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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sun Porno! I’ve reviewed hundreds of porntube, and I can tell immediately upon entry if a porntube is worth checking out and fapping to or not. SunPorno here is great – I won’t lie to you there. It has everything you could ever need from a porntube. The content varies from vanilla stuff all the way to sick and twisted fetishes that you could never tell anyone you’re into, not even your significant other. It also has a lot of alternative stuff too, like Hentai, girls peeing in their panties, femdom crap and so on.

This site really is the cream of the crop when it comes to porntubes, and I, for one, would love to make it one of my all-time favorite porntubes to fap to whenever I’m in need of a general assortment of all things porn. Regardless if you’re into professionally-made stuff or hardcore authentic amateur fuck flicks that remind you of the times you used to fuck your ex, you can be sure that this site has it all.

But what makes SunPorno here so special? Is it its presentation, or variety of content? Well sure, it does score high in both those categories, but what I really admire about this site is the fact that it’s not one of those popular porntubes that millions of people visit every day. It’s not XVideos, RedTube, PornHub or XHamster – it’s simply an obscure porntube that’s got everything right as far as I’m concerned (well most things at least, but if I have to criticize this site I’ll have to be very petty about it.) Let me tell you why SunPorno is worthy of your “special alone time” and help you determine how you’re going to be using it in the following review.

So Much Categories You Might Not Know What to do With Them All

There are a total of 310 categories on this site, no not tags, categories. The thing about SunPorno here is that its categories might be so overwhelmingly numerous that you might get struck with the dreaded “Fapper’s Indecision” syndrome that’s plagued many-a would-be fapper into an indecisive oblivion. There’s just so much to see and fap to on this site that it might be a little too much – every time you open up a video you might be sidetracked by the thumbnail of a recommended video that opens up below it, and you could enter the infinitely horny rabbit hole of what is known as a classic case of “Fapper’s Indecision.”

I mean with 310 categories, who could blame you right? Well, that’s why there are even sorting options for the categories here, because the people who run this site know all too well that 310 categories are a little too much.

Within the “Categories” section itself, you can see on the left-hand side a little sidebar titled “Popular Listings.” This sidebar contains four different options that can be used to help you sort the categories and make a decision for yourself. They are as follows: “Most Viewed,” which shows you the most popular categories. “Alphabetical,” which is self-explanatory, followed by “Recently Updated,” which shows you all the categories that have recently had new additions added to them. And lastly, there’s “Most Videos,” which sorts the categories for you based on which ones have the most content within them.

Or Maybe You Prefer a Playlist?

If the category section doesn’t prove to be your cup of tea here, you can always check out the “Playlist” section. Playlists as you all probably know are simply collections of videos made by fans and members of a particular website – which is exactly the case here on SunPorno. There are many playlists you can watch here if you don’t want to be stuck on deciding which category to choose forever. They include themes, kinks, and fetishes like “Lesbian,” “Riding,” “Stars.” “XXX Parodies”, “Tight”, “Cumshot”, “Very Wet” and so on. There are some themes here on this section that don’t particularly belong to any category, so there are definitely some unique playlists put together here that no category on this site could ever compile for you.

Sometimes You Might Want to Dial Back and Fap to Photos Instead

Yeah, sure videos are the most consumed media format of all when it comes to pornography, but do you ever stop to think that maybe they’re not that healthy for you? Did it ever occur to you that you can’t get with any girl in real life because your brain’s reward centers are totally fried on account of you frequently masturbating to porn videos? Maybe, but even if it did, you wouldn’t care anyway – but on the off-chance that you do, then there’s always this lovely photo section here on SunPorno that you can check out.

It even has its own category section on the right-hand side that you can play around with if you don’t want a random content dump of XXX images. You see kids, masturbating to still images makes you use a lot more brainpower and imagination than videos, so it’s definitely a smarter alternative. Plus, once you get back to fapping to videos again, it’s going to feel so amazing that you might be completely satisfied for the day with just one fap session.

Pornstars Galore

The standalone pornstar section here comes equipped with hundreds upon hundreds of pornstars that you can ogle at all you want. Each of them have their own respective profile that’s filled with information regarding them, such as date of birth, measurements, place of birth, and so on. There is no bio though, which is oftentimes a common thing on pornstar profiles across most porntubes. And of course, you’ve also got a list of all the videos they appear in that are on this site right under the basic information section on their profiles.

Works Like a Charm from Any Smartphone or Digital Device

This site is completely optimized for smartphone access, including all other smaller digital devices that can hook up to a WiFi network. 2020 is all about portable porn, and what better way to celebrate the future than by taking a “break” from work and heading down to the bathroom with your phone in hand, ready to let loose on company time. Who’s gonna find out, your boss? Maybe. Will he care though? Probably not if you spend less than 15 minutes in there, so I guess it’s worth a shot.

ThePornDude likes SunPorno's

  • A great porntube overall
  • Completely optimized for smartphones and other small digital devices
  • No annoying ads whatsoever - works with AdBlock on
  • Has a lot of categories
  • Has a photo section

ThePornDude hates SunPorno's

  • Not much in terms of video player options
  • No tags whatsoever
  • A little overwhelming with the amount of options it gives you