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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It is time to finally relax and enjoy yourself, with a basic porn site that offers a little bit of everything, This place is filled with loads of porn videos and images, but most of them tend to be amateur, with a portion of them being professional clips. I guess it all depends on what you decide to watch, and whether you were looking for this or not.

Old-school layout with addictive pornographic content.

As soon as you visit, you will be brought back to 2000s, when all porn sites used to look this crappy. Fine, their site does not have the worst design I have seen, but at the same time it is 2k19, so anything below the usual standard should be considered shit, and that is where this site comes into play.

The design really looks basic as shit, and I prefer to visit places that actually look good… oh well. At least the content they have to offer is free, and personally, I’d would not be reviewing this place if I had to pay for their crap, simply because this site is way below the premium standard. However, I am not saying that their content is crap, I am just saying that their design could use some work.

I enjoyed their content quite a lot, and I am sure that you will enjoy it too. On top of the site, you have the usual menu that will help you navigate through the site, and you will also see that they offer both videos and galleries… I mean, that is more than most of the free porn sites I have visited, so I have nothing against this place… obviously.

The homepage will show you a mesh of everything, from their dirty videos, to galleries and other random posts. This is where you will also learn that they do not have any videos per se, but they do host a lot of random content. So, while you are not able to watch the videos on their site, you will be able to do so on different free porn places instead.

In the past, I thought that the host sites were a fucking waste of time, but recently I started liking them. I mean, they do a good job of scrolling through a shit ton of junk and offering just the best videos on their site. So, you do not have to do the browsing and the endless searching for your preferred fap material, you are more than welcome to simply explore what they have to offer instead.

This is a completely free site, and you do not have to subscribe or anything, as there is no option to do that even if you wanted to. Sometimes I wish that they would have included a place for the community because while that would not have worked out for a typical host website, I think it would have made sense for, since they are a host site, but you can still view some of the content on their domain.

Great fappable content.

As I have mentioned, has a section for both the videos and the galleries, and personally, I loved both of those sections. I took my sweet time and browsed everything they had to offer, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they offer just the naughty crap I like to masturbate to… on top of that, it was free.

First, you should choose whether you want to see the videos or scroll through the galleries since, after that, it’s heaven. Of course, the first section I checked out were the videos, because I still do not understand who the fuck faps to images. Well, their video selection was quite nice, and I must say that I’ve spent quite some time browsing/masturbating.

The first clip I opened featured a naughty couple laying on the bed and looking straight to the camera. The beauty was closer to the cam, and you could see her beautiful curves, as the dude fingered her from behind. After a while of foreplay, they decided to change the camera angle and start fucking. Well, it was obvious that the dude could not hold it in for long.

Another clip I checked out showed a beautiful babe who is very bendy showing off her skills, while their friend films them. Apparently, he paid them to get hot and heavy with each other, and that was a very passionate session if you ask me. She is quite a perky little brunette, and the dude was packing, so they made a great banging couple.

When talking about the videos, you really have a lot of stuff to scroll through, from a blonde with huge tits getting banged in the backside, to a wonderful mom who loves to ride younger boys… I tend to be quite picky with my content, but somehow, all the chicks presented on this site were fucking hot, and I just have a weak spot for a pretty face.

If you, with some irrational logic, prefer to fap to images instead of videos, allows you to do that as well. They have a special section dedicated to the images, which you will easily be able to scroll through. There are also a lot of gifs, but I mean, is there really a need for me to tell you anything about the pictures?

Sure, the images were quite nice, and they were pretty random. But, again, who the fuck faps to images? Looking at hotties getting naked is always fun, but other than that I think this section is useless. However, this is just my personal opinion, if you love to fap to images, you do whatever the fuck makes your dick hard because, at the end of the day, I do not give a crap.

The overall quality of the images and the videos are solid to low, depending on the couple who filmed the video in the first place. We all know that amateurs do not have access to the best cameras in the world, and thus they tend to film with their phone, which is why the quality is usually low. But that is something that comes hand-in-hand with amateur pornography so I can imagine that this is not news to many of you.

Some search options.

I would have not been surprised if they offered no search options, so seeing that they have a special section for the categories got me quite shooked. I was honestly expecting another rage session of telling them how they should create their place, especially after I did that with the design. Well, they have a good section including all the basic categories.

If you are into something oddly specific and kinky, you are not really going to find that crap on, because I think that this place mostly offers the basic part of porn. You have lots and lots of content, with some being very basic to others being a bit kinkier, but there are no extreme videos… if that is what you were looking for.

There is also the search box on top, but we all know that that search box is not that useful… it usually does not help you find shit. When I saw the “pornstars” section, I was confused as to why the fuck they have that, when they mostly offer amateur porn. Well, you could say that when I saw that they have just a couple of porn beauties listed, I was not really surprised.

I would say that if you have a favorite pornstar you should check out that section, but that makes no sense because they really do not have a selection for you to choose from. Not to mention that the thumbnail of this section is Sasha Grey, yet they do not even include her in the list of naughty sluts… which was a very odd decision.

Of course, in the end, you have the typical links to ads, that basically pay them to do that. Again, if you have been browsing pornography for as long as I did, then you already know how the system works. However, those who have the Ad-block turned on, the ‘live sex cams’ and ‘porn games; tabs will not work, because those are just ads.

Overall, I think that everyone who is not too choosey when it comes to the kinky act, and loves to look at hot amateurs while they fuck, will enjoy what has to offer. This is a very simple place filled with loads of naughty content, and you can also submit your own crap if you want to.

ThePornDude likes DonkParty's

  • Free porn site
  • Lots of videos and images
  • Good categories
  • Amateurs

ThePornDude hates DonkParty's

  • Shitty design and annoying ads
  • Not enough pornstars