is a place filled with loads of gifs, and you have different sections, so you can satisfy your sexual urges, while also making yourself laugh with the other two sections. Explore as much as you want, since this place is free. You can create your own gifs, if you want, and post them on the site. Scroll and see what other people have posted, and just have some dirty fun. Everyone on is completely free, and if you love browsing through gifs, you have found your bliss.

ThePornDude likes iLoopIt's

  • Lots of free gifs
  • Both a porn and funny section
  • Great design
  • Good search options

ThePornDude hates iLoopIt's

  • You only have gifs